meditationGuided meditation classes and rest periods will help you distress from the day-to-day go-go-go and let your body and mind unwind, will assist you in increasing emotional stability, enhance creativity and feelings of happiness, intuition and improve clarity of mind. Meditation has been proven to have long lasting results on the body and mind such as: lowering high blood pressure, reducing anxiety attacks, decreasing any tension-related pain and improving the immune system.

Morning Meditations

Start your day with a guided meditation. Touch the power of breath, colour therapy, guided visualization and movement, and connect to the inner peace and calmness, bringing in the feeling of well-being to spread throughout our day.

The meditations are guided and include some time to discuss daily issues and concerns.  The focus of the sessions will be tailored to the needs of the group, assisting each individual whatever they may be going through at that moment.  The sessions are suited to all levels of meditation experience.

Rest and Journaling

Rest periods are built into your daily schedule, so that you could get a nap, go for an independent walk, read near the fireplace or in a privacy of your room. Though there will be many educational classes and health drinks, the rest and rejuvenation with go hand-in-hand and are equally important. Evening at the retreat is a quiet time. After your evening steam bath, feel free to journal and meditate on positive changes in your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Semi-Flexible Structure in Afternoons

All activities at Fresh Start are divided into highly-recommended and optional. The mornings here are quite busy with morning educational classes, fitness, check-ins and meals. These are very important to attend, the check-in – to check-in with you on your well-being, and classes – to acquire very important tools to continue the after program self-care. Afternoons are more laid- and flexible. Nature walks, art classes, outings, body care classes and other fun activities happen in the afternoon. These are optional.

Non-Instructional Sundays

Sundays are free from main educational activities. On this day there is usually a longer guided nature walk and an art class in the afternoon. Enjoy the downtime at the end of the week. You truly deserve it!

Note: The drinks and meals are served at the retreat on Sunday, as usual.

Bonfires, Movie and Game Nights

Enjoy time with your new friends, fresh air and the ocean waves across the most beautiful Desolation Mountain range in summer, or come to the Fireplace room for Game Nights and Movie nights, after your evening steam bath, to chat and laugh together.

Disclaimer: All classes/ program structure are subject to change without notice.

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience