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According to the 2007 edition of Life and Breath, a report that utilizes the most recent available data for the surveillance of chronic respiratory diseases in Canada, over 3 million Canadians cope with one of five serious respiratory diseases:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Lung cancer
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Cystic fibrosis.

Other respiratory diseases include: influenza, pneumonia, emphysema, bronchiectasis (damaged bronchial tubes), respiratory distress syndrome and sleep apnea. Smoking during pregnancy has been proven harmful for a number of reasons.

quit smoking retreat

Want to finally stop killing yourself, your children and your planet? Here is how our programs can help:

#1 Advanced Detox

Nicotine in cigarettes is the main addictive substance in tobacco. Its constant presence in the blood acts as an addictive drug, making a smoker to take another cigarette even when he decided to quit. Eliminating nicotine and other toxic substances that your cells accumulated during your smoking life, can help reduce (sometimes even eliminate desire) desire to smoke and decrease chances of developing post-smoking respiratory diseases. This effect might be due to:

  • Decrease the toxic load and amounts of stimulant nicotine present in the blood.
  • “Clear” the taste buds, which means changing of the taste. Natural foods will start tasting good, and bad substances will become more unpleasant. In fact, many people shared that eating their favorite unhealthy foods did not bring them previous enjoyment and satisfaction, and some testified that after that they vomited or had diarrhea – sign that body was getting rid of unwanted unhealthy substance.
  • Eliminate smoke particles and tars from lungs, thus helping them cleanse and regenerate themselves, as well as to restore cells ability to carry oxygen.
  • Eliminate smoke related toxins from different organs of the body, where they would be otherwise stored for months or even years.
  • Improve the body’s metabolism.

Fresh Start Health Retreat Center offers a supervised, highly effective, and thorough whole body detox program, including whole digestive tract, liver, gall bladder, kidney, blood and parasite cleanse, accomplished by specially prepared cleansing drinks. Because of a variety of well combined components and well thought through tested system, it is one of the most intense whole body cleanses that you can find.

#2 Healthy Nutrition with Emphasis on Alive Food.

Because cigarette smoke is full of toxins, its use can lead to nutritional deficiencies. For example, you probably know that one of the side effects of most drugs is osteoporosis (leaching of calcium from bones). The reason for that is that calcium is a major buffer that neutralizes body acidity or toxicity created by drugs. Tobacco has the most acidifying or intoxifying effect on the body and therefore makes body to use up its calcium, potassium and other minerals and vitamins to neutralize it.

Our meals are vegan and consist mostly of elegantly prepared fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, sprouts, seeds and nuts. Alive or fresh food has highly healing properties because of its high digestive enzyme content. Cooking at temperatures just slightly higher than body temperature leads to destruction of virtually ALL enzymes. According to Dr. Howell, about 40-60% of enzymes necessary for digestion of every meal should come from foods we eat, and the rest comes from our pancreas. Now we know that enzymes are also produced by small intestines and in a lot of other tissues and cells. However, it is still vitally important to get a lot of digestive enzymes with food for optimum digestion and metabolism. Consumption of raw foods allows taking off a great load from weakened pancreas (a major organ of enzyme production), as well as other organs, glands and tissues that produce it and letting them rest, and in the same time huge amounts of undisturbed and undestroyed by heat vitamins and minerals in fresh foods provide great source of materials needed for replacement of unhealthy tissues with healthy ones.

#3 Fresh squeezed vegetable juices, including wheat grass juice, which are part of the program, are liquid foods up to 90% of which (according to Dr. Joel Robbins) are absorbed and utilized by the body. Juices, which are not designed to be a regular food, provided that you have a perfect health and high quality rich in nutrients food, are a great restorative tool for damaged by overeating, improper chewing, food additives, pesticides, parasites, overgrowth of unhealthy bowel flora that can be increased by any unhealthful practice, including smoking. Wheat grass is extremely rich in chlorophyll, which is so amazing similar in its chemical composition to our blood, that drinking it can be truly compared with a healthy blood transfusion. Because circulation is severely damaged by smoking, wheat grass is an elixir of life for ex-smokers.

Quit smoking program at Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers

Quit Smoking Program

Learn How do we help you and Methods we’ve used over 15 yrs. to address Cravings, Toxicity removal, prevention of sudden weight gain, breaking addictive patterns and forming new ones….

#4 Daily walks constitute a very important part of our stop smoking program. They not only are important for general health, but also help body oxygenate blood and tissues that are so desperately asking for it. Cancer cannot survive in oxygen rich environment. Plus sunshine (and we have lots of it here), fresh air and exercise are the greatest antidepressants known.

#5 Daily Educational Lectures and Videos that are eye opening and inspiring. They will help you to create a healthy foundation for your lifestyle.  This is just a few things you will find out:

  • Which foods counteract the toxicity of the body created by smoking
  • How to eliminate most environmental toxins from your life
  • How to prevent and reverse cancer, killer #1 in America
  • Why horses are never constipated (And how to experience it yourself)
  • And much more.

Our lectures are in-depth, scientifically grounded, and at the same time personal and empowering.

#6 Smoking Cessation Spa therapies, such as live and dry blood analysis, ear candling, colon hydrotherapy and massage (and many more), enhance our programs.

As soon as you enter our doors, we will start calling you an ex-smoker. We 100% believe that you can do it and will support you in your decision.

Sharing time, a lot of personal time planned every day and meditation sessions will give you opportunity to share your progress, as well as get insights into how to deal with your emotional issues and improve quality of your life. Virtually everybody who went through the program said: “It is much more than just a fitness program. It is a life changing experience.”

Everything we do comes from the heart. If you would like to experience personal touch, unconditional love and acceptance, our caring team, personal approach and small groups are here for you.

Begin your journey now, not tomorrow. Your decision to take the path of health will change your life for better here and now. It is still some ways to go, but remember: you are predetermined for success when you believe it. When you believe it, you will see it.

Caution! We do not promise that after you finish our smoking cessation program you will get 100% free from smoking. Everything depends on your determination and action! We only help you to start the process and get all the info you need to reach your goal.

Attention! Our program is contraindicated to people with certain health conditions. We do a thorough prescreening before our clients come. If you have a concern, please call the program consultant  at  1-888-658-3324 .

Quit smoking program at Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers

Quit Smoking Program

Learn How do we help you and Methods we’ve used over 15 yrs. to address Cravings, Toxicity removal, prevention of sudden weight gain, breaking addictive patterns and forming new ones….