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Dr. Jeremy Unwin, DTCM, Lic.Ac, MRk, P.MBFcC

INDIVIDUAL HEALING PATH™ Assigning and Monitoring Specialist

“Some of us are born to heal ourselves first, and to share our deep and rich discoveries with others.

Dr. Jeremy
  • Degree in Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Clients include the Royal Ballet (United Kingdom), Cirque du Soleil, Elton John and David Furnish.

  • Completely healed himself from asthma and eczema using natural methods

  • Oxford University, Oxford UK- Guest Lecturer 1993 to 1996

  • First degree black belt in Shotoan Karate

Professional experience: over 16 years         

Who Am I?

As a health consultant and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jeremy has been treating and lecturing around the world for more than 15 years, including being a guest speaker at Oxford University. Jeremy held an office in the famous medical zone Harley Street in London. His clients include the Royal Ballet (United Kingdom), Cirque du Soleil, Elton John and David Furnish.

From the moment of birth Jeremy was afflicted with many childhood ailments, including severe asthma and eczema. The doctors promised that Jeremy would grow out of it, until he was 15. Then they said his health would be a burden forever and he would have to be medicated for the rest of his life. However, at the age of 29, after 16 years of study, research, experimentation and much effort, Jeremy found many answers and learned a lot about how to keep the body in a state of perfect health.  Currently he has no asthma and no skin disorders, which are replaced with a life mission to help others that are suffering from poor health learn that they can enjoy optimum health. It is Jeremy’s greatest passion to help people reclaim their health and discover their own personal fountain of youth.

Jeremy’s Assessment Skills:

  • Thermography

  • Live blood analysis

  • Biofeedback Scan

  • Ph test

  • Pulse

  • Blood pressure

  • 5 element questionnaire

  • Organ health

  • Hair spectroscopy

  • ECG

  • EEG

  • Mind body psychiatric texts

  • Kinesiological tests

  • VO2 Max

  • Overall Strength Test (personal trainers utilize this often)

  • Iridological test

  • Many more…

Can read/interpret:

  • Radiographic images (x-rays)

  • Magnetic resonance images  (MRI) (&fMRI)

  • Blood tests (for the entire spectrum i.e., mineral deficiencies, blood lipids & cholesterol, hormone levels etc)

  • CAT scans

  • Many more…

Jeremy’s Professional Skills and Knowledge include:

  • Consultation therapies: Diet and Nutrition, Exercise, TCM Medical Herbal Advice, Spiritual Counselling
  • Consultant within an integrative, interactive healthcare group consisting of allopathic doctors and other practitioners of complementary medicine, working in Private Medical Clinics/Hospitals
  • Tui Na (TCM physio and massage), Chi Nei Tsang – Internal Organ Massage
  • Variety of body/energy work: Remedial Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Release, Acupressure, Swedish, Reiki, chakra balancing, colour diagnosis/treatment of varicose veins, acupuncture, clay, herb applications, aromatherapy, Moxibustion (heat application) etc.
  • Facial Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation (anti-wrinkle) massage, a natural alternatives to botox
  • Reflexology (Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Korean) of the hands, feet and scalp
  • Arabic Treatments including, hot stones therapy, Hijama (cupping)
  • Yoga and Tai chi\qi gong exercise lessons and individual prescription; meditation/ visualization sessions
  • Ericksonian counselling and hypnotherapy

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