Before you compare Fresh Start program with others or decide on its’ value, please consider!

It is not just a series of classes or appointments. It is a well-thought through system designed for maximum results and individualized healing focus. It allows you to focus on your specific goals and needs, be it addressing Depression, Arthritis or Quitting Smoking. A lot of knowledge and time is invested into creation of both the Core Program and your Individual Healing Path. Your plan will be created for you, guided with you and the results assessed at the end.  Yes, your package includes a lot, but the professional knowledge of working with people with various health conditions using natural methods, as well as individualization and personalized approach cannot be reflected in the description of the components you’ll see below.

Unique focus on Individualized Healing is what sets Fresh Start apart from other programs. Yet in addition, your program is an experience, created with meticulous attention to detail, quality and healing principles in mind. Every drink and even a meal has a purpose and is prepared right before serving with the most quality ingredients, every class supports the knowledge foundation essential for the long-term success. Every component is designed to play its intentional role in combination with others… You also cannot overestimate a healing power of the Ocean and nature that you’ll be exposed to every day of your stay. And the program also includes a lot of one-on-one treatments, rest, semi-flexible structure and moderate pace, all so essential to healing.

At last, but not least: it is impossible to put dollar value on the joy, happiness and positive changes that you will experience in your physical health, emotional wellness, as well as insights and practical tools in working with unhealthy lifestyle habits. Not to mention the feeling of well-being you will feel to the core of your bones when you go home. Though results may differ and you need to be realistic what can be accomplished within a short period of time, you just need to know how much the Fresh Start program may help you, if you are dedicated and work hard during your stay. We highly suggest you watch as many Testimonials as possible, so you can see the true value of what you’ll receive, if you embark on a personal Healing Journey with Fresh Start.

What’s Included in Your Program


For 7-Day: $2,750; for 14-Day: $5,500; for 21-day: $8,250 (=$393 per day)

Core Program Includes

3 beautiful, delicious and nutritious, gluten free meals per day. Our foods are not to die, but to live for! They are not designed to feed you, but to nourish you. Plus, if you crave for it, they also may assist you in losing weight and decreasing cravings for unhealthy foods and substances. Warning! You may crave for our meals when you get home :(.

The breakfast and lunch contain approx. 80% raw food and consist of carefully chosen ingredients for maximum healing benefits. Supper consists of a hot Re-mineralizing Soup with crackers and is served with Parasite Formula. Meals are portioned, to ensure adequate nutrients intake.

Cellular Cleanse, Re-nourishment, Hydration, Alkalizing, as well as assisting the Digestive System and Hormonal System functions are our #1 priorities. During your stay you will get a lot of specialized drinks to support these, including: Morning Cleansing Tea, Adrenal/Thyroid Support, Green Smoothie, Liver Activation Shot, Digestive Tune-up Shot, Parasite Cleanse, Top Quality Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes served with breakfast and lunch, unlimited Herbal Teas, Fresh Lemon Juice, Good Night Tea,  Quality Magnesium Supplement and filtered Hexahedron 999 water. Provided that there are no contraindications, we’ll also offer you an Entire Digestive System and Lymph Flush up to 2 times a week, to help the body reset metabolism, as well as in order to deepen and increase speed of healing of all body organs.

Your long term success and knowledge of how to implement the lifestyle you’ll see, experience and hopefully will get excited about, is our #2 priority (after helping you to start improving your health and well-being). Be prepared to learn a ton of helpful, practical and useful information! Food preparation demos, FS recipe book, health lectures with handouts, lifestyle integration workshops and health videos, emotional wellness workshops, weekly group time – all are designed to cover various aspects of health essential to your joyful and consistent continuation on the health journey. In order to get the entire system that we are offering, we suggest you take the full 21-Day program, as this will allow the deepest healthy lifestyle integration on many levels: experiential, chemical, psychological and knowledge-base. But even if you arrive for 1 week, you will get many many great tips and tools to take home. So do what you can.

group fitness classes are offered 1-2 times, yoga 2-3 times, meditation 2-3 times per week.

3 times per week. Though you can take a daily walk on a beauful trail going near the ocean, river and forest, we’d like to share with you some more beauty of the Vancouver Island. Sample locations of walks/excursions: Miracle Beach, Seal Bay Park, Saratoga Beach, Bear Creek Park, Oyster River Park, Willow Point Seawalk, Campbell River Museum, Woodland Gardens, Quadra Island, Heritage Driving Tour, Elk Falls.

1 time per week. Sample activities: movie, games and bonfire nights.

1 time per week. Sample activities: Mandalas, Dream Board, Rock Painting, working with various arts mediums. No experience is necessary.

The eco water bottle has a double wall (inside glass and outside plastic), to ensure that toxic chemicals do not leach into your drinks. The bottle keeps your tea warm for a long time and has a tea strainer.
For deeper healing experience, Ocean Resort is fully reserved for the Fresh Start guests during our programs (by exception of occasional community meetings and weekly yoga class). The 2-story building has: 2 ocean-side class rooms, a yoga room, a fitness room, treatments and consultations rooms, and a gorgeous ocean-side dining area.


Base Package: For 7-Day: $1,500; for 14-Day: $3,000; for 21-day: $4,500 

Enhanced Package: For 7-Day: $1,800; for 14-Day: $3,600; for 21-day: $5,400

Advanced Package: For 7-Day: $2,000; for 14-Day: $4,000; for 21-day: $6,000

Primary difference between GoDeeper Packages is the number of therapies and custom protocols that may fit into the budget. E.g. if you want to do  both: quit smoking program and work on depression or arthritis, Enhanced or Advanced Package will be ideal. If in doubt, start with the base and if needed you may request additional services upon arrival…provided there is space available.

Please view the price break down details below, what goes towards Professional and One-on-One Therapies, Custom Protocols.

Go-Deeper Package Includes

All Packages: For 7-Day: $500; for 14-Day: $800; for 21-Day: $1,000

  • This is what you pay for health expertise. Professional services a-la-carte cost is higher than the package fee, so you pay actually less than if you bought these services individually.
  • Pre-program Health Assessment (intake: health history, program goals, emotional wellness assessment).
  • In-depth upon Arrival Assessment (ND organ screen, Live Blood Analysis).
  • Creation of Your INDIVIDUAL HEALING PATH (=plan of one-on-one services and custom supplements).
  • Explanation Consult with Program Director (Assessment Results and Individual Healing Path, Your Approval).
  • Mid-Program Progress Assessment (for 21-Day Guests only).
  • End-Program Results Assessment (for 14 and 21-Day Guests only).
  • Assessments Results Reports.
  • Professional Guidance and Support (Daily Check-ins, Orientations, Process Explanation, Health Self-Assessments Guidance, Protocol Readjustments).
  • Individualized Post-Program Tips4theJourney.
  • For the detailed breakdown, see Individual Healing Path page.

Base Package: For 7-Day: $1,000; for 14-Day: $2,200; for 21-Day: $3,400

Enhanced Package: For 7-Day: $1,300; for 14-Day: $2,800; for 21-Day: $4,400

Advanced Package: For 7-Day: $1,500; for 14-Day: $3,200; for 21-Day: $5,000

  • On average, the Base Package credit includes 6 one-on-one services +4 steam sessions + 3-5 day customized supplement protocols each week. This may slightly vary, depending on the cost of individual items. People on longer programs get a higher credit.
  • One-on-one Services may include: heart healing or habits repatterning sessions, massage and other body work, topical applications, energy work, structural health therapies, hydrotherapy, colonics, relaxation services and others. We have over 40 types of treatments that we choose from and which we customize to your individual needs.
  • Group Treatment Sessions: some personalized services are offered in a small group format (ex. steam bath and cold water treatments etc.).
  • Custom Protocols may include: Liver Cleanse and Support, Lung, Pancreas, Anti-Inflammatory, Thyroid, Adrenal, Sleep, Nervous System Tonic, several Digestive protocols, Blood Sugar/ Weight Stabilizing, Bladder, Kidney, Heart and others.
  • Note: Our Go-Deeper packages are organized based on a-la-carte payment system. Due to high individualization of services and products used for your program, there is usually a slight difference in cost between services of individual guests. Though we do our best to plan your services as close to the Credit allowed as possible, it is virtually impossible to bring it to zero. Due to this please expect a slight variance of balance at the end of your stay, up to $150, in case the services cost slightly exceeds your Credit.


Available at preffered rates at the Ocean Resort Hotel.

Please ask our Program Consultant about the best routes for your destination.
We recommend you purchase health and travel insurance when you are planning your health retreat.

We are currently not set up for extensive meal modifications for minor sensitivities and personal food preferences, but some allergies may be accommodated. Inquire when applying. NOTE: There is an additional fee between $150-300 per week for meal customization, as it includes a lot of planning and the entire kitchen staff training. Prior approval is required, as we can accommodate a limited number of guests with food allergies. Please provide us with max information prior to your registration, so we could determine how we can help.

Take-out meals for departure days are available at an additional fee. Two days’ notice is required.

Disclaimer: Activities, drinks, services and other components included in the package may periodically change without notice due to availability of staff, revision of programs, and seasonal changes.


Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience