Health EducationFresh Start common-sense lifestyle education will provide you with lots of practical tools on how to improve eating habits and lifestyle. Every class, every lesson is full of either recipes or tips on how to implement the healthy lifestyle into your daily life. This information will help you to stay on track after you leave the program.

Health Education @ Fresh Start

Our goal is to meet each individual where they are, helping each one to reach his/her unique health goals while aiming to help you increase your understanding of nutrition and lifestyle quality standards. We do not teach you lifestyle management – because if we did so, we would not serve you well. We would like your to learn (and experience!) what truly makes your body happy and how to implement this in the real world that we all live in. At Fresh Start, many of us have spouses, children, careers and plenty of other responsibilities – and we know how it feels when food is just one more item on your to-do list. So we’ll do our best to make it doable and sustainable.

Fresh Start Lifestyle Education is offered in several formats:

1. Health Lectures, Workshops & Videos

Health lectures and workshops will lay the foundation of understanding how our body systems work and what they need. During these you will gain essential knowledge about health and disease. You will also discover why horses do not have constipation (as long as we let them live naturally), how to keep the flu bug away, and what you need to keep your adrenals and thyroid healthy. The inspiring documentaries will show various perspectives on health and disease and will cover many interesting health topics.

2. Healthy Meals and Drinks Preparation Classes

During the demo classes you will learn how to prepare amazing – yet simple – gourmet meals to live for. Our guests love this educational part the most. Knowledge is freedom.

3. Integration Workshops

The third most important type of educational classes offered is dedicated to a practical aspect of the healthy lifestyle: how to set-up a healthy kitchen, how to the choose best foods at your grocery store, which ingredients on the labels to avoid, what body care products are best to purchase, how to create a weekly menu plan, plan groceries, and much more.

Health Lecture Topics (sample)

Week 1

Health Lectures & Workshops

Nutrition and pH

How to test your cellular pH and what foods are needed to keep acid-alkaline balance? Why in the world do we need to do so? How is cellular pH related to our health? How can pH of cells change, when we know that each fluid in the body has its own definite pH, and that the blood pH is always unchangeably 7.4? What is citric acid cycle and how does it effect your energy levels and health? These questions will be covered in the Nutrition and pH lecture.

Why Horses Do Not Have Constipation

In this lecture you’ll find out horses’ tips on ideal bowel habits, what are the causes of belly fat and how to get rid of it fast, as well as what are causes of Candida and how to make it our friend, what changes your body undergoes during detox, and how to do simple home cleanses.

Safe Body Care

Which toothpaste can you eat for breakfast? How to take care of your skin, and what moisturizers should you use? This lecture will cover complete body care, starting with shampoo and soap, and finishing with deodorants. You’ll learn which natural products to buy in the store and how to care for your body in the most natural way, avoiding preservatives, colouring and other unhealthy ingredients.

Healthy Meals and Drinks Preparation Classes

Class 1: Sprouting and Fermented Foods


We consider sprouting one of the most powerful food preparation methods of the modern age. A seed contains a full-spectrum of nutrients needed for healthy growth of a young plant; all macro and micronutrients, including proteins, minerals and phytonutrients. Therefore seeds are extremely nutrient-dense. However in mature seeds those nutrients are located in special suitcases called phytates. Phytates have two purposes: they prevent overdose of particular nutrients, and preserve them over winter. Sprouting opens the “suitcases” and makes the abundant goodies stored in seeds available to us again. During the Sprouting workshop you’ll learn how to grow a variety of sprouts in a jar and and in flats.

Fermented Foods

This is another food category that is so underused in our meal plans. And it shouldn’t be. Fermented foods including sauerkraut, daikon, carrot, beet kwass, pickles and vegetable medley, increase the number of beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract. These bacteria help digestion of foods, as well as synthesize and promote absorption of many beneficial vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, B6, vitamin K and B12. The bacteria also keeps intact our intestinal lining, protecting from radiation, cancer and help control cholesterol levels. In this workshop you’ll see a demo on how to prepare a variety of fermented foods beneficial for your health.

Class 2: Healthy Drinks

Most people start the morning with a pick-me-up cup coffee or a black tea. We’d like to share with you some healthier and more nutritious options that you can drink any time of the day without ill side-effects of the stimulating drinks. The drinks you`ll learn to make are super delicious and take you virtually minutes to prepare.

Week 2

Health Lectures & Workshops

Deadly Foods to Avoid

We’ll learn what food labels really mean (because what they say and mean may not be the same thing), which ingredients to avoid and how to identify them on labels As well as, what is the difference between organic produce and commercially grown, and which foods remove from your pantry when you come home.

Healthy Shopping

We all know that careful meal planning and preparation is essential for our health. Yet when in the evening we come home from work, tired, hungry like a lion, maybe even a bit upset with some events that happened throughout the day, the last thing on our mind is to prepare meals. In this workshop we’ll go over what to fill your pantry and fridge with, so that with minimum preparation you could prepare fast yet healthy meal your family will enjoy. We’ll talk about healthy convenience foods you can safely eat that do not contain chemical additives.

Immune System

How to prevent and deal with common colds and flues? What is the body’s defense mechanisms (in addition to immune system)? What is a beneficial purpose of disease? How to boost your immunity? The topics will be answered in this comprehensive lecture.

Healthy Meals and Drinks Preparation Classes

Class 3

Flax Crackers
Buckwheat Wafers
Walnut Meatball Mixture
Kale Chips

Class 4

Almond Buckwheat Granola
Pad Thai Sauce
Blueberry Pancakes
Cheese Cake Tarts
Raspberry Chia Jam
Carrot Ginger Soup

Class 5

October Salad
Zucchini Sunflower Bagels
Beet Carrot Cake
Marinated Mushrooms
Lemon Basil Pesto
Blueberry Scones

Integration Workshops

Healthy Shopping Trip to the Local Health Food Store

Learn to make the best choices of convenience foods. Check the labels at our Edible Island and learn that not everything that says “natural” or “organic” is good for you. Learn to distinguish between what sounds good and is good. There are many great products out there, you just need to know what to look for.

Week 3

Health Lectures & Workshops

Liver War Arena

What does our Liver need and how to protect it from so many harmful things that we are surrounded by? We’ll talk about stages I & II of Liver Detoxification, what ingredients are challenging for our Liver to break down, as well as about various herbs and foods that will help it function optimally.

Body and Emotions Interface

This topic is dedicated to the hormonal system, including SAD (seasonal depression disorder), thyroid health, adrenal fatigue, PMS, prostate issues and menopause.

Healthy Meals and Drinks Preparation Classes

Class 6

October Salad with Cashew Cream
Fruit Roll Ups
Zucchini Pumpkin Seed Bread
Tabouli Millet Salad

Class 7

Sushi with Cauliflower Rice
Kale Chips
Pecan Spice Cookies
Mushroom Walnut Pate

Class 8

Red Lentil Salad
Salad Dressings and Sauces
Spaghetti Squash preparation, steaming, and Marinara Sauce

Integration Workshops

Menu I

There are so many food theories, food pyramids, and recommendations on how to receive the complete range of nutrients. In this workshop we’ll talk about why there are so many theories and how to make sense of them, and even more importantly we’ll cover in detail the Fresh Start Balanced Full-Spectrum Nutrient Plan, ensuring the need for all macro and micro nutrients is satisfied, and your individual needs are taken into consideration, as you design your menu.

Menu II

In this workshop we’ll sum up the knowledge we’ve acquired in the previous hands-on preparation classes and analysis of your current nutrition and limiting factors on its improvement. We’ll explain how to continue eating healthfully after you leave, principles of designing a healthy menu. We will go over the staples and essentials of your daily meal plan, as well as share some more recipes. We hope that this will be very helpful to you as you continue on your healthy lifestyle makeover after completion of the program.

Writing Next Week Menu Planning

In this writing workshop you’ll be able to put together everything you’ve learned during your stay. We’ll provide you with weekly planning and grocery shopping templates, and using the new knowledge and your personal preferences (after having tried many delicious dishes and seeing the process of their preparation), you’ll be assisted in preparing a weekly menu, so that you know 100% know what you’ll be doing after coming home.

Note: The lectures topics and Healthy Meals Preparation classes content may change over time.

Afternoon Health Videos

Several days a week we offer videos on a variety of health subjects focusing on nutrition and some common health conditions, such as diabetes and cancer. The videos are by renowned authorities in natural health. You can watch the videos at a scheduled time on a projector screen and all day long in your room.

Disclaimer: Classes Topics and their sequence are Subject to Change without Notice

If you would like to learn more about the Fresh Start Nutrition philosophy, we suggest to read the Cellular Re-nourishment™ page.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience