What is Cellular Re-nourishment™?

cellular re-nourishmentCellular Re-nourishment™ means filling the body’s cells quickly with a large quantity of quality nutrients in order to provide them with resources necessary for self-repair and other essential functions. It may be very beneficial for many of us who do not normally eat healthy (or as healthy as we’d wish). Even though no one is starving in our society of abundance, just because the body is fed, it may still be greatly undernourished.

The foods and drinks we use for the cellular re-nourishment are carefully chosen and represent the most concentrated sources of vitamin complexes, macro and micro minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients having multiple health benefits, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

At Fresh Start, for Cellular Re-nourishment™ we use the following means:

  • vegan, organic meals, with a large % living (raw) ingredients
  • green supersmoothies (enhanced with superfoods)
  • re-mineralizing hot soups
  • top-quality supplements for digestion activation (probiotics and digestive enzymes by Avena Originals)
  • living drinks for activation of the digestive tract and liver (fermented sauerkraut and beet juices)
  • supplements for hormonal support/ rebuilding (kelp and spirulina)
  • supplements and herbal drink for deeper sleep (magnesium citrate and specially-chosen herbs)

Why Cellular Re-nourishment™?

The body, without an adequate amount of nutrients, is like a car running out of gas – it cannot go far. With the body this effect is even worse: it may not stop functioning completely, but bit-by-bit the body will break down. It’s obvious, without proper parts your internal machine will be coughing, sneezing, and crawling instead of running 120 km per hour like it’s supposed to.

With the added nutrients, you can move mountains: you’ll have more stamina and endurance for exercising, improved clarity of thinking, restored healthy state, and will have healed many aches and pains. And very importantly – your body will start gradually cleansing and rebuilding cells that may not have been working optimally. This means a stronger digestive system and bones, better emotional and physical well-being, less mucous in sinuses, deeper sleep, shrinking of unwanted inches, and pounds loss. Start cellular rejuvenation today!

Why Do We Use Raw Food in Cellular Re-nourishment™?

As our main goal on the program is assist the body cells in recharging, rejuvenation and healing, and the raw food works best for this goal. This is why in our programs we use a large % of this type of food.

Taking a Load Off Digestive System and Freeing up Energy

Moderately and well functioning digestive system can break down and utilize raw foods more effectively than nutrients from a cooked meal because such foods are not changed from how they are found in nature, mixed with less other ingredients and not loaded with food additives. Due to presence of enzymes, they require minimum energy and time for their digestion process. In fact, according to research, your body can digest up to 10% fats, 20% proteins and up to 80% carbohydrates in the stomach passively, just using the enzymes from the raw food itself. The faster process of digestion takes an enormous load off the stomach, allowing the body to send the energy required elsewhere for cleansing, re-nourishment and cellular repair. This is why after a raw meal you do not feel tired or sleepy.

Optimization of Peristalsis of the Digestive Tract (Constipation Relief)

When consuming large amounts of raw foods, your bowel peristalsis works so much more effectively. When consulting a client with severe constipation, we suggested her to start drinking green smoothies daily. That was basically all she added to her diet, besides drinking more water. After a week the lady called us and said that she started having normal bowel movements every 2nd day after just 3 days (though before she had hard time going every 3rd day). When a healthy person eats 80%+ raw foods, his/her elimination will happen after each meal, which is normal, and brings a feeling of wellbeing (+ensures proper elimination of toxins).

However, if a person wasn’t used to eating a lot of raw on a regular basis, when he/she come to the Fresh Start he/she may occasionally experience a temporal slowing down of the bowel at first. This is related to adjustment of the digestive system to different proportions of essential nutrients and high fibre content, as well as removal of stimulants both from food and environment.

Weight Loss, Joint Cleanse and Assistance with Healing of Many Ailments

Any person who tried raw food even for a short term is familiar with lightness, clarity of mind, joint health improvement and ease of weight control it brings. You can eat large amounts of raw food and not to gain any extra weight. People with many health conditions notice significant improvements after starting eating raw. Diabetics especially benefit from this type of nutrition, as it requires production of less digestive enzymes and thus “spares” and optimizes work of their pancreas.

Detoxifying Properties

Please feel free to read our article about these and other benefits of Raw Food Diet

Pros and Cons of Raw Food


According to Dr. Gabriel Cousins, up to 50% protein, 80% minerals and vitamins, and 100% phytonutrients and enzymes are destroyed by heat. According to Dr. Furhman, who does not support raw foodist life-style, “up to 50% nutrients are destroyed when food is baked at high temperatures—and especially when it is fried or barbecued—toxic compounds are formed and most important nutrients are lost. Many vitamins are water-soluble, and a significant percent can be lost with cooking, especially overcooking. Similarly, many plant enzymes function as phytochemical nutrients in our body and are useful to maximize health. They, too, can be destroyed by overcooking.” Roasting nuts and baking of cereals for example, reduces availability and absorbability of protein. In spite of the above, very concentrated starches, such as legumes and grains, are best eaten cooked or sprouted to deactivate enzyme-inhibitors. Steaming and baking are the best methods to prepare some starchy vegetables, like potatoes and yams.


Many people share that they love comfort and a warming effect of cooked foods, especially in colder climates (in entire Canada :)). Additionally, often people who switch to 100% raw (or drastically change their diet in any way) do not give their body sufficient adjustment time, do not dedicate a lot of time to meals prep and learning about nutrient balancing. As a result, they’ll develop nutritional deficiencies overtime, may feel weak and get disappointed that though they felt great originally on this diet, they feel worse than before. Also if someone consumes 100% raw foods over 6-12 months, they start losing tons of weight, till a point they may become underweight. Body builders share that they need to be very creative to keep adequate muscle on raw foods and need to consume humongous amounts of “roughage” to match their active lifestyle. Most of them quit it. These are valid reasons why most people will not choose 100% raw food diets. And it is not that it is impossible to do it otherwise, but it is very very challenging in modern lifestyle conditions and just does not work for majority of people (and even most of those who say it works often do not tell you or themselves the truth how they are truly doing).

Raw Food for Extremely Compromised GI Track

Some people will say that raw food is difficult for their digestion. This is because when our digestive systems gets damaged by toxins and stress, it may become inflamed and weak. As a result, raw food may irritate the GI. Additionally, it may become challenging to break down cellulose covering raw foods, and they may experience some pain or discomfort when eating raw. Digestive difficulties are usually not limited to the raw foods. As a result of a compromised GI track, some people may lose ability to digest sugars effectively, others fat, even third ones proteins from their concentrated sources.

Usually, they say in such cases: do not eat raw foods, just eat soft foods. Or: avoid all sugars, they are bad for you etc. With this, often quality of foods is not taken into consideration, and lots of animal proteins and junk food may be included in a suggested list of foods. Sometimes people are starved for glucose until the point they start binging on “healthy” or not chocolate, or develop constipation from low fibre/high amounts of animal proteins, and experience other consequences of such limiting diets. However, what many people do not realize is that the issue here is not the food, but the current state of digestive health. In such condition even on a very healthy diet the discomfort will be present. And even if one starts taking tons of supplements at once, there is very little chance they he/she’ll be able to digest or absorb them. Though soft foods put into the body will not cause irritation, in a long run lack of fibre will aggravate the condition, due to poor GI peristalsis. You will not resolve digestive issues by merely excluding the foods that create discomfort, though it will provide a temporal relieve and mask symptoms.

Such advanced conditions of GI when one cannot eat raw foods at all are relatively rare. They need a careful GI rebuilding strategy, while meanwhile supporting of organs to help digest foods as well as it can. There is no quick fix here, so do not get discouraged if you start the process and it does not improve quickly.

Most people at this time have still moderately working digestion and need just to cleanse their GI and to make lifestyle changes to keep up good health.

Fresh Start Raw Food Philosophy

Even if the digestive system is not very efficient and the body cannot absorb that many nutrients from raw foods, it is beneficial to include a certain percentage of raw foods to ensure proper bowel work, regular cellular detoxification and adequate nutrition. Only in extreme cases of inflammation and raw state of GI and only for short periods of time avoidance of raw foods may be beneficial. And during that short period of time a person would be mostly fasting and taking freshly squeezed juices and broths, because anything else will simply not get absorbed or assimilated in such acute state.

Fresh Start does not suggest 100% raw food diet on a regular basis for most people. Without proper knowledge and very high quality nutrition (inaccessible to most), it is easy to develop lack of certain nutrients on this diet.

Yet eating raw food short term and expanding your diet up to 80% raw on a regular basis has huge benefits. If we know that a handful of nutrients get better with cooking, there is no doubt that most nutrients are most abundant in raw foods. Nutrients in raw foods are unadulterated with thermal processing and when served fresh – oxidation. Due to this, according to Dr. Joel Robbins, up to 30% nutrients from raw foods can be utilized by the body. In juices this ratio is even higher. Because of the fine structure, up to 90% of nutrients contained in a juice can enter and be utilized by cells. Flooded with these nutrients, your body is able to heal and restore the tissues – to accomplish cellular re-nourishment and repair.

We include in your program both: raw food and juice (mostly wheatgrass, as it is rich in GI rebuilding ingredients), as well as re-mineralizing soups. Using this combination, many of our guests are able to see great health benefits that they did not have a chance to experience before. We use some cooked foods, to assist with digestion and so that you could experience how you can realistically do it at home. Unfortunately, at this stage we are unable yet to take in people who cannot take large % raw foods, but we are working towards creating a special plan for them overtime.

At Fresh Start we’ll share with you how you can use benefits of raw food without developing nutritional deficiencies and mainly how to incorporate it into a crazy-busy city lifestyle most of us live now. Removing all philosophies, a raw food diet is simply consuming unprocessed food in their natural state. It is delicious, energizing, healing and our body loves it.

Why Do We Not Serve Meat, Eggs and Dairy at Fresh Start?

Animal products are highly mucous-forming. Excessive amounts of mucous create all sorts of problems, from sinus issues, common colds, to allergies, asthma and constipation. Consumption of meat may also cause feeling of anxiety and aggression, due to the hormones in the animal blood, especially in red meat.

Even though we understand that not everyone desires or is ready to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle permanently (just like not all our staff are vegetarians or advocate vegetarian lifestyle), incorporating it for a few weeks will benefit almost everyone. Vegetarian food allows your body to lighten its digestive load, remove excess uric acid from joints, which is a by-product of protein digestion, and clear the symptoms related to mucous accumulation.

Those who adhere to the paleo diet will find our diet meets their dairy-free and gluten-free needs. Additionally, a temporary vegetarian diet may be very beneficial to deal with certain health issues associated with high animal-content diets, such as weight control, heaviness, bloating and parasites. Many people with allergies will have a chance to see during the stay whether dairy and gluten may be a culprit in their health condition, and how it feels after their elimination.

Do We Teach Vegetarian Lifestyle?

For many people choosing vegetarian lifestyle is an ethical issue. If you desire to transition to this type of nutrition, we may assist you in how to do it gradually and successfully. Such change is possible, doable, and with a balanced diet may be very beneficial for one’s health. We highly suggest considering that option. However, due to the fact that it is not straightforward, and requires a skillful approach and a certain level of health, we leave that choice up to every guest and do not proclaim it a cure-all diet.

In the modern age it is hardly possible to find an ideal diet, and our goal is not to create one more panacea or above-the-head standard diet, but to affirm what already works for each person who comes to us, and to provide the knowledge that may help them to improve their diet further.

Allergies Accommodation (at an Extra Fee)

Our staff will be happy to accommodate your allergies and serious food sensitivities. All you need to do is to mention those on your health form in the field provided.

Note: Please note that the degree of accommodation of allergies is determined by how extensive they are. We may not able to accommodate a list of 20, but will happily do so if it is one or two items.

Meal Portion Control

Even though our meals with high raw food content have moderate amount of calories and you do not have to worry about gaining weight with it, your meals will be portioned and served on individual plates. This is to ensure that they are balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and to help avoid overeating. We also keep in mind that most people come to work on their health in-depth, so we ensure decreasing of the load on digestive system and letting the body use the energy for internal healing. In spite of portioning, our meals are quite filling and satisfying, so you should not worry about being hungry.

Cell Nourishing Drinks

Green Super Smoothies

We call Green smoothies a health booster drink. Full of fiber, rich in chlorophyll and other nutrients, these delicious drinks are among our guests’ favorites. A green smoothie is a delicate combination of a variety of nutrient-packed greens and yummy juicy fruits. In addition, for enhanced cellular re-nourishment, many of our green smoothies include superfoods, such as Goji, Incan Berries, Mulberries, Flax, Chia, Hemp and Sesame seeds.

Flax Tea

This yummy and comforting drink is among our guests favourites. It is very soothing and restorative for the GI track. Additionally, flax is a complete protein, which considering that it is a vegetarian source, makes it an invaluable food.

Hot Re-Mineralizing Soups

The hot veggie soups you’ll be served for supper are soothing for digestion and contain significant amounts of minerals. It is a great way to finish the day and to start calming down your digestive system, preparing it for rest.


Digestive Enzymes

Due to common issues with low Hydrochloric Acid, diminished thyroid function, and scant bile flow, many people have difficulty digesting foods effectively. To assist the process we have introduced digestive enzymes, which are served here along with meals. We use top-quality proteolytic enzymes by Avena Originals. Some people who could not digest other types previously, did well with these.

Top Quality Probiotics (acidophilus)

Repopulation of the intestines with probiotics helps increase digestive function and immune response, increases mineral absorption and lactose tolerability, as well as creates competition to harmful organisms, such as Candida. There have been some encouraging findings with regards to probiotics and high blood pressure, colon cancer, IBS, and cholesterol. The probiotics are also served with each meal and made by Avena Originals.

Digestion Tune-up™ and Liver Activation™ Drinks

Every 7th Canadian experiences heartburn at least one time per week. After adding bloating, IBS, constipation – we’ll realize that our digestive tract is crying for help. Specially-prepared fermented vegetable juices contained in our digestion-aiding drinks will help you digest foods more effectively, heal gut inflammation and to calm the stomach.

Adrenal and Thyroid Tonic™ (Hormonal Support and Rebuilding)

Our energy levels and interest in life endeavors are directly related to the functioning of our hormonal system. Because most of us live high-stress lifestyles, which directly affect our adrenals, thyroid and other hormonal glands, it becomes even more important to provide these glands with support and care. The hormonal system nourishing ingredients we use in our program will assist your adrenals and other glands in rebuilding and restoring your energy levels.

Herbal Tea for Deeper Sleep

Most people living in North America today have insomnia – occasionally or often. Even though in case of long-term lifestyle factors and underlying depression it may take some time to resolve sleep issues completely, this special tea has been very helpful to our guests on a physical level by calming the nervous system and assisting the body to relax into a deeper and longer sleep.

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Disclaimer: Program structure, drinks and activities are subject to change without notice.

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