Fresh Start is specializing in individualized and personalized approach to client’s health and using holistic means of healing. Over the years it also has developed a solid knowledge base is advance cleanses of specific organs and systems. Custom Healing Protocols™ consist of carefully chosen and results-oriented formulas, assisting in healing of specific organs and body systems. These protocols are based on many years of experience in detox and deeply healing programs.

Custom Protocols Types:

  • Organ Support/Rebalancing Formulas

    Designed for assisting in stabilizing or regulating specific organs in need, f. ex. edema protocol or urinary infection protocol.

  • Organ Rebuilding Formulas

    Include special ingredients, such as organic juices and herbs,known holistically to enhance healing, nourishment and gentle cleansing of the specific organs. Based on nutritional content of mincronutrients and energetical qualities of the plant.

  • Advanced Organ Specific Cleanses

    Unique formulas for deeper detox of various organs/systems. See a list of organ cleanses below.

Sample Ingredients used in Custom Protocols

  • Herbal teas and capsules
  • Healing foods
  • Fresh vegetable & fruit juices
  • Raw egg
  • Clay
  • Electrolytes
  • Unrefined sea salt
  • Charcoal
  • Super foods
  • Systemic enzymes
  • Wild grasses juice (in season)
  • Field/ forest herbs juice (in season)

Fresh Start Custom Healing Protocols

Organ Rebalancing
Custom Protocol™
Blood Sugar Stabilizing
GI Elimination Enhancing
Metabolism Enhancing
Underweight Stabilizing
Urinary Infection
Vaginal Infection
Organ Rebuilding
Custom Protocol™
Anemia (Blood)
Heart and Circulatory
Mental Energy
Mild and Advance Digestion Rebuilding
Ulcer/Internal Bleeding
Organ Cleanses
Custom Protocol™
Gall Bladder Flush
GI and Lymph Flush
Heavy Metal
Internal Poultice
(for absorbing high levels of toxins,
such as in headaches or post-chemo
& heavy metal detox)
Respiratory (Lung)
Small Intestines

Average Cost of Protocols: $12-25 per day (some may have additional start-up kits). Custom Protocols are included in your Program Costs. This list is provided to show various options we use to help you on individual level. The list is not exhaustive, and a combination of formulas may be used to further customize protocols to your needs.

Disclaimer: In spite of the quality ingredients and their tested combination, these are NOT magic formulas or bullets. They work in combination with other elements of the program and are enhancing your healing accumulatively, gradually and naturally.

How are Protocols Created, Suggested and Monitored

By the Fresh Start Assessment Specialist (holistic doctor) upon study of your health profile, individual health goals and an In-depth Upon Arrival Assessment. Not all guests need Custom Healing Protocols™. If your health condition requires one, it’ll be included into your INDIVIDUAL HEALING PATH™.

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