A Typical Day at Fresh Start Health Retreat


Health Retreat Typical Day – Fresh Start offers a semi-structured schedule, with more structured mornings filled with educational activities and fitness; then flexible afternoons with options of guided or independent walks, rest, individual health treatments or relaxing activities. This allows for various needs to be met, including rejuvenation and provides a focused approach on improving health and experiential learning.

Every day at Fresh Start is a unique healing experience.

Below is a typical day at Fresh Start:

7:00 AM

Enjoy a gentle stretch or a guided meditation on alternative days. These morning classes are energizing and inspiring. They will help you to start the day on the right foot, and to boost your emotional well-being. One day a week: Sleep-in.

8:00 AM

Check-in is a very important part of the day. While nourishing your cells with a yummy health drink, you will be filling out the Daily Well-Being and Program Participation & Progress Sheets. Your Program Director will study your information in detail and will assist with any questions, concerns and adjust your program if needed.

The hormonal re-balancing formula will help strengthen your adrenal and thyroid glands.

8:30 AM

Depending on the day, you may be served GI Cleanse & Tonic, Liver, Lung, Blood, Joint or Small Intestine Cleanse Tea.

8:30 AM

A few days during your stay, provided you do not have contraindications, instead of Green Smoothie and Morning Cleanse Tea, you’ll be offered a GI Flush. This is an essential drink for getting optimum results. Get more clarity of mind and feel energized by cleansing your body organs. Note: On the GI flush day you’ll receive a special fibre drink instead of breakfast. This drink will effectively assist with the elimination of released toxins.

8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Hydrate cells with 1.5 L fluids. Enjoy purified Hexahedron 999 water, organic lemon water and various herbal tea, including chamomile, rooibos, peppermint and others.

9:00 AM

Enjoy our delicious organic vegetarian/mostly raw cuisine, served with top-quality pro-biotics and proteolytic enzymes by Avena Originals and a special shot assisting with liver cleansing and activation. The meals are portioned, to ensure you have an adequate balance of nutrients and optimum food amounts. The meal size is satisfying to most people, as organic food, according to the research, is 2-4 times richer in nutrients. However, if you get hungry throughout the day and need a bit more, help yourself to some fruit from a basket.

9:45 AM

Fresh Start lifestyle education is in-depth, yet common sense and down-to-earth. We do not preach any food philosophy or one-for-all diet. Our goal is to share with you various ways how you can start improving your daily life and diet based on where you are at. We dedicate a lot of time showing you how to reduplicate the recipes you try here and will provide you with the Fresh Start Recipe book and many additional handouts. Designing lectures and integration workshops, we had in mind several goals: to share how the body works, to explain in detail the program process and how to make lifestyle changes sensibly, understanding your individual body needs. You’ll get many practical tools and tips throughout your stay that you’ll be able to take home and share with your family and friends. Tools that will help you to continue on your health path.

Monday: Group Bonding Time instead of an educational class. Join us once a week for a time of love, laughter and tears as we share our life lessons and welcome new guests.

9:30 AM – 9:00 PM

The first three days upon arrival will be dedicated to health testing and the creation of your individual health plan. We carefully study your health profile before arrival and do more in-depth health testing upon arrival by one of our holistic doctors, as well as by one more health professional, using Electrodermal Screen Test and Biofeedback (testing specialists and assessment type used may vary depending on availability). We will also determine together with you your individual health goals and do an Emotional Wellness Test.

Based on your goals and the specialists’ findings, we will create for you an Individual Healing Path™, consisting of one-on-one treatments  (massage, life coaching, colonics) and Custom Healing Protocols™ (special health formulas and drinks for enhanced healing and restoration of specific organs and/or working with specific health issues). After this, you will meet for a consult with your Program Director, explaining your test results, how your issues are intended to be addressed and confirm with you the plan. Afterwards, the Individual Healing plan is designed/ confirmed with you on a weekly basis.

At the end of your stay, you will receive your before and after assessments/ improvements reports, along with the Tips4Journey – post-program tips addressing your individual health issues. Additionally,  those who are here for 3  weeks will receive an additional weekly progress retesting/consult with one specialist/doctor in order to see, if any adjustments to the individual healing plan need to be made.

Note: Final assessments are not included in the 7-day stay package, due to the fact that this period of time is not always sufficient to see significant changes in tests (though most people feel much better!).

