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Why Body Detox?

Many prejudices and misconceptions surround the concept of body detox. It is often associated with obsessed health freaks and hypochondriacs. Some object that normal healthy people do not need to detox. This is 100% true… in theory.

Unfortunately Most of Us Are Not “Healthy People”

We have become so accustomed to minor aches and pains that we consider them normal, something to put up with.

One aspect of good health is absence of pain, aches, depression and minor illness. How many people do you know who have pink skin, healthy teeth, nails and hair, breath that smells fresh at all times, are never bloated, that have a bowel movement after every meal (which is normal)?

A body cleanse can make a huge difference to how you feel. The whole body detox is a must for those who want to rid their body of heavy toxins or want to assist health restoration.

Who Will Benefit from Detox?

Besides bringing great benefits for those who detox simply for maintenance, as well as for people with mild to moderate health conditions who want to improve their health condition fast. Detox is especially beneficial for those who have quit smoking or wish to do so, those coming for after-cancer treatment recovery, those who were short-or long-term exposed to chemicals, and everyone whose main concerns are Candida and sugar cravings.

Immediate Benefits of Detoxing the Body

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy levels
  • Feeling of lightness and cleanness
  • Clearer thoughts (one guest said that for the first time she felt the same clarity of mind as in childhood after)
  • Effective and faster weight-loss
  • Flatter tummy
  • Metabolism reset (helps lose weight and all body systems work more effectively)
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • Developing a taste for healthy foods
  • Decreased desire to smoke (with minimal withdrawal effects)
  • Assists toxin removal in lungs associated with smoking
  • Chronic respiratory problems may get better
  • Improvement from emotional imbalance and mood swings
  • Decreased PMS, painful menstruation, and menopause symptoms
  • Eliminate/decrease frequency and intensity of headaches
  • Greater ease of movement, especially for people with arthritis
  • Smoother, clearer, pinkish and well hydrated skin; glow to skin and eyes
  • Less body and breath odor
  • Start reversing some degenerative conditions and getting rid of some old pains
  • Start restoration of improperly healed tissues, broken bones and childhood diseases (you might not have even felt them for many years and thought they were gone)

Why do we include Gentle Whole Body Detox™ as part of the Core program?

It helps reset body metabolism, lose weight, cleanses your taste buds cleansed which improves attractiveness of the healthy foods. Plus removal of tons of toxins will help the body absorb nutrients more efficiently. As well you will be more sensitive to “I’m full” signals from your body, feel more satisfied and better able to savour healthy food. The cellular re-nourishment period allows a proper integration of healthy foods (by the end of 21 days, your taste buds get quite re-trained and you thoroughly start enjoying the taste of health), and provides in-depth education on how to make lifestyle changes after returning home.

Our Gentle Whole Body Detox™ Cleanses

Many elements of the core program have powerful cleansing properties. During your stay you’ll experience a Mild GI cleanse through fibre in organic raw vegan foods, exercise and rehydration with lemon water and non-medicinal herbal teas. Wheatgrass shots, served twice daily on weekdays, will assist you with liver cleansing. Bacteria from fermented vegetable drinks and probiotic supplements, served with meals, will be assisting with elimination of unwanted bacteria and parasites, as well as balancing of microflora of the colon. Daily steam bath with cold water treatments and aromatherapy will detoxify skin, lymph and lungs.

In addition, you’ll be served a variety of herbal cleansing formulas aiming to assist with cleansing of specific organs. Our full gentle herbal cleansing cycle is 21 days. Sequentially, you’ll receive 3 to 4 days of each GI, liver, blood, kidney, small intestine and joint cleanses.

If you come for less than 21-day, you’ll receive the teas that are scheduled for the time of your stay. Which means you will only get some teas, and they may not go in the sequence as below.

List of Gentle Cleanses included in the 21-Day Core Program:

Day 2-4: Digestive Cleanse

Both health and disease starts with digestion. Foggy brain, bloating and bad smell from the mouth all may originate from the clogged bowel. This effective blend, prepared with unique 12 unique herbs will be tonifying and gently removing toxins from your bowel.

Day 5-8: Liver Cleanse

As we are bombarded with stress, chemicals, rich fatty foods, maybe even alcohol or tobacco; our liver’s bile stops flowing freely, which can lead to stone formation and may manifest in light coloured stools, difficulty digesting food, skin eruptions and insomnia . Our custom-made liver cleanse will help your liver  restore its function and get rid of the accumulated old bile.

Day 9-11: Blood Purification

One of the symptoms of blood toxicity is headaches. The powerful blood cleansing formula we offer will assist you in purifying blood from parasites and other toxins. This formula, along with kidney cleanse, is served only for the 14 and 21-day guests.

Day 12-15: Kidney Cleanse

Low vitality and energy have been linked to kidney malfunction in Chinese medicine. Being responsible for the pH balance and water distribution in our body, kidneys deserve your close attention. In addition to this formula, flush your kidneys with an abundance of restructured water and lemon water during your stay with us.

Day 16-18: Joint Cleanse

Joint health is often compromised by dehydration, lack of exercise and high protein diets. The components of this formula are designed to assist with dissolving and extracting of the uric acid (byproduct of the protein digestion causing irritation in joints) and other toxins from joints. In addition to this, exercise and water will provide your joints with other components they need for proper function. This formula, along with small intestine cleanse, is served only for the 21-Program guests.

Day 19-22: Small Intestine Cleanse

This custom-made cleanse is used to assist the body in softening and removal of the toxins of the small bowel.

Daily (2-21):  Parasite Cleanse

The transport and non-thorough washing of produce are just two common ways of getting parasites. Ridding your body of those unwanted tenants is a corner stone of health restoration. Our custom made formula served daily helps eliminate all stages of parasites: larvae, adult species and eggs. It will help you effectively eliminate parasites from intestinal tract, blood and other body organs.

Daily (2-21): Hydrotherapy Sessions (Lung, Lymph and Skin)

Our daily steam baths and cold water treatments, combined with aromatherapy, greatly assist in the detoxification process. The steam sauna increases circulation and removes toxins from your body, as well as promotes strengthening of the blood vessels, purifies skin, lungs, and boosts immune system.

In addition to the Cleanses above included in the Core Program, more Advanced Cleanses are available as part of Specialty Go-Deeper™ Packages.

Our Cleansing Principles

  1. Safety

This is principle #1 at Fresh Start. This is exactly why the cleanses included in the Core Program work very gently and gradually. During the program our experienced Program Director will guide and assist you daily through the process..

  1. Effectiveness

Many people who have participated in our detox programs feel results and improvements for a few weeks, months, occasionally even years after. We do not simply give you a number of drinks, we offer you a system that is well-tested, well-thought through and which works every time, when thoroughly followed.

  1. Release toxins moderately fast, eliminate them as fast as you can

We use a variety of methods to ensure that this principle is observed, which minimizes detox symptoms, such as headaches and nausea. Many of our guests noticed that they went through the program much easier than they expected or than when they tried to detox at home or using other methods. To make things even smoother and more productive, we highly suggest you follow our simple program preparation guidelines, especially if you have moderate to more advanced health conditions.

  1. Support all major elimination organs

The entire structure of the program is designed to support the organs that take the biggest load during cleansing. These are organs of elimination, such as colon, lymph and liver. Our program structure is designed in a way the function of these organs is supported and enhanced.

For more information please read the article: Why Can’t I Juice Cleanse/ Detox at Home?

 Disclaimer: Program structure, drinks and activities are subject to change without notice.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience