Depression Retreat


In a report in October of 2006, CBC News presented these facts about depression:

  • Presently almost 10% of Canadians suffer from some form of depression.
  • According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 depression will become the second leading cause of disability in the world, exceeded only by heart disease.
  • According to IMS Health statistics, 7.8 million Canadians were diagnosed and treated for depression in 2000, which is about 3 times more than 7 years before.
  • According to the CBC News report, the amount of prescribed antidepressants increased by 64 per cent between 1996 and 2000. Paroxetene or Paxil is the most commonly prescribed antidepressant and the eighth most commonly prescribed drug in Canada. More than three million prescriptions were filled for Paxil in 2000.

depression retreat


Antidepressants are the most common treatment for depression. Antidepressants work by changing the action of neurotransmitters, important chemicals in the brain. Neurotransmitters transfer all signals from one nervous cell to another, thus helping them communicate. They let them know when we are happy or unhappy, hungry or sleepy.

Are Antidepressants Safe?

As is true of any drug in the world, antidepressants have a number of side effects:

  • Confusion
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Dizziness and Fainting
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia

Dr. Miriam Shuchman reported 25 cases of people who became acutely suicidal within a week or two of taking Prozac, the father of antidepressants.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Blaylock explains that antidepressants also have excitotoxic properties, which means they can directly destroy nervous cells and tissues. If this is so, antidepressants might be a high risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, schizophrenia and other neuro-degenerative conditions.

Several of our clients have shared about other side effects that happened to them: strong heart palpitations ending in the emergency room just after ½ pill; disassociation of the body and mind (a person felt like her head was in one part of the room and the rest of the body in another; increased aggressiveness till the point of damaging the rental house and chopping down a tree. These are real stories. THIS IS SCARY!!!

Though providing a temporary relief and possibly life-saving in some circumstances, the antidepressants do not remove the underlying cause of the depression and have many possible side effects.

Are there other options are there? In order to find a solution, it is very important to understand what causes the condition.

Factors involved in Depression

  1. Nutritional deficiencies. Deficiency of practically any single nutrient can alter brain function and lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.
  2. Folic acid is the most common deficient vitamin. International Guide to Alternative Medicine states that about 31-35% of depressed patients have folic acid deficiencies and that the most common symptom of folic acid deficiency is, in fact, depression. Many other vitamins of B group, vitamin C, as well as magnesium, essential fatty acids and many essential amino acid (building blocks of proteins) deficiencies can provoke depression.
  3. Deficiencies connected to other life essentials, such as sunshine, fresh air and exercise.
  4. Hormonal, neurotransmitters and other chemical Imbalances in the body, which may be provoked by wrong food choices, smoking, alcohol, weight gain, thyroid and other glandular dysfunctions. Drugs, particularly birth control pills, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines (decongestants), thyroid medications, hormone replacement therapy, antidepressants, as well as any other drug containing hormones, may make serious contributions to these imbalances.
  5. Body Toxicity. Because toxins may cause hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies and a host of health problems, their accumulation may seriously undermine healthy perception of things. Over the years we’ve seen many people who had regular outbursts of anger and other negative emotions, turning from “tigers” into the sweetest people on Earth, simply by cleansing their bodies and changing their lifestyle.
  6. Debilitating illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, lupus and many others.
  7. Emotional Trauma or a Major Life Change: loss of a loved one, sexual or emotional abuse, divorce, unexpected job loss, retirement, being single or getting married, birth of a child etc.
  8. Pessimistic Outlook on life and Self-pity.  Somebody said that depression is caused by pain plus emotional reaction and multiplied by self-pity. While this formula  may sound too simplistic, it expresses a simple truth: Even though some things can seriously throw you off your emotional balance, in may be amplified by a person’s reactions, perception, pondering on tragic (real or imagined) events in one’s life and feeling sorry for oneself.

Do the Fortune and Happy Life Circumstances, or Challenging events effect depression?

Though in exceptionally challenging circumstances is much more difficult to stay upbeat for most people, seeing positive around oneself is a skill that is manifesting equally as a person perceives “positive” and “negative” events.

W.Mitchell is a great example of what a great spirit and positive outlook can do to even the weakest and unhealthiest person. After he went through a monocycle accident and his engine busted, almost ¾ of his skin was burned. His fingers were burned up to the knuckles. Seeing his desire to live, his mother told him that he just did not realize his condition. He answered that he had only 2 options: to complain about what happened or to do something about it. Sometime later W.Mitchell got into an airplane crash, which ended by his confinement to the wheel chair. His wife left him. But even after all this, this guy did not despair. He was elected as mayor of his town, and not because of feelings of pity. He was going from house to house to ballot himself. His words sounded something like this: “Have me elected and you won’t see just another pretty face.” He also got married to the woman of his dreams, and they say he has the most amazing smile you’ve ever seen, in spite of the fact that his face is not the prettiest face in the world.

