Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

What is the difference between a raw almond and a roasted almond?

If you sent it to the lab and asked them to compare their nutritional value, they would tell you that both nuts contain equal amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and other nutrients. However the true difference is recognized when you plant them. The raw almond, when conditions are right, will grow into an almond tree, blooming and bringing lots of almonds. The roasted almond will produce a bush of frying pans. This happens because the almond that was heated above 115 F does not have substances which are called enzymes, because they are destroyed by the temperature. Only dead can grow from dead. Or will it grow? And if does, will it blossom? Will our health flourish from fried, deep-roasted, microwaved, all processed foods?

Enzymes In A Raw Food Diet

Enzymes participate in all processes of cells that keep them alive. If there were no enzymes, life would stop. The fruit would stop ripening, the leaves on trees would not grow, and seeds would not sprout. When availability of enzymes is reduced, for example when we cook our food, life itself is reduced.

Enzymes are biological entities that break down proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in order make them absorbable by the body. When we add raw foods to our diet, we increase enzymes. And when we increase enzymes, we increase life, both in quality and length.


Raw Food Diet

Healing Benefits of Raw

Raw food and the enzymes it contains have many healing benefits. They:

  • Increase energy and vitality. Watch your energy increase and not experience an after meal afternoon slump, which is the worst let down when you try to accomplish tasks requiring mental concentration and clarity.
  • Rehydrate and clear up the skin. With abundance of water and minerals, and without chemical additives and preservatives. Raw food and enzymes assists the liver in its proper work, thus helping the skin to not become an alternative route of toxin elimination, showing as pimples and other skin blemishes.
  • Help the body digest and assimilate nutrients, this may be very beneficial for people with allergies.
  • Provide quality nutrition to every cell; are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Support the repopulation of good bacteria, important for the integrity of your intestinal lining and absorption of minerals and vitamins.
  • Activate macrophages and natural killer cells, thus boosting the immune system.
  • Balance weight and body mass index.
  • Have powerful anti-aging properties.
  • Fiber in raw foods absorbs up to 100 times its volume in toxins, and provides a vehicle to eliminate them from the body. This helps eliminate constipation, and decreases the risk of colon cancer.
  • Help restore unhealthy tissues and thus assist in launching reversal of degenerative conditions.
  • Raw food is especially helpful for people with diabetes, where the pancreas cannot produce enzymes effectively.

How Does Raw Food Help In Cleansing/ Detox?

Enzymes not only dissolve vitamins and minerals, they do the same with toxins by preparing them for bacteria to digest. Enzymes are used in the pool and spa industry, for example, because they attack algae, slime, sludge, dead plants, insects, leftover fish food, waste produced by people and animals, break down oils from body lotions, suntan lotions, soaps, cosmetics, decomposed sweat, pollen…all without leaving any chemical residue.

During detoxification, enzymes act in the body like detergent, removing toxins accumulated in the crust of colon fecal matter, mucus of the skin, and liver bile.

Why Do We Serve Organic At Fresh Start?

According to research, one bunch of organic spinach contains 2 times more calcium, 4 times more magnesium, 34.5 times more iron and 117 times more manganese than one that was commercially grown.

In addition to the lack of harmful chemicals, organic humus attracts “beneficial” microorganisms and worms, which enrich the soil with minerals where the plants will grow. Where there are more minerals, there are more enzymes.

Flooded with these nutrients, even the least efficient digestive systems greatly improve nutrient absorption and enhance cleansing.

An additional benefit is a decreased appetite. Nutrient-dense foods satisfies your hunger immediately for a much longer time. In addition to quality nutrients, organic foods do not contain pesticides, artificial hormones and other chemicals, which accumulate in the body leading to proliferation of Candida and other health issues.

Does Raw Food Taste Bland?

Just like any food you make, raw food can be both rawlicious and terrible. It all depends on how much love and creativity you’ll put into it when making, on quality of ingredients, and how many “rules” like food combining, monodiet, low fat diet etc. you’ll aim to follow. Common sense and previous food experience, as well as passion for food preparation in general will help. Your perceptions of what is good and long-term habits are not the last ones to consider (and are better won over than fought with!).

At Fresh Start we aim to prepare simple but gourmet dishes that go beyond just salads (which we’ll also have plenty of, too), including desserts and savoury snacks. Our goal is to show you how doable those are, and in the same time to respect your taste buds cravings and aesthetical needs. We also avoid overly spicy and complicated foods so common for  the raw cuisine. We found that the taste of quality organic produce does not need many flavourings and alterations. We let simplicity, taste and clients’ feedback guide us. Most of our guests really enjoy the food offered and are eager to learn to implement our recipes at home.

The main in this is: what do you consider healthy and good for you? The mental perception and desire to change or at least to try something new plays the most important role. Yes, a steak may taste good, but only in the mouth. And then it makes you bloated and heavy. The food we share is energizing, light, satisfying, and will be tasty to every one of your cells.

Raw/Vegan Organic Cuisine