Group EnvironmentImagine being with a group of people that all at the same time focus on improving their health, share interest in a healthy lifestyle and are working towards a unified goal. The group that is unique, upbeat, multicultural, dynamic…

Fresh Start guests share many experiences together, their good days and bad days, their successes and “could be betters”, which helps them create deep connections that often last far beyond the program. Most of this happens in a casual environment: around a meal, while waiting for a health drink, on a guided walk or in the steam.

Group Time

In addition to day-to-day interaction, once a week the group gets together for an organized Group time, facilitated by the Program Director. It is a much-loved activity and provides a chance to bond with new program participants, to share how your week went, and your insights and inspiration with others. Group time is a place to learn helpful tips and to talk about what is meaningful to you.

Group Times are organized in a light, casual manner and are NOT counselling sessions. They are very interactive and short (1-hr long). At the same time there will be introduced a new topic and tips each time, so they are about learning, too.

Sample Group Time Topics (may change from a session to session):

  • Ice-Breaker
  • Internal vs. External Control
  • Quality World
  • Basic Needs
  • Four Components of a Human Behaviour
  • Relationship Map

Part of the ultimate healing experience is feeling heard, connected and safe. This is why the small group environment in an essential component in the deep healing and Fresh Start programs. Connection with people around us strengthens our connection to ourselves, gives us new perspectives, new understanding and compassion towards other people and their choices. Because we start understanding them better.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience