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Fresh Start Clients Tell Their Stories of Health Recovery

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Rene Has Lost 10 Lbs And Continues To Lose More

"During the cleansing, they helped to cleanse my body, but also they cleansed out a lot of my old thinking. The way I eat, the way I feed my family, and the way I go about my life in general. I can't stress enough how much valuable information they gave us."

Age: 33, Female
Weight: 190 lbs
Weight Loss: 10 lbs

Edy Feels Like She Got a New Pair of Legs

"When I approached my 40's, I felt 60. I had a hard time walking up stairs, lifting myself off of a couch and even getting out of bed...

I feel like I have been given a new pair of legs and hands. Coming to Fresh Start Health Retreat was THE BEST THING THAT I HAVE DONE FOR MYSELF IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!"

Age: 48, Female
Arrival Weight: 205 lbs
Weight loss: 5.8 lbs