Deneen, BC, Canada

“I lost 13 lbs. and maintained it. My eating habits have improved and my wellbeing got better.”

Improvements with: Destress, Weight Loss, Long-Term Lifestyle Change, Mother-and-Daughter Health Vacation.

Weight gainLost 13 lbs. in 14 days, maintains it 2 years later, though was still dealing with depression for another year after.
Unhealthful habitsLost taste for red meat and stopped eating it, cut down on chicken. Still do not eat the red meat 2 years later + do not use microwave anymore. Keep 80% raw 20% cooked.
Life gets hectic, and things throw you off. Needed some help and support.Helped me get back on track, realign again.
Supportive place for a change.

Experience Highlights:

  • Detox: You get rid of toxins, you feel it. The benefits of just detoxing, getting crap out of your body is beneficial.
  • Steam: Really helped.
  • Structure: Walking, yoga, Qi Gong – it is important to have that structure. It all helps with the processing and healing.
  • Group Participants: Met great friends.
  • Group Time:  Safe, encourages communication.
  • Lifestyle Education: The lectures are very educational. I’ve learned a ton of information about healthy eating, how to prepare raw foods. I stopped using the microwave right away and use the stove.

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