Bridget, TN, USA

“In the society people just exist. They put up with the aches, the pains. You don’t have to do that. You can change and you can learn how to change here and to continue.”

Improvements with: Digestive Health, Hair, Skin Complexion and Nails, Insomnia/ Sleep Issues, Low Energy/ Fatigue, Self-Love and Love for Others, Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits, Weight Loss, Difficulty Walking/Flexibility, Bloating/Indigestion, Constipation.

OverweightLost 20 lbs. during 2-week Pre-program Preparation + 16 lbs. during the 3-week program
BloatedFlatter Stomach
Many Tums Daily; gas; was very slow at movingNo Tums; stomach ache is gone; feel how things are moving
Was sleeping 3-5 hrs.Sleeping 8-10 hrs. and feel refreshed in am; nothing hurts
Fleshy Right Armpit MassDown by more than 80%
Skin Tone RuttySkin tone is smoother
TV always on, did not think could live withoutNo TV
All Clothes Very TightAll Clothes Loose
No EnergyPlenty of Energy NO Caffeine
Tight, unable to moveIncreased Flexibility by more than 50% + Endurance is up; can walk a couple hours a day
My heart walled offI feel again
Fear of failureI know it and I do it
Small bitten nailsLong strong nails
My hair dry, fly away, dullShiny hair
Feeling downFeeling fantastic

Experience Highlights:

  • Daily Walks
  • Fitness:  I loved fitness coaches – they are little power houses.
  • Yoga: Has been incredible. I’ve taken yoga all over the US. You’ve got one of the finest teachers here.
  • Staff: I cannot say enough about practitioners here. I’ve never felt more compassion and healing and love from the people you didn’t know.
  • Connection with other guests: I thought I was this walled-off, shelled person. Coming here I was gonna spend 3 weeks in my own room. I’ve met some life-long friends. It was shocking to me that you could develop such kind of friendship within 3 weeks.

The above information is based on the following resources:

  • Before, Mid and After Program Self-Assessments
  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience


DisclaimerResults of participants differ and the Fresh Start cannot guarantee that you will experience your improvements in the same way as in this testimonial. The Fresh Start is not an allopathic medical facility and does not claim to either diagnose or treat any disease. The Fresh Start does not guarantee a recovery from any specific disease or a health symptom.