Fresh Start offers all-inclusive program packages that can seriously help improve your health, whether you join us for a 7-day program or a longer stay, up to 21 days. We bring together elements needed for your healing and prepare for you a healing structure based on a sequence and frequency that makes the program educational, results-oriented, life-changing, and yet light, practical and fun at the same time.

Fresh Start Healing Structure:™ 12 Tools We Use to Help You Rapidly Improve Your Health

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Cellurar Re-nourishment
Gentle Whole Body Detox
Hydrotherapy Treatments
Common-Sense Lifestyle Education
Emotional Wellness Workshops
Daily Check-ins and Personalized Approach
Small Group Environment
Yoga and Fitness Classes
Meditation and Relaxation
Nature Therapy and Natural Facilities
Art, Body Care Classes and Fun Outings

Key Benefits of our Signature Healing Structure

  • This is a system that has a proven track-record of reliable health results.
    • Our programs have been consistently bringing about outstanding results in weight loss, improving digestive health and assisting people with many various challenges. Visit our Testimonials to see the results our guests experience.
    • Once you’ve completed your Free Consultation and been accepted, you can have peace of mind that since it worked for hundreds of people, it will work for you, too. Because you will do exactly what they did.
  • Program elements are well-crafted for the most enjoyable stay.
    • Based on years of study, experience and guest feedback, each program tool has been carefully and continuously polished until it is just right. Then it is specially placed, in perfect combination with the rest, providing a healing structure that suits the needs of body and mind.
    • Instead of being overloaded with hours of repetition, you will experience a multitude of fitness, meditation and classes suited to your healing program. All while keeping in mind your main goal – rejuvenation and health improvement.
  • Personalized approach.
    • We have a dedicated Program Director who will check your health progress daily and thoroughly explain our process and methods, as well as answer all questions you may have along the way.
    • During the program, you do not just go from station to station, from treatment room to treatment room, from class to class.  We have designed a process that will lead you through a healing experience, a special journey where you are guided, heard, and where your body’s needs and personal goals are valued and supported.
  • Variety.
    • There is no one cookie-cutter recipe for all, every guest comes with different goals and preferences. Therefore during your stay you’ll be offered a variety of educational topics, spa treatments, foods and extra curricular classes for every taste. We are a sanctuary with sea, sky, plants and other elements integrated into one gorgeous picture called Fresh Start healing journey. You may come for primarily physical or emotional healing, relaxation, detoxification, lifestyle education, exercise or fun (or all of the above, why not?).
  • Life Transformation.
    • We aim to create a whole body, mind and soul healing experience, and transformation, a truly life-changing experience. When you are in a space specially dedicated to the healing process and organized with that goal in mind, the healing just takes place.

What if I Dislike Structure of Any Kind? Is it Necessary?

  • Some people are afraid of structure, feeling that is sounds rigid and limiting. While we’d like to assure you that you’ll have plenty of choices and flexibility at Fresh Start, we’d like to share with you the importance of having a healing structure in place.
  • Our Fresh Start Healing Structure creates a safe space for healing where each activity supports your journey. Most people who say they hate structure, need it most, because lack of structure is a big culprit of addictions. Lack of structure is what takes and keeps a person in unsafe and unhealthy habits, makes sabotage time after time and is at the root of relapses and resistance to healing. If someone wants to overcome an addiction or a difficulty in his/her life, he/she needs to form new habits and associations. These habits/associations need a frame that will hold them secure. That’s what our Healing Structure does. It supports you in achieving your desired changes.
  • Many people reach their goals faster after adding healthy structure to their life. More planning, routine and healthy habits accelerate your health improvement.  At Fresh Start we want to share with you how to create such routines and let yourself be immersed in a supportive and safe environment that will help you form new habits and provide you with necessary tools and ideas. If you are serious about change, you’ll embrace this healing structure and find it soothing and empowering.

Summary – The Strengths of Structure

Imagine if you tried to build a house without a structure. Or try to build a business without a business plan… hoping it would work. Would it? At Fresh Start we have carefully crafted a Healing Structure and process for the body and the soul. Please take the time to learn each piece and how it helps you transform your health and life, so you can live it to the fullest! We’ve poured our hearts and souls into the Core Program and GO DEEPER™ Specialties: PHYSICAL HEALTH, HABITS RE-PATTERNING™ and EMOTIONAL WELLNESS. Have fun exploring!

We’ll see you at Fresh Start.

Look forward to helping you start your journey to optimal health and living to your fullest potential.

With love,

The Fresh Start Team

“People who love to inspire others to live to their fullest potential.”

Explore Further What Program Would Be Best for You

Everything we do during your stay is specifically designed for the program you select, and geared to help you improve your health. The core components and 12 Tools are the same in all our programs, and are the foundation for our signature Healing Structure. Naturally, the impact on your health, the amount of knowledge you gain, and your ability to implement your new learning and habits are very very different, depending on the length of your selected program. You will feel much better after a 7, 14 and 21-day experience. While the level of improvement is proportionate to the length of your stay, there are certain acceleration points.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience