Dr. Lise Maltaise, N.D., F.C.A.H

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Assessments

“I tend to learn the tides, try new things, keep some and leave some. Professionally I like to think that I am very thorough, thoughtful and meticulous. I take every person as a unique individual at a certain level in their journey. My job is to accompany them at their own level.”

Dr. Lise Maltais
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with CCNM
  • Homeopathic Physician (3 year degree)
  • Pioneered Bowen Therapy in North America: has trained the first Bowen Therapists in the province of Quebec and Alberta, as well as conducted the first class in the state of Alaska.
  • Founding member of the Quebec Association of Naturopathic Medicine (QANM)
  • Besides Bowen technique and homeopathy, specializes in neural therapy, pain management, nutritional counseling, and skin revision.

Years of Experience as Naturopathic Physician: over 26 years         

Who Am I?

Dr. Lise Maltais is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 26 years of experience, Accredited Bowen Therapy Instructor and Homeopathic Physician. She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and specializes in Bowen technique, neural therapy and homeopathy, pain management, nutritional counseling, and skin revision. At the Fresh Start Dr. Lise’s main role is assessing and monitoring client health via weekly health assessments and organ screen (Electro Dermal Screening Test), but she also provides additional consultations and other ND services, including gradual medications adjustments, on a per need basis.

In 1984, Lise Maltais met Margaret, a yoga teacher from Toronto. It was her dedication to a healthy lifestyle that inspired Lise to study Naturopathic Medicine. She completed her medical degree in 1992. Having a great passion for learning, it wasn’t long before Lise understood that the quality of a course is determined by the quality of the teacher.

While attending the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Dr. Lise became very interested in homeopathic medicine and after graduation completed a three-year training at the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, with internationally acclaimed Doctor and Homeopath André Saine.

In 1995-1999 Dr. Maltais was a founding member of the Quebec Association of Naturopathic Medicine (QANM), the first and only Quebec Association of Naturopathic Physicians to be recognized by the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. Maltais has been a pioneer in Canada and the United States as both a practitioner and instructor of The Bowen Technique. Bowen therapy follows the principles of Naturopathic Medicine triggering the body’s self-healing mechanisms, and is excellent for the relief of pain and wellbeing of the whole person. Dr. Maltais has trained the first Bowen Therapists in the province of Quebec and Alberta, as well as conducted the first class in the state of Alaska. She also taught Bowen in Illinois, Colorado and Washington states. Dr. Maltais has been involved in teaching for more than 14 years and is a current instructor for The Bowen College, the first Canadian institution dedicated to excellence in teaching of the technique.

Dr. Lise is the mother of two beautiful girls and in her spare time is very physically active, doing regular circuit training classes and boot camps. She paddles and tills the boat, and for the past 3 years has been a member of the Flying Dragons dragon boat team.

What is Electro Dermal Screening Test (EDST)?

EDST is an electro-acupuncture diagnostic method, which determines  imbalance in the main body systems. This method was invented in the 1950’s by the German Doctor Reinhold Voll whose name is given to another title of this treatment modality, EAV or Electro Acupuncture According to Voll.

Dr. Voll discovered that when an internal organ’s function or structure changes, the performance of the related meridian and acupuncture points also changed, and that this change could be measured using the device. Much like measuring the flow of a river. If the flow is swift, it may be an indication that the corresponding organ or system is in a state of inflammation. A sluggish reading would point to a deficiency or fatigue in the organ or system.

EDST screen is performed by N.D. during weekly ND assessments. Disclaimer: In absence of Dr. Lise, the test may be replaced with other diagnostics/ assessment methods.

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