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Your Core Program includes vegan, organic, with a large percentage of raw foods (composed primarily of fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts and seeds) and healing drinks to restore and nourish your cells. You will also experience gentle detox of the whole body; including the digestive tract, liver, parasite, lymph and other organs. Educational classes in the areas of healthy lifestyle and emotional well-being are included as well as guided meditations, yoga, fitness classes, hydrotherapy treatments and so much more. All this being hosted at eco-friendly Ocean Resort, located on a beautiful ocean-front property on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Fresh Start’s Core Program has a balanced semi-structure and serves as the foundation for your Specialty Package during your 7-14 Day Jump Start™ or 21-28 Day Go Deeper Path™. Please expect that during your stay with us, you will be working as a group and everyone will experience a similar daily structure.

Our programs are very experiential and offer a great balance of relaxation, detox, education and other components that have been tested over the years. We put together the elements that work best.

The Core Program is an all-inclusive (by exception accommodation & some outings) whole-meal deal. We take many elements needed for your healing and organize them in an order and frequency that makes the program educational, well-rounded and yet light, experiential and fun in the same time. You neither should be bored nor overloaded with hours of repetitive fitness classes, meditations or something else. There is a lot of room there to enjoy the ocean breeze and/or to work on your individual health needs and goals.

  • Rejuvenate, rest, restore your energy, prevent dis-ease and de-stress. 
  • Healthy and gradual weight loss – get back to shape with healthy nutrition and exercise. Get back into your favourite clothes, look sexy and find a man/woman of your dreams – if this is on your bucket list;
  • Powerful boost of immune system – you’ll end your program day with a steam bath with aromatherapy and cold water treatment every night;
  • Full immersion into a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits re-training – teach your taste buds to tell you what the taste of health means: learn to eat to live and not to live to eat;
  • Learn how to prepare healthy meals that your family will love.
  • and more…

What is Fresh Start Healing Structure™ and How You May Benefit from it?

  • Fresh Start Healing structure™ is a time-tested and well fine-tuned system that has proven to work. Every element is well-crafted, based on years of study, experience and guest feedback. Each program tool is being carefully polished for a long time until it is just right, and placed in its special place, in perfect combination with the rest.
  • You do not just go from station to station, from treatment room to treatment room, from class to class,  – we have designed a process that will lead you through a unique experience, a special journey, where you are guided, and where your body needs are valued and supported.
  • At Fresh Start we want to share with you how to create healthy routines and let yourself be immersed in a supportive and safe environment that will help you form new habits and provide you with necessary tools and ideas.
  • This Core Structure is an important foundation for the Specialty Packages, which help you work on your individual health goals. Without its nutrition, exercise, detox and other invaluable components, the results of individualized protocols would be much less.

12 Tools We Use in the Core Program

to Help You Rejuvenate, Recharge and acquire Healthy Habits:

  1. Cellular Re-nourishment (Nutrition)
  2. Gentle Whole Body Detox
  3. Common-Sense Lifestyle Education™
  4. Yoga and Fitness
  5. Emotional Wellness Workshops
  6. Meditation and Relaxation
  7. Hydration
  8. Daily Check-ins
  9. Nature Therapy and Natural Facilities
  10. Hydrotherapy
  11. Small Group Environment
  12. Art, Body Care Classes and Fun Outings (admission fees for outings are not included)

Find Out More About Each Method Here: 12 Core Tools™


  • Daily Check-ins

  • Lifestyle Education
  • Fitness

  • Body Care Classes
  • Game Nights 
  • Liver Activation Drinks 
  • Supervision & Guidance
  • Food Prep Demos
  • Whole Body Detox 
  • Guided Meditations  
  • Yoga and Qi Gong
  • Hydrotherapy Treatments
  • Organic Vegan Meals

  • Emotional Wellness Workshops

  • Nature Walks & Excursions 

  • Art Classes

  • Bonfires in season

  • Digestion Tune-up™ Formula
  • Green Body Care
  • Hydration with Herbal Teas & Lemon
  • Fun Outings
  • Fresh Wheatgrass Juice
  • Sleep Enhancing™ Tea
  • Green Smoothies

Core Program Essentials

Specialty Packages

Can I Book Just The Core Program Without Booking A Specialty Package?

No, we do not offer the option of doing just the Core Program. We cannot let you go into deep healing, body detox, organs restoration and emotional healing without added guidance and support. The Specialty Package is your professional supervision, one-on-one work with the therapists, and customized protocols. Please understand, Fresh Start is not a typical spa getaway. People come here to work on their health. If you need a quick spa retreat holiday, we are not the best option.  If you want to have a deeper healing experience, while being professionally supervised, you’ve come to the right place.

TIP: If you currently have no health issues that need to be addressed but feel that an overall healthy re-set is what you need, please check out the 7 Day Jump Start, Detox and Recharge Package. You will feel energized, refreshed and renewed from giving your body, mind and spirit the care it deserves.

Choose YOUR Path

7 – 14 Days: JUMP START™ Path

7 & 14 Days is great if you need a good JUMP START.  You will have good results but they are incomparable to those of 21 & 28 Day guests. Please be realistic with what your body can accomplish in a week.

21 – 28 Days: GO DEEPER™ Path

21 & 28 Days is the best choice if you need a TOTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS MAKEOVER and want to heal at a much deeper level. Check out Testimonials to see the impact of the investing into one’s health.


Your Plan


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Email Accounts

7 Day

$4,000 CAD

Jump Start




14 Day

$8,000 CAD

Return to Health




21 Day      

$12,000 CAD

Extended Healing





28 Day      

$16,000 CAD

Extended Healing




Note: All rates are subject to 5% GST.

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7 Day Health Retreat

14 Day Health Retreat

21 Day Health Retreat

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience


A Great Getaway With Friends

Whether you’re looking for a women’s retreat or “something different” for an office getaway, coming to Fresh Start Health Retreats offers you a chance to renew and revitalize in a beautiful resort. You’ll return to your normal life energized and invigorated.

Time to Reset Your Stress

Sometimes the only way to reduce stress fast enough is to completely change your environment. We suggest that when you’re ready to run away, you run to a place where you can get healthy, calm, and re-energized. We’ve spent years creating that haven.
Fresh Start |Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & Spa

Fresh Start |Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & Spa

Your Health Retreat Will Be A Life-Changing Experience

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