Vasili Kastashchuk B.A.

Senior Program Consultant

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Having founded the company years ago together with Ania, we have dreamed to see people getting well. It is so thrilling to see the dream coming true every day in every single life you touch.”

  • Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies) with minor in counselling

  • In-depth and common-sense understanding of health conditions and of the detox process

  • Many people call him clairvoyant because of his strong intuition when giving consults

  • Highly intuitive when it comes to cause of disease and emotional health

  • Super enthusiastic, happy, solution-oriented and passionate individual

Professional experience: over 15 years         

Who Am I?

Vasili, Ukrainian in origin, loves Canada as a home country. Vasili loves business and health and has amazing interpersonal skills. He is passionate and enthusiastic about virtually anything he believes in. His enthusiasm is so contagious that he empowers and helps keep the whole team fired up. He’s been called a clairvoyant, because he often sees what is in the very depth of one’s heart and is able to find the words that change destinies.

Vasili graduated from Canadian University College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Religious Studies and Counseling. As part of his program he has also completed a course on Nutrition.

Vasili was working as a volunteer in Cambodia and Philippines for 1 year, when he, together with a friend, organized an English school for local children.

Vasili has worked as Program Consultant and Program Director for many years and is very skillful in natural health assessments and consultations. His current primary role is automation of the processes and IT development.

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