Sarah, Washington, D.C., USA

My blood pressure went down… I worked on it for months and could not get it to the normal range… I slept every night. I’m not waking myself gasping for breath. I do not know how things have happened within such a short period of time. But they have.

Improvements with: Diabetes/ Blood Sugar Level, Walking/Structural Issues, Breathing/COPD, Weight and Inch Loss, High Blood Pressure, Energy Level, Sleep Apnea, Headaches, Acid Reflux, Skin Complexion, Brain Clarity, Emotional Wellness.

High Blood Pressure 127/81 mmHgDecreased to 102/70 mmHg (normal)
Blood Sugar 157-195 ml/dl (high)Dropped down to 79-92 ml/dl (normal)
Weight 212.8 lbs.Weight 188.2, Lost 28.8 lbs (including 4.2 lbs gained back during Christmas holiday)
Extra inchesLost 7 inches of my waist and 3 inches of my hips
I felt exhausted, and I knew that if I continued, I would not last much longerRegained energy
Difficulty breathing due to COPDBreathing is deeper and easier
Sleep apneaSleeping through the night. I’m not waking myself gasping for air.
Acid RefluxGone
Unevenly coloured and rough skin complexionSkin is softer and is not so mottled, better colour
Excessive perspiration with strong odourMuch less perspiration with much decreased odor
Foggy brainBrain is calmer and much clearer
Deep sadness related to loss and family situations for the last 5 yearsDetached from a deep sadness… More positive outlook on the future.
Difficulty walkingWalking farther with much more ease and enjoyment
Structural issuesRight shoulder is much looser, posture better
Felt down, sense of humour was fairly lostMy spirits are lifted. I feel my sense of humour bubbling just under the surface.

Experience Highlights:

  • Staff: Everyone here is extremely kind. They are with you. They are not just good at what they do, their true caring shows. You feel like they are not just do their job, they are truly with you in this journey.
  • Detox: I could really see the results. I could see the toxins leaving my body, gall bladder, liver, my bowel. I could see the evidence that the things were changing.
  • One-on-one GO-DEEPER™ Services: Each therapy that I’ve had created a change in me that I could feel and incorporate… Fresh Start developed a schedule of therapies that they thought would help with specific health issues, and it was so inclusive. They’ve been fantastic, and everything has added to that.
  • Health Focus and Health Principles: This program was focused on health. It wasn’t a spa that would be a wonderful feel good but not really making any changes in my life… I believe in the methods that the Fresh Start is using

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Mid- and End-Program Self-Assessments
  • Health Information Chart of the Guest (blood pressure, weight and inches)
  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience


Disclaimer: Results of participants differ and the Fresh Start cannot guarantee that you will experience your improvements in the same way as in this testimonial. The Fresh Start is not an allopathic medical facility and does not claim to neither diagnose nor treat any disease. The Fresh Start does not guarantee a recovery from any specific disease or a health symptom.