How Can Our Program Help with Depression?

Our program contains a lot of elements that can help improve your body and mental health and lay a foundation for future improvements.

#1 Advanced Whole Body Detox

Our centre offers a supervised, highly effective and thorough whole body detox program, including whole digestive tract, liver, gall bladder, kidney, blood and parasite cleanse, accomplished by specially prepared cleansing drinks. Because of a variety of well combined components and well thought through tested system, it is one of the most intense whole body cleanses that you can find. Because body toxicity may provoke mood swings, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances and contribute to the development of serious illnesses, it can benefit people with emotional problems.

Spa therapies, such as live and dry blood analysis, colon hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, facials and massage (and many more), enhancing the program (and just for pampering) are available for you at the site. Click here for more information.

#2 Healthy Nutrition With Emphasis on Alive Food, Consisting of Elegantly Prepared fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Sprouts, Seeds and Nuts.

Fresh greens, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts are the main ingredients of our meals. They are full of fiber, that is literally acting like a magic sponge able to absorb more toxins than its own volume, and that, like a good brush, will start cleansing your blood vessels. Minimum processing is very important for fiber to act this way, because cooking, frying and, even though in less degree, softens it and makes it much less effective. The most important aspect of our meals is that they provide your body with high quality vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that are building blocks of your tissues and health. It is a well-known fact that within a year almost all body tissues are replaced with new ones. Just think about it: if you provide your body with better food material just for one year, by the end of it your body will be able to “redo” and create better tissues in your heart, lungs and every part of your body!

#3 Fresh squeezed vegetable juices, including wheat grass juice, which are part of the program, are liquid foods up to 90% of which (according to Dr. Joel Robbins) are absorbed and utilized by the body.

Juices, which are not designed to be a regular food (provided that you have perfect health and high quality, rich in nutrients diet) are a great restorative tool for damaged body organs. Wheat grass is extremely rich in chlorophyll, which is so amazingly similar in its chemical composition to our blood, that drinking it can be truly compared with a healthy blood transfusion.

#4 Focus on weight loss. Most people, when going through our 2-21-Day Wellness programs lose from 0.5 to 1 lb of weight. Often depression provokes overeating which results in weight gain. ALL overweight people I’ve ever met have had low-self esteem and were depressed. Extra weight increases further hormonal imbalances, perpetuating the problem and creating a vicious cycle of stress –emotional eating- a few minutes of enjoyment-bigger stress.

#5 Quality emotional wellness component. Starting with thought provoking emotional wellness workshops; engaging group time; meditation sessions; art classes; facial class to many powerful healing private services including Heart Health, Integrative Life Coaching, Transformational Acupuncture and others – these all will give you insight on what brought you to where you are at, as well as help create a bond with other group members.

#6 If there was only one term that would describe us it would be Life Changing Education. Daily Educational Lectures and Videos are eye opening and inspiring. These are just a few things you will find out:

  • Why Horses Rarely Get Constipated (And how not to experience constipation yourself)
  • Why Calories Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss
  • Which Deodorant You Can Have For Breakfast
  • How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer, killer #1 in America
  • And much more.

Our lectures and health videos present in-depth, scientifically grounded knowledge, and in the same time are inspirational and empowering. There are many practical food preparation classes: see it being prepared, ask questions, then taste it and take the recipes home.

#7 Fitness and nature walks. Exercise and sunshine (we have lots of it here) are the best anti-depressants known. And they have no side effects!

Find the Cure

We believe, that in finding the cause you find the cure. This is especially true for depression. Understanding the cause of a behavior pattern at a very personal level, as well as cultivation of motivation to change, help to find freedom from this behavior. Be it deep emotional trauma, insecurities or inner resistance to forgiveness, hatred to yourself or a habit of getting into abusive relationships, it all might be the root cause of your depression. 

Everything we do comes from the heart

If you would like to experience personal touch, unconditional love and acceptance, our caring team, personal approach and small groups are here for you.


There is no quick fix. We do not promise that after you finish our program you’ll be free from depression or any other disease. Any other wellness program will say the same. It took time to get where you are at; it will take time to get well. We only help you to start the process and get all the info you need to reach your goal. Everything depends on your motivation and action! In some cases the condition can be very advanced, life threatening and needs immediate medical intervention. If you are in such situation, consult your medical or naturopathic doctor immediately. Our program does not replace and does not have purpose to undermine any medical advice, as well as it might not be helpful for people with very advanced cases of depression. We do thorough pre-program health assessment before our guests come, in order to determine whether our program is suitable for each individual and to ensure we do our best to help you with your health goals. If you have a concern, please call one of our program consultant at 1-888-658-3324 .


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