About Ania Kastashchuk

Ania has been an avid researcher, experimenter, and writer since she got her post-graduate degree in Belarus. She declined an offer to continue to the Academy of Science in Minsk, and instead joined her husband in natural health, running Canada's top health retreat. She believes in “real life science” where you test with your body and soul whether what’s shared really gets results. Together with her husband Vasili, they constantly look for natural, soul and body-nurturing ways to help those that are suffering and are ready for healing.

Smoking Cessation – Quit Smoking Retreat

Smoking Cessation - Quit Smoking Retreat According to the 2007 edition of Life and Breath, a report that utilizes the most recent available data for the surveillance of chronic respiratory diseases in Canada, over 3 million Canadians cope with one of five serious respiratory diseases: Asthma Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Lung cancer Tuberculosis [...]

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What is Body Detox and Why Detox?

What is Body Detox and Why Detox?Many prejudices and misconceptions surround the concept of body detox. It is often associated with obsessed health freaks and hypochondriacs. Some object that normal healthy people do not need to detox. This is 100% true…in theory.Unfortunately Most of Us Are Not "Healthy People"We have become so accustomed to minor aches [...]

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Depression Retreat Statistics In a report in October of 2006, CBC News presented these facts about depression: Presently almost 10% of Canadians suffer from some form of depression. According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 depression will become the second leading cause of disability in the world, exceeded only by heart disease. According [...]

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Cardiovascular Health

Heart and Circulatory System Problems Heart disease is not caused by unhealthy eating alone, or by lack of movement alone, but is a result of all our unhealthful habits. It is a well known fact that the presence of high quantities of saturated fats in the diet is directly related to heart disease. Many heart [...]

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A Great Getaway With Friends

Whether you’re looking for a women’s retreat or “something different” for an office getaway, coming to Fresh Start Health Retreats offers you a chance to renew and revitalize in a beautiful resort. You’ll return to your normal life energized and invigorated.

Time to Reset Your Stress

Sometimes the only way to reduce stress fast enough is to completely change your environment. We suggest that when you’re ready to run away, you run to a place where you can get healthy, calm, and re-energized. We’ve spent years creating that haven.
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