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Whether you’re looking for a women’s retreat or “something different” for an office getaway, coming to Fresh Start Health Retreats offers you a chance to renew and revitalize in a beautiful resort. You’ll return to your normal life energized and invigorated.
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Sometimes the only way to reduce stress fast enough is to completely change your environment. We suggest that when you're ready to run away, you run to a place where you can get healthy, calm, and re-energized. We've spent years creating that haven.


Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy

/Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy
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If you are registering more than:

Greater than 30 days prior to the start date of your program:

  • 50% payment of the session price is required to register
  • with the balance due 30 days prior to the session starting date.

Less than 30 days prior to the starting date of your program:

  • the full balance is required to register or the remainder or the balance.

Why Are Our Policies The Way They Are?

We rent the majority of the Ocean Resort premises for the duration of each event. As a result we needed to find a solution that would work for both companies. Please carefully read the cancellation, rescheduling and transfer policies below to help you understand available options.

Cancellation, Rescheduling & Transfers

All sales are final. We do not refund on cancellations, late arrivals, early departures or no shows. In the event you cannot make it for a scheduled session here are your backup options:

Greater than 14 Days – no fees or penalties. Can reschedule or transfer.

Less than 14 Days – fees will be applied.

$500 per week for Rescheduling (7 Days-$500, 14 Day-$1000, 21 Days-$1500).

$250 per week for Transferring for an exact session you are scheduled for.

Less than 3 Days – cannot reschedule but can transfer

No shows or cancellations-cannot reschedule or transfer past session start date

Fees Explained: Rescheduling fee is to offset the expenses that have already been incurred. Two weeks before, if you reschedule, we pay a NONE REFUNDABLE fee to the resort – without any exceptions, since they held the space and turned away the business to hold your space. The other portion covers pre-program preparation expenses: custom supplies, health profile study and preparation of suggested spa services.  Transferring fee offsets the time of a health professional to remove all info of current guest and register/setup a new guest from scratch: de-setup, consultation, registration, study health profile and prepare new suggested spa services.

TIP: It takes a minimum of TWO WEEKS for us to prepare before your arrival. That’s why these fees are in place to offset the time of the natural health professionals and the staff.  e.g. just like WestJet has ticket re-booking fee.  

We strongly recommended to purchase a Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance in the event you have to cancel or depart earlier.

Rescheduling for another date is subject to availability.

Transfers-you can transfer your spot to a family member or a friend for the same dates and program type subject to approval by Program Consultant.

Very Important: Only personal phone call Cancellation/Rescheduling is accepted. E-mail or phone messages will not be accepted.


Upgrading, Downgrading or Extending Your Stay

Downgrading – because our payment policy states “All Sales are Final”, you will not be able to downgrade your program, accommodation type or package after you registered.

Upgrading – you have an option of upgrading, provided we still have space available.

Extending – contact a Program Consultant to request an extension of your program.

Please call a Program Consultant at 1-888-658-3324 to discuss your request.

Rescheduling & Transfers

As long as you call us greater then 14 Days, and we still have space available, you can easily transfer to any date you desire. For when you can reschedule/transfer and applicable fees, please see above “Cancellation, Rescheduling & Transfers” policy.

Private Room Rescheduling/Transfer-no extra fees

Family Room Rescheduling/Transfer

Both guests rescheduled for same date-no extra fees

Guests come at a separate time-both guests have to pay an upgrade to a Private Room. It is $80 per night extra. 

Travel & Health Insurance

Health Insurance is recommended for guests arriving from outside Canada, and Travel Insurance is strongly recommended for EVERYONE.

NOTE: Typically about 10% of our guests need to reschedule last minute. Please be prepared. We will provide you with information about travel insurance through AIG Travel Guard.

After you have registered, you can contact AIG to insure your stay at the retreat.

Canadian Guests

All areas; special cases regarding Saskatchewan and Quebec

Note: As of June 26, 2013 residents of Saskatchewan and Quebec must purchase the insurance only through a local AIG licensed insurance broker. AIG will no longer allow purchasing a policy online.

International Guests

Please contact a broker in your area; your broker may be able to purchase insurance for you through AIG (conditions apply).

  1. Go to the AIG Travel Guard website
  2. Or call 1-866-878-0191; choose option 3; Fresh Start ID# 5555



Your Health Retreat Will Be A Life-Changing Experience



Fresh Start |Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & Spa

Fresh Start |Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & Spa

Your Health Retreat Will Be A Life-Changing Experience