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“We help those who are ready for a change to transform their health and lifestyle naturally.”

Health Retreat on Vancouver Island

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Since 2005 we’ve been helping guests from all over the world gradually, naturally improve their wellbeing. Years ago the health retreat did not have as many custom protocols, assessments, professional staff or ocean front location to help the guests quit smoking, lose weight, shake off depression, start healing GI from IBS, colitis, internal bleeding, sever constipation or bloating; deal with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or various types of arthritis; post divorce recovery, lose of the loved ones, trauma…and the list can go on and on. Yet one after another, those that were realistic, followed the Individualized Healing Plan™, actively participated in the Core Program, plus were not looking for just a quick fix got so much, so much better. Their success stories are both motivational and inspiring.

If you too are looking for long lasting solutions, please, do explore the site on your laptop or desktop. Mobile phone is not the best to get full depth the program is about.

Health Retreat Restoration Stories

21 Day Health Retreat
Sarah, USA

Conditions: High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Exhaustion
Results after two 21-Day Programs: Blood Pressure: 147/90 to 102/70, Weight Loss: 28.8 lbs, Inches Lost Hips: 3, Inches Lost Waist: 7

14 Day Health Retreat
Mark, Canada

Conditions: Diabetes, Emotional Trauma
Results: Blood Sugar Stabilized, Weight Loss, Emotional Healing, Blood Pressure 145/71 to 124/64

9 Day Health Retreat
Brigette, USA

Conditions: High Blood Pressure, Wanted to Quit Smoking
Results: Blood Pressure 136/88 to 97/63, Stopped Smoking, Stopped Taking HBP Medication

7 Day Health Retreat
Melissa, Canada

Conditions: Wanted to loose a bit of weight and get her healthy habits back on track.
Results: Lost weight, experienced a healthy re-set and a life changing spiritual and mental boost.

Professional Help is Here For You

You have tried many things on your own and feel like you need to go away to a health & lifestyle transformation retreat where your healing can be guided by the professional team of natural health specialists. We are here to guide and support you on your path to health, happiness and vibrant life in a supervised, structured health retreat setting.

We have designed a time tested Core Program and Specialty Packages to assist you on your healing path.

Your Health Retreat Will Be A Life-Changing Experience

Because you chose to give time and space for your body, mind and soul to start healing.


Many Healthy Retreats In One

We strongly believe we offer the best detox retreat in Canada. When you’re trying to quit smoking, recover from toxin exposure, kick sugar cravings, or simply strengthen your immune system to fight chronic illness, there are only a few health resorts to choose from that really understand safe and effective detoxification. We have every facility needed to provide you with a cleansing detox appropriate for your personal needs while you enjoy a healthy retreat surrounded by the beauty of the British Columbia rainforest and ocean shore.
Our wellness retreats are holistic, incorporating cleansing for the mind, body and spirit. A body cleanse diet is a good start, but when you do it in a refreshing ocean-side resort, supported by daily steam baths, meditation, yoga and much more, you’ll get much more powerful results for weight loss, detox, health and well-being. Our team of health professionals and our Naturopathic Doctor ensure that you detox your body safely and comfortably in one of the most beautiful health and weight loss spas in Canada.
Of course there’s usually weight loss – juice fasting alternated with an organic raw vegan diet is the best weight loss diet plan there is when your body is stressed by extra pounds. When you eat only the most healthy and nutritious foods while you detoxify your body, it frees your cells to dump fat. They’re happy to do so when your blood sugar is normalized and your body is receiving excellent nutrition.
If you’re looking for a medical retreat, you’ll want to read our testimonials. Many of our clients leave Fresh Start Health Retreats with a reduced need for prescription medication. Some eliminate it completely. We see high blood pressure drop, fatigue eliminated, symptoms of heart disease reduced, and many other health benefits. We’ll discuss medical conditions of concern with you before you register to ensure our program is suitable.
When stress and a busy lifestyle is wearing you down, our full range of spa treatments, healing therapies, healthy detox diet and detoxing drinks, beautiful Vancouver Island beachfront resort, relaxing activities and considerate staff will give you that chance you’ve needed to recover from mental stress, burnout, depression, fatigue, work stress and/or busy life obligations, and prepare yourself to return refreshed. Our longer health retreats include more spa services, and we customize those to your specific needs.
We have some amazing juice fasting recipes that are focused on relieving chronic health conditions and supporting detox cleanses. Because we’re familiar with the side effects of juice fasting, we incorporated it carefully so that your body is healed, rather than stressed. Our juice fasting detox alternates with eating days that include delicious organic meals, so you don’t suffer an uncomfortable extended fast or the discomfort you may have experienced on a previous “master cleanse”. The juice fasting results at Fresh Start really come through in our testimonials, and we strongly encourage you to read them.
There’s also a strong educational component to our detox programs. It’s important that you leave your wellness retreat able to incorporate healthy nutrition, fitness and other wellness habits into your daily lifestyle. We suggest you read our articles on juice fasting, body detox, weight loss, stress management, nutrition, and other health topics. You’ll find tips and recipes as well as information on the latest research in wellness.
We don’t offer a fitness bootcamp – our approach to fitness is more gentle and holistic. We will encourage you to try some simple yoga positions, and take walks in the cleansing fresh air along the beach or in our stunning British Columbia rainforest each day. If you’re up for more, our fitness room is open to you. If you’re considering yoga retreats, you might want to investigate our more holistic approach. Body detox prepares you well for any fitness program you might be planning to undertake. As you begin to feel better from your detox cleanse, your energy will rise naturally. A person who experiences vibrant health wants to move, and fitness comes more naturally after that.

Our Vancouver Island, BC retreats are appropriate for couples retreats, women’s retreats, or singles who are seeking a health retreat in Canada.