Group EnvironmentImagine being with a group of people that all simultaneously focus on improving their health, becoming interested in a healthy lifestyle and working towards a unified goal. Unique, upbeat, multicultural, dynamic…

And now let’s talk about real life. More than once you tried to do it on your own at home, and you haven’t had much luck. At Fresh Start the small group environment helps you to stay on course and to jump start healthy changes, while it helps you to feel as comfortable as possible, because you get to know every person in your group quickly and have always access to support and help you need from staff.

Participating in activities together with a group creates a special space and synergy. Getting together for a check-in, drinks, and breakfast gives you an opportunity to connect with other guests, to share and to have fun.

Group Time

Group time, facilitated by the Program Director several times a week, is a much-loved activity and provides a chance to bond with other program participants, to share how your day went, and to gain useful insights and inspiration from others. Group time is a place to learn helpful tips to support a positive and confident life; giving you the opportunity to talk about what is meaningful to you while focusing on emotional health and personal growth, letting go of the past and focusing on the present.

Sample Group Time Topics (Change from session to session):

  • Ice-Breaker
  • Internal vs. External Control
  • Quality World
  • Basic Needs
  • Four Components of a Human Behaviour
  • Relationship Map

Staying at Fresh Start often allows the group to create a special bond that sometimes lasts beyond the program period. Part of the ultimate healing experience is feeling connected. We highly encourage connection amoung group participants. Connection with people around us strengthens out connection to ourselves, to natural environment, and world.

Group Times are organized in a light, casual manner and are NOT counselling sessions. Most of them are very interactive. In the same time you’ll learn a few helpful tips on various aspects of emotional well-being and stress management.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience