This specialty package is designed for those who plan to quit the habits that do not serve them for good, whether those are nicotine, mild social drinking, unhealthy foods or sugar.

Patterns Addressed:

  • Cigarettes and Wine

  • Food

  • Technology

  • Unhealthy Thoughts

  • Daily Structure

  • Stress Management & Life Balance

Quit smoking program at Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers

Quit Smoking Program

Learn How do we help you and Methods we’ve used over 15 yrs. to address Cravings, Toxicity removal, prevention of sudden weight gain, breaking addictive patterns and forming new ones….

Your Specialty Package Creation Process

Each package includes:

  1. Professional Services (assessments, creation of individual plan and guidance)
  2. One-on-One Services (therapies, counselling, coaching: any service that requires a therapist)
  3. Custom Protocols (custom formulation and specialty drinks, e.g.  Heavy Metals Cleanse, Advanced Respiratory,  Sleep or Metabolism Enhancing)

Fresh Start has helped many guests to improve health naturally. We have a process of when it is best for you to see each therapist, number of days to do the protocol, sequence etc. in order to achieve optimum results.

Just like there is a specific order when building a house, there is specific order with healing. This is the reason why we are here to guide your healing process to ensure it is SAFE, PRODUCTIVE and FUN.

Read below “How is Specialty Package Created?”

Before your arrival the Program Director and all Health Practitioners carefully study a health profile of each guest. Your Program Director or other dedicated health professional will prepare for you a suggested individualized Health Custom Package, taking into consideration:

  • your individual main health goals
  • additional areas of focus
  • current health conditions and possible contraindications
  • support of the overall wellbeing
  • safety, gradual healing and intensity of therapies
  • ideal spacing and sequence of services for optimum results

You also may be assigned a Specialty Drink or Formulas for organ support or more advanced cleansing of a specific body system, if this is necessary.

During your stay all Practitioners will regularly exchange information on your progress to help you more effectively.  The Program Director will be assessing your progress and adjusting the process, as necessary.

It is for you if you really want and are ready to:

  • stop the never-ending patching of your body with patches or cigarettes;
  • create a space where you can safely process your life situations without a glass of wine or a beer in your hand;
  • break-free from the dependency of obsessively checking your smart phone, listening and feeding on depressing news and other information that does not make you neither happier nor more successful;
  • restructure your day and review your priorities, to be able to do less procrastination and move in the direction that will create more balance for you, as well as people you love and respect;
  • understand underlying causes of repetitive unhealthy relationships;
  • discontinue constant self-sabotage and the everlasting generation of negative thoughts about yourself and others.


  • Safe Healing Structure – Lack of structure is a major culprit of bad habits. Our semi-structural program creates a frame supporting you in achieving your desired changes.
  • To Remove Yourself from the Situation Provoking the pattern – Rest and recharge, gain a new perspective and more positive outlook.
  • Understand the Underlying Causes of the Habit – Examine what pleasure does this habit give you and what does it satisfy in you.
  • Life and Lifestyle Coaching – Get support throughout the program and work with our life coaches, habits transformation coaches and emotional wellness specialists. Review your current values and priorities. Learn how to deal with cravings/resorting to the old habits and post-program strategies.
  • Dramatic Decreasing of Cravings – Enjoy our non-stimulating environment, leave your cell in the room for the day and experience smoother transition.
  • Learn Healthy Eating and Exercise Routines – Let yourself be immersed in a supportive and experiential learning environment that will help you form new habits and provide you with necessary tools and ideas.
  • Advanced Detox Component – it may be especially beneficial for you if you currently, or in the past, are/were dealing with smoking and alcohol addictions. Will help clear the spoiled taste buds, candida and parasites.
  • Re-igniting Energy and Motivation – By raising your energy levels and clarity of thinking, increase your motivation for the desired change.


Although we cannot promise you will break 100% from any specific habit, our guests have found the 14 and 21 Day Detox Programs helpful with habit patterns that include, but are not limited to:

  • Quit Smoking
  • E-cigarette Smoking
  • Patch or Nicorette Dependency (Weaning)
  • Mild Social Drinking
  • Stress Coping Drinking
  • Extra Weight and Obesity (average loss 3 lbs per week)
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Eating Cookies Every Damn Day
  • Excessive Salt Intake
  • Caffeine Dependence
  • Drinking Energy Drinks
  • Heavy Meat Eating
  • Pop Addiction
  • Junk Food Addiction
  • Compulsive Eating Disorder (too much eating, due to clogged GI and over toxicity)
  • Emotional Eating (we do not work with bulimia or anorexia)
  • Obsessive Checking of i-phone and i-pad
  • Twitter, Facebook or Reddit Addiction
  • Watching TV or Computer After Work
  • Playing Computer Games
  • Stress Management Patterns
  • Self-Actualization and Life Purpose
  • Changing a Career/Life Direction
  • Balancing Values and Daily Priorities
  • Money Management Patterns
  • Financial Security/ Freedom
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Toxic Thoughts Generation
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Poor Body Image
  • Subconscious Escapism
  • Saying “Yes“ to Everything
  • Breaking Promises to Oneself
  • Complaining
  • Judgmental Thoughts
  • Day Dreaming
  • Relationship Patterns (playing a victim, co-dependent relationship etc.)
  • Juggling Responsibilities
  • Staying up late
  • Eating Late
  • Being Late
  • Feeling of Overwhelminess
  • Self- Organizing
  • Irregular Eating Patterns or Skipping Meals
  • Lack of Exercise Habits

Click here to view a list of conditions we do not work with.


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Assessments and Professional Guidanc
Structural Treatments
Energy and Emotional Balancing
Lung Healing
Localized Hydrotherapy
Light Therapy
Organs Rebuilding™ Formulas
Skin Rejuvenation
Liquid Nutrition™ Treatments

The Foundation of all Specialty Packages is

 Core Program

Your Core Program includes vegan, organic, with a large percentage of raw foods (composed primarily of fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts and seeds) and healing drinks to restore and nourish your cells. You will also experience gentle detox of the whole body; including the digestive tract, liver, parasite, lymph and other organs. Educational classes in the areas of healthy lifestyle and emotional well-being are included as well as guided meditations, yoga, fitness classes, hydrotherapy treatments and so much more. All this being hosted at eco-friendly Ocean Resort, located on a beautiful ocean-front property on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Fresh Start’s Core Program has a balanced semi-structure and serves as the foundation for your Specialty Package during your 7-14 Day Jump Start™ or 21 Day Go Deeper Path™. Please expect that during your stay with us, you will be working as a group and everyone will experience a similar daily structure.

Choose YOUR Path

7 Days: JUMP START™ Path

7 Days is great if you need a good JUMP START.  You will have good results but they are incomparable to those of 14 – 21 Day guests. Please be realistic with what your body can accomplish in a week.

14 – 21 Days: GO DEEPER™ Path

14 Days is great if you are tight for time but do need much more healing done.  21 Days is the best choice if you need a TOTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS MAKEOVER and want to heal at a much deeper level.


Your Plan


Disk Space

Disk Space

Disk Space




Email Accounts

7 Day

$4,000 CAD

Jump Start




14 Day

$8,000 CAD

Return to Health




21 Day      

$12,000 CAD

Total Health & Wellness Makeover





Note: All rates are subject to 5% GST.

Results with: Core Program  + Go Deeper™

7 Day Health Retreat

14 Day Health Retreat

21 Day Health Retreat

NOTE: Specialty Packages are prepaid after you Registered Online, completed live Phone Consultation and finalized the Registration.


Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience


Health Conditions We Do Not Work With:

Fresh Start is not an addiction treatment centre. Every guest who came here to stop smoking, quit drinking, get off marijuana (we do not work with opiates), followed the guidelines and did not cheat because this is what he/she wanted to recover from. While we provide support, structure and guidance, we are not a rehab.


Though we have professional staff with advanced health expertise and most of our guests receive deep health results, the Fresh Start cannot guarantee health recovery from a disease, addiction or a specific symptom, as the healing process is individual and depends on many things.