As you’ve already seen, Fresh Start is not a typical health spa, detox retreat or juice fasting spa. Helping guests since 2005, we know that people do not go away to a health retreat just to drink some “colorful juices,” they go to use the detox, juice fast or therapies in hope that it will help them improve their health, recharge and feel better…

However, we have also seen that each guest has individual health needs, speed of healing & ability to heal. We cannot use the same program for someone with depression, bleeding GI, getting off cigarettes or riding an emotional eating roller-coaster. That’s why we have created professionally designed and guided Specialty Packages for you, that prove to bring about measurable results, in conjunction with your Core Program… provided the guest believes and is committed to his/her healing journey. Each includes One-on-One services, Professional Services, and Custom Protocols.

Why Specialty Packages?

  • Core Program is something an entire group is doing and cannot be customized to your individual needs and goals (classes, guided walks, workshops, organic meals etc.).
  • Specialty Package is a custom plan designed by a professional team to address your individualized health needs and help you get closer to achieving your specific health, wellness and habits transformation goals.

Be it working in-depth on digestion, emotional wellness, quitting smoking, or if you simply need to get an escape from the city hustle and bustle, there is an option for you.

Our Packages focus on 4 areas:

  1. PHYSICAL HEALTH: health restoration, from mild to moderate health conditions, and major disease prevention.
  2. HABITS RE-PATTERNING™: quit smoking, food addiction, and other unwanted habits.
  3. EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: work with underlying issues of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma or relationships.
  4. DETOX & RECHARGE: detoxify your body, rest and recharge, rejuvenate and take a break from life.

Most Fresh Start guests have been looking to improve across all 4 areas, yet experience showed that there is usually only one area that needs the greatest improvement. If a guest focuses on that area, his/her goals become more achievable and the results are more measurable.

The Foundation of all Specialty Packages is Your

 Core Program

Your Core Program nourishes you with vegan, organic, with a large percentage of raw foods (composed primarily of fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts and seeds) and healing drinks to restore and nourish your cells. You will also experience gentle detox of the whole body; including the digestive tract, liver, parasite, lymph and other organs. Educational classes in the areas of healthy lifestyle and emotional well-being are included as well as guided meditations, yoga, fitness classes, hydrotherapy treatments and so much more. All this is hosted at the eco-friendly Ocean Resort, located on a beautiful ocean-front property on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Fresh Start’s Core Program provides a balanced semi-structure and serves as the foundation for your Specialty Package during your 7-14 Day Jump Start™ or 21 Day Go Deeper Path™. Please expect that during your stay with us, you will be working as a group and everyone will experience a similar daily structure.



Our Physical Health Package has been designed for those who aim to prevent health problems or have mild to moderate heath conditions (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Digestive Issues, etc.) and want to be proactive by doing something about it.

Issues Addresses:

  • Metabolic Disorders (Weight Loss, Diabetes, HBP)

  • Digestion and Liver

  • Respiratory & Sinus

  • Muscular-Skeletal

  • Hormonal Health

  • Cardio-Vascular

  • Immune and Lymph

  • Hair and Skin

  • Male Health

  • Female Health

  • Body Toxicity Diseases

  • Sleep Issues


Fresh Start’s Habits Re-patterning Package has been designed for those who aim to part for good with habits that do not serve them, such as smoking, mild social drinking, sugar cravings, junk food addiction or negative thought patterns.


  • Cigarettes and Wine

  • Food

  • Technology

  • Unhealthy Thoughts

  • Daily Structure

  • Stress Management & Life Balance


Our Emotional Wellness is for those who aim to improve their emotional wellbeing, after struggles with depression, emotional trauma, relationship difficulties, anxiety, grief or disconnection from one’s own soul.

Issues Addressed:

  • Depression

  • Trauma & Caregiving

  • Relationships Resolution

  • Anxiety

  • Aura/Chakra Restoration
  • Heart Healing™


Our Detox and Recharge is for those with no specific health issues, who feel that an overall healthy re-set is needed. You will feel energized, refreshed and renewed from giving your body, mind and spirit the care it deserves.

Best for:

  • De-stress and Unwind
  • Rest

  • Meditate
  • Me-time Getaway
  • Take a life break
  • Watch the bald eagles take off

  • Have a restorative spa getaway
  • Get a relief from the city’s hustle and bustle

  • Re-energize
  • Rehydrate cells
  • Calm emotions
  • Rejuvenate body and mind

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience