Weight Loss Management as Part of Your Program

Let’s Face Facts: There Is No Such Thing As Permanent Weight Loss

Depending on which weight loss retreat, spa or fat farm you choose, you may lose 2, 20, or even possibly 30 or more pounds. However, to lose as much as the desired goal most of us have, you would have to stay at the retreat for at least 3 months. Even if you did that in spite of cost and length of time, there is no guarantee that you would keep the weight off, even to the end of the year.


So Why Bother With A Weight Loss Retreat?

First, although you should put aside unrealistic expectations, you can still get rid of some unwanted pounds and to start feeling better about yourself. At least, in the words of one of our program participants, you “will still feel like a rock, but a lighter rock.” This will revive your faith in success and will free up a lot of energy that you can use to work on your health and to think more clearly, and also to help you to catch that ‘nasty’ willpower by the tail and say: “Hey, I am ready for change.”

Secondly, at the weight loss spa retreat, you lay a solid foundation for your future health journey. You will learn how to make healthy meals (you actually get to taste them), and you will meet face to face that stranger that everybody talks about without ever truly getting acquainted – exercise. You will get inspired, motivated and will end up feeling positive about the change. In short, you’ll get a great push.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you’ll discover who you are not. Everybody knows that weight gain starts in the brain. Unless you get rid of all kind of junk beliefs about yourself, the progress will be slow if not impossible. Addressing the emotional causes of weight gain and learning stress-coping techniques with various classes and activities, or private sessions with a counselor/life coach should be part of your healing.

How Can Our Weight Loss Program Help?

#1 We believe that healthy nutrition is the most important of all lifestyle aspects for weight loss

Many people think that exercise is the key. While we do not undermine its importance, you may know at least a few of those who exercise into a bloody sweat in gyms yet stay the same weight month after month.

This is because the body is very economical in its use of resources, and as soon as you go on an exercise campaign, it starts increasing your appetite. It then slows down metabolism and creates “extra” storage so it can pack on every bit of food you eat during your “free points bingeing moments” to make sure it prevents you from starvation next time you restrict your calories. Unless you change what caused weight gain in the first place, can you truly see a long-term change?

#2 We do not believe that restricting calories or the amount of food you eat is the answer

When your body gets all the nutrients it needs it shuts down hunger. If you overeat, it is because you do not satisfy all your body’s needs regarding healthy glucose, fats, vitamins, proteins, phytonutrients, enzymes and water. We are overfed and as a result malnourished, because of the quality of many of our diets. Quantity does not matter – a body that is nourished well has better mechanisms for knowing when it has had enough.

Here is an example. Our body needs energy, and energy means carbs. We need them more than anything else (about 70% of the nutrients in the food we consume should be carbohydrates)! Our brain can run only on them and them alone, and yet we are told to avoid carbs like a plague. We restrict them, replace them with protein, starve all the cells to death from not providing adequate amounts of glucose and then desperately try to fight with a sweet tooth. Our body does not run on protein, was never meant to. Additionally, it will face all kinds of breakdowns if we attempt to eat huge amounts of concentrated protein: kidney failure and serious heart problems are extreme but not so rare complications of high protein diets.

While at the weight loss retreat, we help you develop a lifestyle program which will support your healthy weight based on an ideal ratio between carbs/proteins/fats for your level of activity while avoiding cellular starvation.

It is not the calorie count that matters the most, but their quality. This is what determines whether you gain extra weight or not. Your body will store toxins that are harmful to us in fat cells, so foods food of MSG and other unhealthy additives will make you gain weight, not large plates of salads (just google MSG-induced obesity in rats). If you wonder how this can be, just think about how many people with obesity one could see 50 years ago. It was rather out of the ordinary when people ate real food with fewer chemical additives.

It is what’s added to our foods that makes us gain weight. Calorie count here is a secondary consideration, and calorie restriction won’t solve the problem. It is like putting a jar with sour cream in front of a cat and hoping it won’t overeat on it. The additives in foods are made to make us crave more!

So Doesn’t It Matter How Much You Eat?

We are not saying that overeating is a healthy practice – It is a destructive habit. What we mean is this: As your body cleanses and restores itself, and you provide it with nutrient-dense foods, it will decrease the amounts eaten automatically. Even initially it is much harder to overeat on food loaded with fiber, minerals, vitamins and enzymes than it is on a SAD diet (Standard American Diet).

If in doubt, come and try our health retreat menu. Many people comment after a meal at the Fresh Start retreat: “I ate much less than I would normally, yet I feel so satisfied.”  And virtually everybody continues getting rid of extra weight as the program progresses. You’ll notice comments in our Testimonials about weight loss, even from people who weren’t here primarily for that purpose. Your body is happy to drop excess pounds when it is well-nourished.

#3 If there was only one term that would describe us, it would be Common-Sense Education

Our daily Educational Lectures and Videos are eye-opening and inspiring. These are just a few things you will find out:

  • Why Horses Are Never Constipated (And how to experience it yourself)
  • Why Calories Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss
  • Which Deodorant You Can Have For Breakfast
  • How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer, killer #1 in America
  • And much more

Our lectures are in-depth, scientifically grounded, and at the same time personal and empowering.

#4 We will organize workouts for you, which are definitely an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

An experienced fitness trainer will also provide you with a continuation program to keep you going when you go back home.

#5 We will share various stress-coping techniques with you.

In finding the cause we find the cure. Weight loss is not a disease. For most women and many men, it is not even a lifestyle problem. Grief over a loss of a loved one, insecurities, long-term family conflict, hatred of yourself or a tendency to get into abusive relationships, all may be a starting point. Understanding the cause of a behaviour pattern at a very personal level, relaxation, meditation, as well as cultivating motivation to change during your weight loss retreat will help you make necessary changes when you go back home. We have a series of workshops dedicated to dealing with stress and healing emotions. If you need deeper work, you will have an opportunity to book private classes with wonderful emotional well-being specialists.

Whole Body Detoxification Helps

#6 We will use a very thorough detox program to cleanse toxins from your body, helping to optimize your body’s metabolism.

If you choose the program with detox days: We use herbal teas, specially designed drinks, freshly squeezed juices including wheatgrass juice and live (raw) foods to reach this goal. Spa therapies, such as ear candling, colon hydrotherapy and massage (and many more), enhance the program and are available for you on site.

Everything we do comes from the heart. If you would like to experience a personal touch, unconditional love, and acceptance, then our caring team, personal approach, and small groups are here for you.

Begin your journey now, not tomorrow. Making the instant decision to take the path of health will change your life for the better here and now. There is still a ways to go, but remember: you are predestined for success when you believe in your goal. When you believe it, you will see it.

Caution! There is no quick fix for weight loss. We do not promise that after you visit our weight loss retreat and finish our program you’ll be free from all the extra weight you’ve accumulated over 20 to 30 years. It took time to reach where you are today; it will take time to recover.

We can only help you to start the process and acquire all the info you need to reach your goal. Everything after that depends on your motivation and action! Participating in our program DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE unless you are willing to commit to continuing on a healthy path. It is also important to make changes gradually and work with your medical or naturopathic doctor as you do them, especially if you suffer from an advanced condition. Our weight loss retreat program does not replace and does not intend to undermine any medical advice.