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You may have noticed that we are not a typical spa or detox retreat. Helping guests since 2005 and specializing in advance whole body detox for many years, we realized that people do not go away to a health retreat just to drink some “colorful juices,” deprive themselves of food (aka do detox) or to sweat in a boot camp. They are looking for solutions to their physical, emotional health needs, to do a reset of healthy habits, recharge and me time… Detox, raw food, exercise, spiritual fasting etc. are merely means to gaining more energy, less weight and deeper inner peace. The issue we ran into was that the same approach and methods did not work for someone who wants to simply get away for recharge and those with colitis, getting of cigarettes, working on obesity or is riding an emotional eating roller-coaster. We have also seen that each guest has individual speed of healing, depending on a health condition type and stage, history of lifestyle habits and current emotional resilience. No matter how we fine-tuned the program, it was virtually impossible to find one-for-all solution.

That’s why we have created for you comprehensive and professionally guided specialized Areas of Focus that are flexible in order to meet your individual needs and that are proven to bring about tangible improvements of your specific health condition… provided you are realistic in your expectations and committed to your healing journey.  Be it working in-depth on arthritis, anxiety, sugar addiction, or if you simply need to a jump-start for your health, there is help for you at the Fresh Start. Based on many years of experience, we carefully picked and combined various program components and put together into most effective combinations and sequence, as well as designed a process that gradually assists you on a deep healing journey, while having most enjoyable experience and relaxed atmosphere.

Fresh Start Healing - Mind Body & Soul


GO-DEEPER™ is a customized and individualized health program designed by the Fresh Start professional team to address your specific health issues that you choose to work on during your Core Program, while staying at the Fresh Start Retreat for 7, 14 or 21 days. GO-DEEPER™ consists of 3 main components: Professional Guidance, One-on-One Treatments and Custom Formulas.

On the GO-DEEPER™, you will experience one-on-one work with Natural Health/ Emotional Wellness Specialists and unique Custom Protocols. The goal here is to address your unique health concern more individually and specifically, be it working in-depth on weight loss, depression recovery, quit smoking, headaches or other health challenges. Your individualized health plan will be created from over 40 unique health-focused therapies and 30+ custom protocols for organ support, rebuilding and advanced organ-specific cleanses. The plan will be carefully designed, based on a thorough before and upon arrival assessment, using 15 years expertise of guiding people through the individualized healing process.

Choose Your GO-DEEPER™ Focus

While all guests experience similar classes and meals structure on Core Program, when it comes to the GO-DEEPER™, you can choose a specific area of focus on during your stay. Here are 4 main areas you can choose from:

  1. DETOX & RECHARGE: detoxify your body, rest and recharge, rejuvenate and take a break from life, no major health issues.
  2. PHYSICAL HEALTH: diseases of digestive track, hormonal issues, liver problems, back/shoulder/hip and other structural issues, lung concerns + others.
  3. EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: depression, anxiety, grief, trauma/major life changes, PTSD, caregiver burnout, redefining self-identity, relationships building.
  4. HABITS RE-PATTERNING™: quit smoking, emotional eating, sugar addiction, mild social drinking, marijuana and digital addiction, exercise routine.

As you see, within each area there can be a variety of health conditions. We work with each guest individually on their specific situation, taking into consideration what their main and additional concerns are.

Note: Most Fresh Start guests have been looking to improve across all 4 areas, yet experience showed that there is usually only one area that needs the greatest improvement. If a guest focuses on that area, his/her goals become more achievable and the results are more tangible and measurable.

What if I have more than one condition?

Most people who come to Fresh Start Retreat, have more than one condition and even area of need. You may need to lose weight, to lower BP, be pre-diabetic and are experiencing a Caregiver Burnout. Or you may be suffering with depression, want to Quit Smoking, are dealing with heartburn and need to acquire healthy meals preparation skills. Or maybe you are on a ton of medications, have a fatty liver, inflammation of the nervous system or body tissues, mobility issues and are in a lot of pain. And you totally do not know where to start, or what to focus on.

Good news is that we  work with guests with multiple health challenges on a regular basis. If you are on medications, our Naturopathic Physician will review them and if you desire, will help you gradually start decreasing them, provided you start improving and it is safe.

How Do We Work with You: Why do GO DEEPER™ guests get above average results?


Fresh Start Team works with a whole person, which means that it is not sufficient for us to know that you have a depression; we want to know what contributed to it and other symptoms that come with it. You may have heard that emotional issues hide in tissues. So we may be treating your back tension until we are blue in the face, just to realize that the main contributing factors are emotion-related. Or your back pain may simply be brought upon by a constipated and sluggish bowel pressing on the pelvic and spinal areas. And vice versa, physical pain may cause depression, which may be alleviated or completely disappear on its own once the inflammation is down.


As you understand from the example above, the solution in each case will be very different and not what it may originally seemed to be.  It is important that you are open to every aspect of healing (physical, emotional, habits and detox) and to deal with what’s underneath that dis-ease label, called Arthritis, Anxiety or Marijuana Abuse. After professional health assessment and carefully studying your health profile and personal goals, you will be offered an individualized spa treatments,  health drinks and supplements plan for your approval.

Professional Guidance
gradual and safe healing


We will prioritize the areas or organs of focus depending on the severity. After which we will create a plan with INITIAL THERAPEUTIC FOCUS, focusing on the worst areas and start peeling the layers of this onion. Once one or several main areas are stabilized, we’ll move to working on other areas/organs. Or we’ll work on the same area for the duration of the program, if this is a major issue and needs more attention. NOTE: We cannot work with all areas at once, or your body (and you!) may get overwhelmed.


The same condition may be caused by two different causes, and more commonly one condition may be caused by multiple causes accumulatively. This is why the cause of disease is considered unknown! Because it is rarely one thing. We use MULTIPLE HEALING METHODS, MULTIPLE THERAPISTS EXPERTISE and MULTI-FACETED HEALING STRUCTURE. Since more than one thing caused your health problems, we cannot count that one thing will work for them!


When you come to the Fresh Start program, there will be a very simple and clear process to follow. It is very important that you commit to it and follow the guidance. You gotta work on yourself to get well and be an active participant! It will largely predetermine the depth of your results. We are here to support you and adjust the protocols, and we do our best to meet everyone’s individual needs, but you need to show up, take your drinks, visit classes, work with practitioners, communicate – whether you have a good or a bad day. Healing is a journey and we are here to help on you on it.