10:45 AM

Starting from Thursday of your first program week, you’ll be served additional formulas, individualized to your health needs, called Custom Healing Protocols™. We have 3 main types of formulas: Organ Support/ Re-balancing (ex. blood sugar, urinary infection stabilizing), Organ Rebuilding (ex. adrenal, thyroid or pancreas support) and Specific Organ Cleansing (ex. liver, lung, blood cleanse). During your first week of stay you will receive 3 days of Custom Healing Protocols™ and for the rest of the stay 5 days per week.*

11:00 AM

Get a nap or get moving, depending on the day and what your body needs. Fitness classes are offered 3 times a week.


12:00 PM

Emotional wellness and physical health are inseparable. You will tremendously benefit from the in-depth workshops and lectures offered by our instructors specializing in the areas of emotional wellness and energetical health. Learn stress management techniques, what causes anxiety, how to take care of yourself without guilt or becoming a sacrifice for other people’s needs, how to care for yourself in a way you carry a load of life better and how to improve relationships with your loved ones.

1:00 PM

You will see for yourself why our food motto is: nutritious, delicious – and good-looking:)! Served with probiotics, digestive enzymes and a healing GI mini-drink. The food here is to die… sorry, to live-for. It is ultimately healthy and specifically designed for healing purposes, it energizes your body, your mind and assists in weight loss.

1:30 – 9:00 PM

Generally, you’ll start your Healing Path™ with a relaxation massage or a one-on-one Heart Healing™ or Habits Repatterning™ session. On average 6 60-90-min treatments are included in the cost of your package each week, though this number may slightly differ based on the price and length of individual treatments, and on Custom Healing Protocols included.*

1:30 – 4:00 PM

Get a little snooze if you need, or go for an afternoon walk. Three times a week we offer guided nature walks/excursions. The rest of the time you can walk along the beach, and an amazing trail leading to the Oyster River part. The trail is very beautiful and goes near the beach, mountains, river and through the forest. You most likely will see deer and bald eagles, tons of gorgeous bull kelp, and if you are lucky – whales, jellyfish or sand dollars. You won’t be disappointed with one of the most beautiful places on the planet and green grass in wintertime (except in cases of rare snowfalls :).

4:00 PM

Your success is our success. Enjoy learning with us. Documentaries on various health topics, offered daily, will bring so much insight and inspiration to your health journey. Once a week Art Activities are offered instead (eg. Mandalas, Rock Painting, Dream Board, Work with various art materials etc. –  no art experience required).

3:00 – 6:00 PM

After allowing the yummy lunch to digest, we start the second round of cellular hydration (another 1.5 L). Adequate amounts of water ensure normal cell functioning and detoxification, as well as are essential for weight loss and delivering nutrients to cells. Guests on certain Custom Healing Protocols will also continue with afternoon self-serve formulas.*

5:00 PM

Enjoy a soothing warm soup, assisting with the preparation of your digestive system for the night’s rest and re-nourishing your GI tract. Soup is served with crackers, and with an effective herbal anti-parasite formula, addressing 3 stages of parasites (eggs, larvae and adult species).

7:00-9:00 PM

Various organized evening activities are offered several times a week: eg. Natural Facial, Hair and Cosmetics Classes,  Game, Bonfire, Comedy and Movie Nights.

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Unwind and relax your body and mind for a deeper sleep. If desired, take some complementary quality Magnesium Citrate formula (Calm), to assist with relaxation and deeper sleep.

Note: People on adrenal, thyroid, sleep-enhancing, blood sugar-stabilizing and some other protocols may have additional bed-time formulas.*

9:00 PM

You worked hard on improving your health and need your sleep. Goodnight & pleasant dreams… No pillow fights!

Note:  Sundays are non-instructional days, with no morning educational classes replaced with an optional group excursion and other relaxing activities, and more down-time.

Disclaimer: The program structure, drinks and activities are subject to change without notice due to instructors’ availability, weather conditions, program design changes and other reasons.

* Assessments, one-on-one services and Healing Custom Protocols™ are included only in the GO-DEEPER™ cost. Please note that there is a specific budget allotment for it, depending on the length of your stay (check the Rates page for details). Only as many services as your budget allowance is will be included in the package…Though the package includes most if not all things you will need for your healing path, if you request additional treatments or have a very advanced health condition requiring more, it’ll be an extra pay. It is basically a la carte system. You get what you pay for.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience