We respect your choice to stay offsite: at home, in an RV, friend’s house or another facility. We want you to be as comfortable as possible and to make sure you have the greatest experience possible. Please plan in advance for these issues that have come up in the past with other locals that stayed offsite. Be sure to plan in advance, it will greatly improve your experience.

All of the listed issues below came up because “Stay Offsite” guests do not have a room at the Resort.


From 6:30-8:30 PM is your hydrotherapy time (steam bath). NOTE: it is not a typical sit in a hot room therapy. It is very important part of the program and absolutely critical to your success.

1.  No Public Change Room: Ocean Resort DOES NOT HAVE A CHANGING ROOM for the general public. The steam room is for Resort Guests only. Guests of the resort change in their rooms and offsite guests change in a small bathroom. It does not have hooks or anything to hang clothes, and is not suitable as a change room. If you need more privacy, or want a proper room to change and temporarily store your belongings in, please see the Ocean Resort front desk. They charge a $15 fee per day for use of a room to change in, as long as space is available

2.  No Locker: Please be aware that there is no locker to store/secure your clothes after you change. We suggest you put your belongings in your vehicle.

3.  Resting after Steamroom: This is not a conventional steam room experience, but rather a Hot/Cold Hydrotherapy Treatment. Because of it, the body goes into a much deeper healing experience. It is important to lie down and rest after the steam room. Since you do not have a room, we request that you sit on the couch in the lobby for a few minutes, with closed eyes, to let the body prolong the healing cycle.

4.  Cool down time: Always take a minimum of 15-30 minutes to cool down before you go outdoors. If you have to rush, be sure to dress warmly (regardless of the season) and COVER/WRAP YOUR HEAD. It is critical to not expose yourself to sudden cold air shocks as it may have a negative impact on your body.

Daytime Stay

1.  No Place to Rest/Nap: Quite often you will feel tired and sleepy during the detoxification experience. It makes it a bit inconvenient when you have no room. In the summer it is easy, as you can nap outdoors, but in colder months it is an issue, because most rooms with comfortable couches are already being used for various Fresh Start activities.

Driving Back/Forth

1.  Feeling dizzy/nauseous: When you are detoxifying you do not always have clarity of mind and may feel drowsy, extra tired and fatigued. Especially after steambath and colon hydrotherapy treatments, some people may experience dizziness. This can increase the risk of driving. While so far everyone has been able to safely drive back and forth, be sure to have a back up plan, in case you feel it would not be safe for you to drive.

NOTE: Fresh Start or Ocean Resort, due to lack of staff, is not able to drive you back or pick you up. Please make prior arrangements to be picked up or call a cab.

Walking to RV Park

1. Cannot just run back: If you are staying at the Salmon Point RV Resort, it is very important to carefully plan your day, as you won’t be able to just run back to your RV to get something. The RV Park is a 10 min walk from the resort.

2. After Steambath: Please carefully read “Steambath”, above.

3. Missed appointments: We’ve had instances when a guest forgot their appointment and running 10 minutes from the RV Park was too long, since the guest was already 10 minutes late.

Temptations & Distractions at Home

1. Fried/Cooked Food Smells: Well, this is part of the reality of staying offsite. We always suggest that you talk with the family in advance to NOT FRY FOODS, BAKE, MAKE TOAST OR COOK WITH OILS while you are going through detoxification. When you are fasting it is SUPER TEMPTING. So far just about all families we know were very accommodating of their loved ones and friends.

2. Fast Foods: If you you’ll be staying in the nearby city you’ll be driving by Coffee places, Fast Food chains etc.

3. CRITICAL: When you eat cooked food, drink coffee or black tea it halts the healing momentum within 4-8 hrs. If it is repeated more than once, your body won’t trust you and next time will not restart healing fast enough.

4. TV/PHONES/NEWS/WORK: Your subconscious mind is the one that directs the healing. If it sees that you focus on your healing, it will focus on the healing and pull all internal resources to heal the body. However, if you focus on work, TV or other “non-healing” activities, it will put the energy towards those activities, but that means your body won’t be able to heal as deeply. We’ve had people that brought their projects/office work to continue working during their program. Not until they stopped, did their body go into deep healing.

Tips for Successful Healing

1. When it is time to heal, discipline yourself to heal.

2. Bonding with Group: The offsite guests often do not get as close with the group as onsite participants. Spend extra time to bond with the group. It is a very important part of successful healing.

3. Missing Some Activities: The temptation to miss the afternoon/evening activities or to sleep in during morning Yoga/Meditation classes is high if you stay offsite. You need to take into consideration driving time, and may not be up to getting up early or going to bed late, especially because your need for rest increases. The two items above do not let the person go as deeply into the full experience.

4. Get away Aspect: It’s important to be able to relax and leave everything but you behind.

We appreciate your understanding and wish you a most enjoyable stay.

Plan in advance and you’ll have an awesome experience.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience