Our Specialty

We love getting together every session to assist Fresh Start Guests in a gradual, safe, natural health and lifestyle transformation. We specialize in Physical Health, Emotional Wellness and Habits Repatterning™. We professionally guide our guests though an individualized Healing Path™ to the new levels of vibrancy and wellbeing.

Whether a health seeker is coming for a 7 or 14 day Jump Start Retreat with zero health conditions, or a client referred by a holistic physician for 21 day Retreat to work on an ailment, the Fresh Start has built for natural health seekers an amazing healing place, a rejuvenation place, surrounded by loving team of natural health professionals who work from the heart, where guests can choose the depth of healing they need.

We are a unique high quality, fairly high-tech business that seriously focuses on health and personalized client care. We are the only business of such nature in Canada. If you dream to make a difference in the lives and health of others and resonate with Fresh Start’s purpose, passion and values, we’d love to work together.

Mohan Niroula

Project Manager

“I am glad to be a part of this absolutely brilliant team. My wish of working with a great team and great working environment is fulfilled in Fresh Start. Its guiding values would always ensure individuals career growth while growing as a company. ”

Anita Kanlay


“First class all the way!!! … I am so happy to be part of your team and to see so many absolutely ‘transformational’ results in the participants. Especially comments like “I really didn’t expect it to be this good!”. ”

Results the Fresh Start Team helped guests achieve with Core ProgramGO DEEPER™: Specialty Packages. 

7 Day Health Retreat

14 Day Health Retreat

21 Day Health Retreat

  1. We are a true healing place
    • We love helping people improve their health.
  2. We are about creating safe, enjoyable, memorable, healing experience and long-lasting results
  3. We pour our hearts and souls to touch each guest
  4. We truly commit to excellency of service
  5. We put our guests’ safety first
  6. We are striving to find the most natural and effective methods
  7. We hold high professional ethics
  8. We are a part of the caring team and the company with a heart
  9. We love what we do
  10. We are really passionate about contributing to the world becoming a better place
    • We envision our planet becoming healthier and happier, and contribute to this important change.
  • Those who are searching and ready for a true long-term change in their health and lifestyle
  • Those who had enough of quick fixes, gimmicks and patches
  • Those who have experienced enough pain and want to discontinue being unwell
  • Those who believe they can and desire to get well. We see both, those guests that have mild to moderate health conditions and those that do not have health issues but both are looking for a serious lifestyle transformation and disease prevention
  • Those who believe in natural means of healing
  • Those who are open to learning and gradually implementing of the new skills
  • Those who are respectful, kind and very grateful to those who help them
  • People with the heart and soul who are looking for people with the heart and soul to help them on their health journey
  1. We love what we do and are the best at it

I love what I do and aim to be the expert in it. Whether I make juice, clean the floor, perform therapy or prepare for a lecture, I do it with love and care. I use my common sense.

  1. Integrity

What I teach guests – I enjoy doing too. I make mistakes, and I am not a fanatic, but always strive to be more congruent with the knowledge I have.

  1. Self-care

I carefully observe my wellbeing and always look for ways to eat healthfully, exercise regularly, hydrate my body cells and nourish my soul.

  1. Balance

I love my work. And I love my family more than anything. I care deeply for both and ensure that there is happiness inside and outside of me. When I am at work, I save energy so that when I come home I have it for the people I love. When I am at home, I ensure that I take care of myself well to be productive at work the next day.

  1. Respect to other choices

I am real, for real people. I deeply respect other people’s choices and paths as a unique process of their creation and help them with their current needs.

  1. Attention to detail

I pay attention to detail, for I believe how I do anything, this is how I do everything.

  1. Systemization and automation

I always think about the ways how we can make things more efficient and provide my input on it.  We aim to create a clear effective process that any team member can easily follow.

  1. I am a part of the team

I am a team player. I care for other people on the team and can connect with those who are on different levels.

  1. I embrace growth and continuous improvement

There are only two options: either you grow or stagnate. I realize that Fresh Start is a continuously improving processes company because it chose to deliver the best service in an efficient, enjoyable and affordable way.  I embrace this approach and understand that it is necessary.

  1. Healthy get-togethers and a working environment

I embrace a healthy lifestyle and use every opportunity to practice it. When we get together, we do not use alcohol and prepare healthy vegetarian dishes. We do not smoke and do not take drugs. The coffee we mostly drink in colonics  :). We do not have any coffee machines at Fresh Start…just for therapy.

We are a true healing place with the caring heart. We help those who are ready for a change, to transform their health and lifestyle naturally.