Over the years, quite a number of Fresh Start guests have used PayBright (previously called Health Smart Financial Services) and Prosper. They are reputable financing companies and have been around for a long time. When you do business with them, you are in good hands. They help thousands of financially responsible guests reach their goals and make it possible through affordable financing.

PayBright: covers both your: Accommodations and Program

Fresh Start has an account with these companies. Review below to see which one suits your needs for Canada and USA.

Third Party Financing Company

Please follow these steps in the order requested:

  • Finance pre-approval: with HealthSmart Financial you can do it online and get instant pre-approval
  • Fresh Start approval: Fill our the Guided Registration form and get approved by the Program Consultant
  • Finalize the Registration: we will submit the invoice to the finance company

Welcome to your Fresh Start!! Congratulations on taking the next step to a more healthy you!

  • Cover your Program and Accommodations
  • No Income Documentation Required
  • Easy application with instant unconditional approval

  • High approval rate.

  • Low monthly payments

  • No early repayment penalties

  • Skip-a-Payment

  • Competitive Rates

  • Canada Only

Find out how much you’ll get approved for. Your result will display instantly. Applying will not effect your credit score.

For Canadian Guests

  • Finance up to $35,000
  • Proof of income is required.

  • Quick approval process. Does not affect credit to get pre-approved.

  • Term flexibility, up to 60 months

  • No down payment or fees

  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Fixed monthly payment plan
  • Low interest rate
  • USA only

Inquire and get a decision in as few as 2 minutes. Receive Instant Pre-approval. Review the terms & rates before accepting.

For USA Guests

Fresh Start In House Payment Plan

You can use our in house Payment plan and bypass financing companies. We offer $250 or $500 Bi-Weekly Payment Plans, with a 50% deposit and the first payment due upon registration. It is a great way to save on interest fees and make your get well trip more manageable. A one time $150 admin fee will be applied when you register. See Terms for details.

$250  Plan


7 Day - $4000

$2000 Down

Payments of $250

14 Day - $8000

$4000 Down

16 Payments of $250

21 Day - $12000

$6000 Down

24 Payments of $250

$500 Plan


7 Day -$4000

$2000 Down

4 Payments of $500

14 Day - $8000

$4000 Down

8 Payments of $500

21 Day - $12000

$6000 Down

12 Payments of $500

Note: All rates are subject to 5% GST

Financing Terms:

  • Designed for guests who do not qualify through conventional means.

  • 0% Interest.

  • Payments withdrawn from credit card – 2 Credit Cards required on file.

  • Loan can be paid out at any time without penalty.
  • Equifax credit report to be provided to Fresh Start Health Retreat prior to approval.
  • $150 Admin/loan management Fee added to Down Payment.

  • Down Payment and first payment due upon registration.
  • 5% GST will be added to all payments and Down Payment.
  • $50 NSF Fee for missed payment. If you have difficulty making a payment, please notify us ASAP. Life happens.
  • Although a majority of guests do see great results, should expectations not be met, you agree to payment terms and the above terms and conditions.

Application Process

Application Process: PayBright 

Step 1. Apply Online

Step 2. View your results online instantly. It does not impact your credit score.

Step 3. Complete application and sing agreement.

Step 4. PayBright pays your service provider directly, within one business day.

Step 5. Your monthly payment is electronically debited from your chequing account.

Application Process: Prosper Healthcare Lending

Step 1. Apply Online

Step 2. Receive instant response.

Step 3. Review loan options.

Step 4. Get financed up to $35,000.

Creative Financing Ideas

  • Home Equity Loan-you worked for your home, let it work for you now

  • RRSP-enjoy healthy retirement

  • Line of Credit-most have very low interest rates

  • Bank Loan-against valuable asset

  • Sell what you no longer need-invest freed up energy into your longevity

  • Family/Relatives Help-parents DO CARE but it takes courage to ask them

  • Downsize-house, car, boat…closet?

  • GoFundMe.com-reach out to your friends, family to assist you in your wellness journey.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience