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At Fresh Start We Have a Saying

“If it is meant for you to be with us for a cleansing session, everything will fall in place and you will be here.”

Our Promise

We touch lives. We strive to create a healthy family, a healthy environment, a healthy generation, and a healthy global community. That’s where the future is.

Our Promise is to touch one billion lives with the message of love, peace and health. We are tired of seeing sick children, suicidal teens, adults with such low self-esteem that they live well below their potential, seniors feeling as if nothing depended on them anymore.

Our heart goes to the broken planet; we see it blooming with beautiful orchards, full of food that tastes, smells and brings health, with water and air that give life. We see its light warming up the whole universe, filled with gratitude and prosperity, an earth with a big heart. We see men and women, free and full of vibrant health and strength, aware of who they are, pure in their intentions, creators of their dreams.

What matters most is that your heart is ready to bless you with the extraordinary experience, energy boost, spiritual renewal, information breakthrough and pampering of holistic health retreats. Get well, have some fun, treat yourself and your loved ones.

Take time to listen to your heart.

If you are ready for a Fresh Start, please call us at 1-888-658-3324, or fill out our form to schedule a complimentary Health Consultation.

It may well be a choice that changes your life forever.

Founder’s Story

Our journey to building Fresh Start into one of the world’s top health retreats began with illness. Perhaps that’s what has led you to us as well.

Ania’s uncomfortable pregnancy resulted in the birth of our son Peter – but Vasili couldn’t even spend time with him. He was so ill with reoccurring Whooping Cough that our family doctor told us he couldn’t come near our newborn – only one in 10 babies who become infected survive. So Vasili was shipped off to a health retreat to get well, while Ania coped with birth and baby alone.

What he discovered was worth it all. Vasili called, very excited…

“People could be taught to deal with the causes of poor health, and not just the symptoms!”

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Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience