Our Fresh Start Health Retreat Team Members

Dr. Lise Maltais ND              

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Lise is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 27 years of experience, Accredited Bowen Therapy Instructor and Homeopathic Physician.

Experience: 27 yrs
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Dr. Jeremy Unwin DTCM

Therapist, Acupuncture

Dr. Jeremy’s clients include the Royal Ballet (UK), Cirque du Soleil and Elton John. Dr. Jeremy brings his advanced health expertise.

Experience: 18 yrs
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Ania Kastashchuk          

Program Manager, Senior Program Director

Ania has facilitated many programs and deeply understands the healing process. She leads the program development.

Experience: 15 yrs
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Kennedy Kinghorn

Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist

Kennedy is a health and fitness specialist. He has created various therapy programs and has worked with many athletes.

Experience: 29 yrs
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Geri Laurence

Emotional Health Specialist

Geri Laurence brings over 27 years of experience working in the areas of emotional wellness, addictions and disabilities.

Experience: 28 yrs
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Larry Summers

Biofeedback Assessments

Biofeedback is another way to read information from your body cells, just like ultrasound or MRI. Larry reads your cells “mind”.

Experience: 17 yrs
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Rhonda McGinn

Body worker                                 

Rhonda is a dedicated, compassionate and intuitive therapist and healing expert with close to 20 years of experience.

Experience: 19 yrs
Learn more about Rhonda.

Sandie Sparrow

Colon Hydrotherapist, Program Director

Sandie is a knowledgeable professional and a very compassionate person. She is happy to assist you on your health journey.

Experience: 6 yrs
Learn more about Sandie.

Jeff Tough, RMT

Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapist

Jeff’s specialty is therapeutic structural work. He comes with years of working with troubled youth, people with brain injuries and elderly.

Experience: 15 yrs
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Paula Reynolds

Clinical Hypnotherapist                                    

Paula is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, registered professional counsellor – candidate and a Certified Life Skills Facilitator.

Experience: 5 yrs
Learn more about Paula.

Megan Wood

Head Chef                                  

Megan is a  Ayurvedic nutrition and herbalism expertise. She was a passionate kitchen creative since her early teens.

Experience: 10 yrs
Learn more about Megan.

Jo-Anne Yarjau


Jo-anne is an experienced raw vegan chef. Having overcome major health challenges herself, Jo knows the importance of a healthy plate.

Experience: 6 yrs
Learn more about Jo-Anne.

Nicole Berns, RYT

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Nicole is a top-notch instructor with clear guidance and compassion to her students. She is very intuitive and personable.

Experience: 4 yrs
Learn more about Nicole.

Janine Calder

Fitness Instructor, Walk Guide

Exercise is for everyone and should be fun. Janine infuses it with her love of music and dance, which may include drumming or Zumba.

Experience: 40 yrs
Learn more about Janine.

Madeleine Ramsey

Fitness Instructor                

Madeleine is a national-level athlete in synchronized swimming and kayaking. She is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.

Experience: 43 yrs
Learn more about Madeleine.

Shelley Grant                             

Natural Health Program Consultant

Shelley is a Certified Life Coach, international speaker and a Psychology graduate. She has advanced knowledge in natural health.

Experience: 10 yrs
Learn more about Shelley.

Marlyna-Rose Guerard

Natural Health Program Consultant

Marlyna is a certified yoga instructor and certified personal training instructor with over 11 years of experience.

Experience: 12 yrs
Learn more about Marlyna.

Vasili Kastashchuk

                                    Senior Program Consultant

Vasili has been called a clairvoyant, because he often sees what is in the very depth of one’s heart. His words are empowering.

Experience: 15 yrs
Learn more about Vasili.

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