We know you love your pet and wish it could be with you while you are attending the health restoration program at Fresh Start. We fully understand the difficulty of leaving your pet at home, trying to arrange care, and the worry about it being alone while you are away.
Staying at Fresh Start With a Pet

We also understand that your primary reason for attending the health restoration retreat is YOU and YOUR HEALTH, not your pets.

Fresh Start Pet Policy

While we strongly discourage coming with a pet, should you prefer to attend the program with a pet, we have an option to stay across the street at Oysterbay Resorts Cabins.

Bad news: No pets allowed during any of Fresh Start programs while staying at Ocean Resort Hotel. You won’t be able to leave the pet in the room on its own while you are participating in the program.

bad news - no pets on resort

Pet will be without you: 7-11 a.m., 12-1:30 p.m., 4-7 p.m. Also if you are in an appointment or gone for a trip or excursion.

If you board your pet in a nearby dog day care, you can stay at Ocean Resort. You must have a car to drop off a pet or check it in for the duration of your stay.

If you want to visit your pet, then you have the possibility to end up missing drinks, workshops, and events. Please be aware you might open yourself to stress, and in the end, your experience will be nowhere near as good as it could have been.

NOTE: Repeat guests that came with the pet, next time always came without, so that they could focus on their own healing, while on a program.

Good news:  Right across the street there are cozy cabins at the Oysterbay Resorts, where you Good news regarding staying with a petcan stay with a pet and you can leave the pet unattended in the cabin. Your pet won’t be disturbing anyone, and you’ll be able to see it several times a day, take it out for a walk and hug your bundle of joy.

If you sleep in, no worries-leave the pet in the cabin and just run to the spa center…you are all good. Oh yes, do not forget to feed the dog and enjoy a stress-free day, knowing that your pet is close by and you can see it at any time.

WARNING: Be prepared to cross a busy highway, when you come to the Fresh Start program from Oysterbay Resorts.

Spa Center

Fresh Start Spa is 100% pet free. They are NOT allowed in the spa at ANY time. Pets are only permitted outside at the place of lodging.

They must be left in your cabin during events.

Group walks/excursions: Due to allergies your pet is NOT allowed to participate in group walks or any group outdoor activities. It is our job to ensure the best experience possible for everyone who comes.

USA/International Guests: Please contact your vet for required pet vaccination to travel to Canada.

Staying Offsite with a Pet Disclaimer

We want you to be as comfortable as possible and to make sure you have the greatest experience possible. Be sure to plan in advance for these issues that have come up in the past with other guests that have stayed with a pet. It will greatly increase your experience, which is the main focus of you being at Fresh Start.

Pet Safety

Please beware of Bald Eagles if you come with a small pet. Unfortunately these wonderful birds are birds of prey. You must be careful with your little pets while outside. Eagles are not a threat to us humans. Please just remember to use caution with your pets


Steam bath:

1.  No Public Change Room: Ocean Resort DOES NOT HAVE A CHANGING ROOM for general public. Steam room is for Resort Guests only. Staying guests change in their rooms and offsite guests changed in a small bathroom. It does not have hooks or anything to hang clothes and is not suitable as a change room. If you need more privacy and have a proper room to change in and temporarily store your belongings in, please see Ocean Resort front desk. They charge $15 fee per day for use of a room to change in, as long as space is available

2.  No Locker: Please be aware that there is no locker to store your clothes after you changed. We suggest putting your belongings in the vehicle.

3.  Resting after Steam room: This is not a conventional steam room experience, but rather Hot/Cold Hydrotherapy Treatment. Because of it, the body goes into much deeper healing experience. It is important to lie down and rest after the steam room. Since you do not have a room, we request that you sit on the couch in the lobby for a few minutes, with closed eyes to let the body prolong the healing cycle.

4.  Cool down time: Always take min 15-30 min to cool down before you go outdoors. If you have to rush, be sure to dress warm (regardless of the season) and COVER/WRAP YOUR HEAD. It is critical to not expose yourself to sudden cold air shock as it may have a negative impact on your body.

Crossing the Highway:

1. Across the street: If you are staying at Oyster Bay Resorts, it is very important to carefully plan your ability to QUICKLY cross the highway. Most cars drive 90 km/hr. While it is only a two lane, 25 feet crossing, you MUST BE FAST, and is your pet, if you want to take it for a walk with you.

If your feet are normal and you do not suffer with arthritis, you’ll have no difficulty crossing. If you do have issues with mobility, it is best to drive. You’ll be much safer.

2. After Steam bath: Please carefully read “Steam bath” section, above.

3. Missed appointments: Oyster Bay Resorts DOES NOT HAVE phones in cabins. We’ve had instances when a guest forgot their appointment and we were not able to reach them. You’ll have to notify Fresh Start staff of your cell number. If you are from USA, be sure to give us a Canadian phone number, otherwise you’ll be paying roaming fees.

NOTE: You are responsible for a missed appointment.

Driving back/forth if you pet is in the Kennel:

1.  Feeling dizzy/nauseous: When you are detoxifying you do not always have clarity of mind and may feel drowsy, extra tired and fatigued. Especially after steam bath and colon hydrotherapy treatments, some people may experience dizziness. It increases the risk of driving. While so far everyone has been able to safely drive back and forth, be sure to have a backup plan, in case you feel it would not be safe for you to drive.

NOTE: Fresh Start or Ocean Resort, due to lack of staff, are not able to drive you back or pick you up. Please make prior arrangements to be picked up or call a cab.

Tips for Successful Healing:

1. When it is time to heal, discipline yourself to heal.

2. Bonding with Group: The offsite guests often do not get as close with the group as onsite participants. Spend extra time to bond with the group. It is a very important part of successful healing.

3. Missing Some Activities: The temptation to miss the afternoon/evening activities or to sleep in during morning Yoga/Meditation classes is high. You need to take into consideration driving time and may not be up to getting up early or going to bed late, especially because your need for rest increases. The two items above do not let the person go into the full experience.

4. Get away Aspect: It’s important to be able to relax and leave everything but you behind.

We appreciate your understanding and wish you a most enjoyable stay.

Plan in advance and you’ll have an awesome experience.


ATTENTION: You must have your own transportation, if you plan to check in the pet in the kennel.

Day boarding & Full stay Kennels:

There are local kennels who take day boarding, or for full stay:

Black Creek Kennels ( 5 min drive)

Tel: 250-337-8157

8486 Island Hwy
Black Creek, BC
V9J 1H3

Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-4, Sun 9-11am.

Cost: Dogs $12/per day      Cats $8/per day

House of Dogs Pet Resort LTD: (30 min drive)

Tel: 250-339-2955

1970 Anderton Rd
Comox, BC
V9M 4B1

Hours: Open every day 8:30-4:30

Cost: Dogs $25/day single $35/day (two)    Cats $12/day single $17/day (two)

If you choose to have your pet in day boarding between 7am-2pm, you will be busy with your session. After 2pm the program is more flexible.

Cabin Pictures and Amenities

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