When you want to find out how to quit smoking naturally, without prescription drugs or gimmics, it can be hard to find the right resources. There are lots of ways to quit smoking promoted, but most don’t work in the long term without huge amounts of willpower that most of us just don’t have.

Tips For The Best Way To Quit Cigarettes

In a previous article, Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking, we talked about the four steps to quit smoking that bring lasting results:

How To Give Up Smoking – The Four Keys

  1. Changing your environment
  2. Getting support
  3. Radical detoxification
  4. Habit substitution

These four keys have to happen similtaneously, and they have to be maintained for long enough to establish significant habit change. That’s what removes a lot of the struggle when our clients decide to give up smoking naturally. A few tips to quit smoking won’t cut it for most people. You need serious professional health support to win against the addiction to nicotine.

Can It Be Easy To Give Up Cigarettes?

Is there an easy way to stop smoking? We hear a lot of concern about what happens when you’re quitting smoking, and a lot of frustration over previous failed attempts to give up smoking.

Our clients are often surprised by how quitting smoking just feels natural at Fresh Start Health Retreat. When you’re breathing fresh air, eating organic, delicious, healthful food, learning healthy ways to relax, adding the right nutritional supplements and experiencing full body detoxification… you can quit smoking naturally with more ease than in any other environment.

Quitting Smoking Without Weight Gain

One of the biggest fears of smokers researching how to stop smoking is that they’ll gain weight. They hear stories of people gaining large amounts of weight after giving up smoking, and they worry that they’ll lose their figure, or make a slight problem with extra pounds worse.

Neither of those has been an issue with the clients we’ve helped give up smoking naturally at Fresh Start – several have even discovered they can lose weight while they quit. Our process for Habits Re-patterning™ is powerful and effective, and while we can’t help someone who isn’t ready to commit to the life changes that will come when they stop smoking cigarettes, the majority of our clients find the process much easier than previous attempts to quit the smoking habit. Even if you’ve already tried several ways to stop smoking without success, our process can help you. Check out the testimonial below:

How To Quit Smoking Naturally

There’s really just one thing you need to do when you’re struggling to figure out how to quit smoking cigarettes: Call us at 1-888-658-3324 or click now to book a free health consultation. We’ll answer any questions you have about how our health retreats and natural ways to quit smoking work, and help you figure out whether Fresh Start is right for you. We’re a bit biased in our belief that our health retreat is the best way to quit smoking naturally, but we have a lot of evidence from previous clients to back it up!