Ania Kastashchuk B.Ed., B.Sc., N.H.C.

Program Manager/ Senior Program Director

“After having experienced health once, you do not want to go back. It feels so good to be light, healthy and beautiful! And it is so simple.”

  • Diploma in Natural Health and Nutrition

  • Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science with specialty in Psychology
  • In-depth understanding of the detox process and experience of guiding through cleansing and healing experience
  • Extensive experience in health education/ research, and program design
  • Awesome speaker; experienced, intuitive and engaging group session facilitator

Professional experience: 14 years         

Who Am I?

Ania is behind the program design and development of the Fresh Start educational materials. She has facilitated many programs and deeply understand the healing process. In addition to the Senior Program Director role, Ania is continuously working on development of the individualized healing methods, results measuring, and fine-tuning of the program.

Ania was born in Europe in the little country of Belarus, where she received her Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Child Psychology, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Belarus State University of Education. She also received a diploma in Natural Health and Nutrition from Fit For Life Sciences Institute and College of Natural Health in Canada. Most of Ania’s professional knowledge however comes from many years of experience of leading programs at Fresh Start and guiding individuals through cleansing and healing experience.

A few weeks before her wedding Ania had spent $300 on body care products, trying to get rid of persistent acne that plagued her chin, forehead, chest and entire back. In spite of all the efforts, her wedding pictures still reveal blue and purple signs of large inflamed boils. Coincidently, for 5 months just prior to the wedding, Ania was working in the bakery. Once during lunch an Irish co-worker shared with Ania: “You have to stop eating those nice things you did not have in your country, and your acne will go away. I used to have the same problem.” Ania looked in disbelief. She contributed her skin problems, as well as falling out hair to climate change, high heat and sweating in the bakery, as well as uncleanness of the city air. How could it have to do anything with diet?

When Ania quit working in the bakery and started eating wholesome foods, her skin cleared to the point that many people complemented her on her complexion. The true revelation came, when they saw the before pictures. Then not being able to hide their admiration, they exclaimed: “She is so beautiful!”

Ania adores her husband Vasili and their two boys Petia and Misha. She enjoys reading and nature walks. Ania’s passion is knowledge, and she loves sharing with people all she has learned about health, nutrition and life.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience