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Health should not be a financial struggle, and with our Financing Programs it no longer is!

Let us help you get the fresh start you deserve with a payment plan designed for your pocket.

Fresh Start Offers Two Financing Plans

MEDICARD Financing Plan Fresh Start Financing Plan
  • Full financing coverage of Program Session & Spa Services.
  • Term flexibility, up to 72 months.
  • No down payment or fees
  • Canada only
  • Program Session cost only
  • Short term, max 6 months
  • $175 administration fee
  • Canada & USA
BEST FOR: Need to finance a larger amount and flexible payout terms
Apply online | Sample Payments Chart
BEST FOR: Need just a bit of help
Application form (link to be provided)


How Does It Work?

MEDICARD Financing Plan Fresh Start TERMS
$0 down payment 50% of the balance + GST is due upon registration.
  • Open loan.
  • No fee for early pay out.
  • Spread payments over up to 72 months.

Flexible based on guests’ needs, finance all or a portion of your costs.

50% of the balance is financed using equal payments over 3-6 months, depending what works best for the applicant.
No Administration Fee $175 Administration Fee applied per application.
The Loan Agreement is signed between Medicard and Borrowing party. The Loan Agreement is signed between Fresh Start and Borrowing party.
Payments are automatically withdrawn monthly from your chequing account. Payments are automatically withdrawn monthly from your credit card or certified postdated cheque.
Competitive Interest Rates No Interest
Application Process: Medicard

Step 1. Apply Online

Step 2. Medicard will notify you of the credit decision by phone.

Step 3. Medicard will confidentially fax or email the documents to you for signature.

Step 4. You sign and return the documents with a void cheque to Medicard.

Step 5. Medicard pays your service provider directly.

Step 6. Your monthly payment is electronically debited from your chequing account.

Step 1. Credit Check by Equifax. Must have a minimum score of 560.

Canada Equifax Credit Check

USA Equifax Credit Check

Complete the check and download the PDF report. You’ll need to provide a copy to Fresh Start Program Consultant to be approved.

Step 2. Apply for a Fresh Start Financing Review, and Sign Fresh Start Financing Application.

Step 3. Approval: A Program Consultant will contact you regarding your financing approval. Provide two credit cards, and sign a loan agreement.

Pay first payment due of 50% of program cost as per payment plan.

Welcome to your Fresh Start!! Congratulations on taking the next step to a more healthy you!