Kathy, BC, Canada

“I came for the emotional help but I think it all works together. The program helps with so much physical. When you are feeling better, you’ve lost some weight, it makes you more able to deal with your heart issue. And you come out just as a whole new being, a whole new fresh body, fresh mind, fresh heart, new spirit, new soul. It’s like a rebirth.”

Improvements with: Depression, Emotional trauma, Low Energy/Fatigue, Pain Management, Fibromyalgia, Eczema, Digestive Issues, Major Body Inflammation/Pain Management, Emotional Eating/Food Addictions, Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits, Caregiver Burnout, Weight Loss.

Depression. I lost interest in everything. I felt like I needed a fresh start.I became so much more content. Joy, happy, laughing... Even if it’s raining, it is still a happy day. Just happiness.
18 years on antidepressants knocked me out. They worked in the beginning, and then I felt that I had to take them, and they numbed me out. I wasn’t in touch with my feelings anymore. There was a disconnect.No antidepressants… I am going home a whole new person, for me, for my husband, for my family. We all are gonna benefit.
Went through a childhood trauma, am dealing with stressful things related to the family.The Heart Healing Coach tremendously helped me. I understood about my childhood stuff and was able to put it at peace, at rest. It’s gone. That’s the past.
I would think: “I don’t want to do this”Looking forward to the new things. Able to put myself in new situations and love it, wanna learn more about it…. I’m just so excited and curious about what I am going to be up to next, because I feel so great.
In the past people would say: You have the best laugh.Well, I start hearing that again here... It feels good.
I was burned out…I had no energy for years, tired, had to sleep in the afternoon, sleep-in in the morning, go to bed early.I wake up and feel great. I have energy all day… Energy level through the roof!
A lot of joint pain in elbows, knees and anklesPain significantly decreased. I have noticed a huge improvement.
I have fibromyalgia. My muscles were sore to touch, felt like bruises.I have no longer pain. Maybe I should say I had fibromyalgia: my muscles feel so much better… I can squeeze myself, and I have just normal arms.
I had big eczema above my eyebrow and a big patch on my stomach.Within a week it was slowly gone until I couldn’t think about it. Itchiness was gone, and scabbiness on my eye was gone. My skin really improved.
Used to have a lot of gas and bloating. Huge bloating.My digestion 100% improved… The bloating is gone. It’s a nice feeling not to have bloating and gas.
My stools would be diarrhea or skinny small, just not normal bowel movements.Now I have regular bowel movements, and they are normal.
Craving lousy foodCraving healthy food
Extra weightI lost 10 lbs, and I feel like I lost maybe 10, 15, 20 years.
I used to love exercise, used to go to the gym all the time. I lost interest in everything. I stopped looking after myself.Being here and looking after myself, I found my love again.

Experience Highlights:

  • Food:  The food here is absolutely amazing! You eat with your eyes first and it’s absolutely presented beautifully, and the flavors… is excellent.
  • Lectures and Food Preparation Classes: : I am going to make many recipes they taught me at home… The education that they have here is amazing!
  • Exercise Program: Is amazing! They have yoga, Zumba, weights, you go for beautiful walks… It just got me back into my exercise routine.
  • Fun things to do:outings, art, little field trips, game night, comedy night, movie night…
  • Meditation: Loved it! I always wanted to do it, but was always fearful or nervous to start it. Now I am practicing, and I will continue.
  • Group Environment: Something happens when people are all in the same mindset. All wanting to do the same. Trying to look after themselves. We are all here supporting each other, support each other’s back. You just never get it anywhere else.
  • Group Emotional Wellness Classes and Ice-Breakers: I was freaked out about the group sessions… I actually wrote in my feedback form: There should be more . Because I could see the support we gave to each other. It just makes you feel good. Because you have a chance to speak from your heart about what you’re feeling. Maybe you can make a difference. Maybe somebody can say something that can make a difference for you. It is a supportive network that you not always find at home…. The group sessions are refreshing… It starts simple, you learn lots, you share lots, and then you are back out to have lunch together. You just feel closer. It is not a scary thing at all.

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