This page contains information to help you with planning your health retreat at Fresh Start. We’ll discuss what to wear and pack, and much more. If you still have questions after reading this, feel free to contact us. We want your visit to be stress free and completely relaxing.

Planning Your Stay

What to Wear

During the program many people feel colder than usual, because their body redirects energy from heating itself to cleansing and healing of tissues and internal organs. Take this into consideration when packing clothes for your stay. A pair of socks from real wool and in cooler season a wool sweater are some of the best items to take along, since most synthetic materials and cotton cannot provide similar warmth, when you feel cold on the inside. Choose comfortable and casual clothes, and plan to dress in layers for comfort in fluctuating outside temperatures. Take some warm, loose clothing, such as sweat pants and a warm waterproof coat.

Also take into consideration that there are quite a few rainy days on the Island, so do not forget waterproof shoes and a rain coat, no matter what season you come.

As a guideline, here are average outdoor temperatures in the area:

  • Winter:     +5 to +10 C/ 40 to 50 F, sometimes can go down to -11 C/7 F
  • Spring:     +13 to +17 C/ 55 to 62 F
  • Summer:  +20 to +23 C/ 67 to 74 F, sometimes can go up to +30 C/86 F
  • Fall:          +7.5 to +19.5 C/ 46 to 67 F

What Else to Pack

These are other items that you may wish to bring to ensure a comfortable stay:

  • Outdoor shoes for walking
  • Indoor Shoes or non-slip slippers for inside the building
  • Runners for indoor fitness classes
  • Comfortable active wear for yoga and fitness
  • Swim suit/trunks for steam bath
  • REQUIRED – Thongs or non-slip shoes for steam bath
  • Please bring adequate clothing for your stay. Self-serve laundry room is available at the hotel.
  • Personal Journal. We provide all handouts for lectures and sharing materials.
  • Though all bedding is provided, if you would be more comfortable with your own pillow, please feel free to bring it
  • As our program is very structured, it would be helpful for you to bring your watch
  • Raincoat and water proof hiking shoes and an umbrella
  • Hot water bottle – if desired for your comfort (optional)
  • Face mask-due to COVID, wherever social distancing is not possible, mask is used.


Please do NOT wear any fragrances such as perfume, cologne, after-shave, essential oils, and aromatherapy. We want to be sensitive to all our guests and team members who have allergies to fragrances.

Computers/Cell Phones

We create a “hakuna matata” (no worries) environment to assure the maximum benefits received from the healing experience, including its emotional and mental aspect, without which it would not be complete. With that purpose in mind we request you to have cell phones off most of the time and not to bring laptops with you, unless you absolutely have to.

We understand that you may once in a while want to talk with your family over the phone. We highly suggest to leave the cell in your room and check messages or call once or twice a day, rather than having it on you all the time. This will give you a chance to experience a cell phone detox, which most of our guests enjoy so much.  Without constant ringing around you, you and your group will rest so much better and will feel at least, for once, free of the constant demands of having to be available to the surrounding world at any given moment.

Our main educational and program area is digital-free. We ask that the guests do not bring their digital devices into this space. It is essential for ensuring peaceful and most restorative environment. Note: The FS staff will use computers and cell phones for lecture presentations, instructional videos, inter-team communications and other service delivery processes.

You might be wondering why we suggest to abstain from the computer work during the retreat? In order for your mind to focus on healing, it has to have the least possible amount of distractions, to allow your eyes and brain rest. If you have to continue doing your business while on a health program, think twice whether you are actually getting the return on the investment, in terms of your health.

Let your mind, eyes and body rest from the computer. Give yourself a break. You deserve it.

Note: If you do choose or absolutely have to bring your equipment along, you have complete freedom to use it as necessary.

Sightseeing Plans

If you are visiting or sightseeing on the island, plan those activities for after, rather than before or during, the program.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience