Creativity and laughter heal us on deeper levels. Your program includes a variety of fun afternoon activities.

Art Classes

Mindfulness and Creativity

If you enjoy creating with your hands and soul, the art class is for you. We may begin with a short visualization with a particular focus for that day designed to assist you in exploring your inner landscape through the creative process, using an assortment of art materials and found objects. No previous experience is necessary!  Materials are provided and assistance is readily available. Each class will attempt to capture some of what you are experiencing during the process of your healing journey for reflection and moving forward. In is a space of non-judgement, with no interpretation or critiquing of our creations.  The focus is entirely on self-expression and spontaneity.

Fun Activities

Facial Class

This one hour interactive and fun experience is like no other. Even men have heaps of fun!! Nurture yourself, while feeling your skin getting softer, younger and more alive. During this class you will learn the proper sequence and application methods for cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, mask and moisturizing. Each natural product creates different sensations on the face and it’s a pleasure to feel their effects and benefits. When you get to the chocolate part, would you resist the temptation to lick your face, please :)!.

Hair Mask Class

Learn simple ways how to look after your hair with home-based ingredients, as well as how hair masks may benefit your nervous system and mental health. This is an informative class with lots of fun thrown in!

Natural Cosmetics Class

Have you ever tried making your own cosmetics? Are you tired of paying a lot of money for make-up that may be in fact harming your skin and even internal organs? If yes, then this class is for you. During this class we will discuss how to mix your ingredients, and after this you will experiment with some pre-made make up. There will be some hands-on play, as well as recipes to take home. The used products are free of synthetics, lead, paraben, aluminum, petroleum, mineral oil, parasitic beetles, propylene glycol, fish scales, choloroflurorocarbon, chloroform, halogenated salicylanilides, hexachlorphene, mercury, ethylene chloride, bithionol, tallow and its bi-products from cattle material, trichloroethane, and zirconium. These chemicals are added to most commercial cosmetics.

Here, you can eat your cosmetics!. We will use all natural products, such as: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clays, arrowroot, vitamin e, coconut oil, cacao powder and bee’s wax. Make-up products we’ll create at the class may include: a wonderful lip gloss, shimmering eye shadows, thickening and lengthening mascara, and flattering foundations to make your skin sparkle.

Game, Movie and Bonfire Nights

Unwind at the end of the day and enjoy a great movie or a game night. When weather permits, we get together for nourishing bonfires on the beach or when firebans – around the outdoors gas bonfire.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience