Fresh Start Retreat during COVID

We are in Operation: 

Fresh Start is categorized as a personal services business and is continuously operating, along with local holistic clinics, under COVID Safety Plans.

NOTE: BC currently mandates to wear mask public indoor places.

Safe Guests

We understand that the full post-COVID recovery may take us, as a country, much longer. We have put a number of procedures and processes in place and have helped many guests to safely improve their health after lock-down has been lifted in May 2020. We adjust, as new measures are introduced.

Safe Facilities

Ocean Resort facilities and property, from which we operate, are very spacious, private and located out of town. Health Centre, where program activities take place, is exclusively reserved for use by Fresh Start guests for the duration of the program. In low season the hotel is used exclusively by our guests.

Facilities have mostly laminate floors in guest rooms and Health Centre, as well as natural and uncluttered design, easy to keep clean.

Individual Items: We offer a lot of individualized services and items, such as plated meals, labelled tea & water bottles, personal hand sanitizers, individually wrapped cutlery and tea bags.

Safe Groups

Group sizes are at least 2 times smaller than our building normal capacity. Under the current measures, we limit group to 16-20 participants.

Stable Groups: there are only 3 arrival dates per each 21-Day program session (every Sunday). Upon arrival all guests follow immune boosting protocols.

Safe Staff

We have been networking with multiple practitioners, to be able to substitute our permanent team in case of sickness. Additionally, we’ve been cross-training and hired additional kitchen staff, added more support staff hours, and upgraded kitchen and cleaning equipment. These measures were undertaken in order to allow employees work at a moderate pace with increased sanitization and attention to detail required.

Social distancing and Masks Mandate: Masks are required indoors, where social distancing is not possible.

Masks are optional in one-on-one treatment, just in public places.

Rescheduling: in the event of an unlikely lock-down:

All registered guests will be able to reschedule their program within 2 years, for the next available date, free of charge. Ocean Resort also offers flexible rescheduling terms, in the event of rescheduling.

If the lockdown happened in the middle of a program, you will have a credit equal to the number of unstayed days/ unused services.

Disclaimer: Fresh Start safety plan, operations and offered services, listed online, may be modified at any time without notice, based on changes in government regulations and other considerations. We appreciate your understanding and support in this.

Enhanced Antiviral Protocol

Just because the BC COVID restrictions been eased, we are taking it a step further, beyond the advanced prevention measures. We believe that the most effective way to prevent disease is strengthening your immune system. We want to be proactive in ensuring your immune and respiratory systems are stronger and healthier, and would like to offer you the pre- and post-arrival immune boosting protocols.

Before Arrival Immune Boosting

Before you come to Fresh Start program, we suggest that you support your immune system, following these tips: Most important: if your health condition allows, daily morning and evening 5-7 min jog is suggested, as an immune booster.

Tip: We highly suggest you sign-up for our FREE Antiviral Defence Program, and read the section on Prevention, particularly articles “Three Most Powerful Immune System Defences”, “The Key to Safety= Immunity” and “What You Need to Know About Viruses”.

This will help you understand why we use the methods below, as well as why overall health and keeping our cells clean play a vital role in protecting you from viruses.

Upon Arrival Lung Purification and 3-Day Immune Boosting Protocol:

  1. Deep Breathing: all guests will be instructed on this important lung cleansing routine upon arrival.
  2. Cellular Oxygenation: liquid oxygen drink with lemon juice, to strengthen your lungs and assist in elimination of airborne toxins, related to the flight.
  3. Immune Boosting Supplements: include vitamin C, mushroom blend and bee propolis.

Fresh Start Program Components supporting Immune System

Fresh Start Program is all based on anti-viral defense principles. The program addresses most essential prerequisites of healthy immune system: our digestion, sleep issues, improving function of the lymphatic system and cleansing of our largest protective organ – skin. These are some of the methods we use to assist in boosting your immune system and your overall health:

  1. Cellular Re-nourishment and Rehydration: during your stay you’ll be drinking 2 litres of purified water and eating nutritious vegan meals.
  1. Nature Therapy: there are beautiful trails and nature around us, but even more: you’ll be exposed to salty ocean air with its purifying properties.
  1. Advanced Detoxification: being a major component of our programs, it not only has important benefits for our health and weight, but also ensures that viruses’ food supply is diminished. Viruses are scavengers and need toxic matter to leave and multiply. They have much harder time, when your system is clean.
  1. Emotional Wellness Sessions: It is scientifically proven, that fear and other negative emotions contribute to weakening of the immune system. Many of our guests opt for the heart healing sessions that help address those inner issues.
  1. Green Health: during your stay we’ll be using lots of fresh greens, including wheat grass and delicious green smoothies. Greens provide essential amino acids, which are building blocks of protein, as well as minerals and enzymes that majorly boost your immunity.
  1. Taking off Digestive Load: We use only natural foods and condiments and follow the principle: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and supper like a pauper.

Summary: Because of the deep foundation in nutrition and detoxification, Fresh Start program supports your immune health in-depth. You will re-nourish your cells, get adequate rest, and exposure to the fresh ocean air, so healing for your lungs, as well as for your nervous and hormonal systems. And additionally it addresses emotional aspects of health. Our approach is to take it beyond prevention – to the root cause of weak health.

Final Word: We want to ensure that everyone is safe and well. There may be some minor inconveniences and for those we apologize in advance. Our goal is to protect our guests and staff alike. Please follow safety guidelines/signage, stay positive and have fun, while staying with us.

P.S. Remember to smile when you try on your new face bandana :) !

What is the next program session I can register for?

Currently available dates.

USA Guests: Starting August 9, fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents of the United States can enter Canada for non-essential travel. Entry to Canada will continue to be prohibited for travellers who are not fully vaccinated.

Federal entry requirements

Federal entry requirements and travel information change often.

WARNING: You need to be ready for any sudden border regulation changes, due to change in COVID cases in either one of the countries. Be sure to have COVID travel & health insurance. In the event you won’t be able to make it, you’ll have 2 years to reschedule without loosing your deposit.

Meanwhile we refer to HHI 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation Program. We wish you gradual recovery and we’ll be in touch once the border re-opens.

Do you require COVID-19 testing or proof of vaccination prior to the program?

No. It is your personal preference.

What safety measures will be put in place?

We have developed an enhanced, going beyond standard government requirements, COVID Guest Protection Plan (adapted each time new regulations come).  We believe that we can still care for each other, while keeping social distancing and using masks where caring safety measures required. We have sanitizers available throughout the building.

Fresh Start program already includes major immune boosting components, such as daily detoxification, deep cellular hydration and nature therapy. Additionally, prior to your program and upon arrival, you’ll be offered an enhanced immune boosting protocols.

Got more Questions?

Please fill our the Contact Us Form or call us at 1-888-658-3324, 9 am to 5 pm, 5 days a week. Be sure to leave a message, if the line is busy or we are unavailable.

We are here to support you on your journey to health restoration and rejuvenation.