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Our Fresh Start Health Retreat Team Members

Dr. Lidia Paice

Program Director

Lidia received a Bachelor of Health Education from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON and a Bachelor of Education from University of Western Ontario, London, ON in 1978, and received a Master’s and Doctorate in Natural Medicine Degrees from International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine

Experience: over 34 yrs
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Dr. Jeremy Unwin, DTSM

INDIVIDUAL HEALING PATH™ Assigning and Monitoring Specialist

Jeremy’s clients include the Royal Ballet (United Kingdom), Cirque du Soleil, Elton John and David Furnish. He does the before and during program health assessments, as well as monitors the progress of our GO-DEEPER™ program participants.

Experience: over 16 yrs
Learn more about Dr. Jeremy Unwin.

Dr. Lise Maltais

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Lise Maltais is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 22 years of experience, Accredited Bowen Therapy Instructor and Homeopathic Physician.

Experience: over 22 yrs
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Joanne Assen

Spa Manager

Joanne came to Fresh Start with a solid Management background. She started with a Daycare Business Management Diploma and continued her education to improve her H.R. knowledge, additionally taking ongoing seminars as needs and technology changed.

Experience: over 22 yrs
Learn more about Joanne.

Ania Kastashchuk

Program Manager/ Senior Program Director

Ania was born in Europe, in the little country of Belarus, where she received her Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Child Psychology, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Belarus State University of Education.

Experience: over 12 yrs
Learn more about Ania.

Annette Davis

Registered Colon Hydrotherapist

Annette Davis comes to Fresh Start with a passion for helping others get healthier through Colon Hydrotherapy after feeling the positive effects that Colonics had for her.

Experience: over 24 yrs
Learn more about Annette.

Carolyn Hamilton

Integrative Body Worker and Medical Qi Gong Instructor

Carolyn holds her Honours Diploma as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Registered Shiatsu Massage Therapist from the Windsong School of Healing.

Experience: over 37 yrs
Learn more about Carolyn.

Sara Barbot

Integrative Bodyworker, Intuitive Healer, Energy Medicine Specialist

Sara is a gifted channelled Energy Healer and Body Worker. She is often known as the “body whisperer” as just like with the “horse whisperer” she feels, senses and sees into people’s bodies and just knows what to do.
Experience: over 20 yrs
Learn more about Sara.

Kannara Daniel

Integrative Body Worker/ Intuitive Healer/ Meditation Facilitator

Kannara joined Fresh Start with many years of experience in body work and a beautiful life journey. Born in Cornwall, Ontario, Kannara travelled Canada for her career and studies.

Experience: over 22 yrs
Learn more about Kannara.

Theresa Brulotte

Heart Healing/ Life Coach, Certified Rebalancing Body Worker

Theresa guides people who have become stuck in cycles of pain, fatigue, and addiction. Often conventional methods have failed them. Her own healing has brought her freedom, laughter and joy.

Experience: over 12 yrs
Learn more about Theresa.

Geri Laurence

Emotional Health Specialist / Addictions Recovery/ Kinesiology & Yoga Therapy Practitioner

Geri Laurence brings over 25 years of experience working with addictions and disabilities. Currently she is one of the professional team members at Cedars Drug and Alcohol treatment center located outside of Victoria, BC.

Experience: over 27 yrs
Learn more about Geri.

Carolyn Howard

Registered Art Therapist

Carolyn grew up in Northern California, USA, and enjoyed much support and encouragement with her creative endeavors.  She fell in love with clay in her teens and completed her 4-year undergraduate degree in Studio Art, focusing mainly on pottery.

Experience: over 27 yrs
Learn more about Carolyn.

Nancy Moelaert

Group and Private Kripalu Yoga Instructor

Nancy first discovered yoga in 1994. She led a very active lifestyle in sports. After years of coping with injuries and chronic pain she was looking for a physical activity that healed and nurtured.

Experience: over 10 yrs
Learn more about Nancy.

Anita Kalnay

Registered Colon Hydrotherapist, Intuitive Healer, Ayurveda & Aroma Oils Specialist, Artisan, & Natural Perfumer

Anita is passionate about natural fragrance and has worked with it. Her specialty is creating custom aromatic blends for each client.

Experience: over 24 yrs
Learn more about Anita.

Vasili Kastashchuk

President / Senior Program Consultant

Vasili was excited when he discovered that a well-designed health retreat could treat more than symptoms. He is passionate and enthusiastic about virtually anything he believes in.

Experience: over 12 yrs
Learn more about Vasili.

Marilyn Grace Usher

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Marilyn is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist since 1993, with additional training in Raw Food detoxification, Wheat Grass detoxification and rejuvenation and Certified Rebalancing Integrative Bodyworker.

Experience: over 25 yrs
Learn more about Marilyn.

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Fresh Start |Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & Spa

Fresh Start |Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & Spa

Your Health Retreat Will Be A Life-Changing Experience