Mathew, MI, USA

“Some of the ways that Fresh Start has treated the depression was through a different form of counselling that I have never done and I really had some powerful revelations through it.”

Improvements with: Depression, Emotional Trauma, Heart Healing, Low Energy/Chronic Fatigue, Stress Management, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes/ Prediabetes, Muscle/Bone Issues, Sinus Issues, Weight Loss/ Obesity.

Chronic Depression most of my adult life: I was at that point where I didn’t feel any optimism or hope that things would get better for me.Same body, but just about everything else is different, just maybe a little be less of the body. I feel like it’s been the best 3 weeks that I’ve ever spent on me, on my life. The person that is walking out of here is very different, is a more optimistic person. I am more prepared to deal with the same issues I’ve had in the past and to do it more effectively… I am different in many ways… It’s been tremendously changing…to get to be a person I used to be, the person I was always meant to be.
Emotional Wellness Test score 32 (severe depression)Emotional Wellness Test score 8
(no depression)
Unresolved childhood trauma, not having close community of friends, disconnected from nature and the world.An excellent counsellor did a lot of work with me... I had some really powerful revelations during my time I was here… I was also surprised at how close we got with the group within such short period of time.
Was on anti-depressants, they did not workOff meds for depression cold turkey. The side effects that I had were very minimal.
OverweightLost 20 lbs. during the 21-Day program
High Blood Sugar for 1.5 years, regulated by medsOf the Metformin completely
Blood pressure with meds 130/80mmHgNo meds, blood pressure 116/71mmHg
Neck pain every day to every other day – related to playing football.I did not have any neck pain for the last 2 weeks.
Joint and spine issues, shoulders, several knee surgeries that affected the way I walked and moved.Significantly improved. There was a lot massage therapy and spinal work here.
Very lethargic, very tired all the time.I feel better, healthier, more energetic.
Congested sinuses, at least one nostril was congested all the time, had to cut down steam sessions due to inability to breathe.Able to breath through both nostrils. Now 45 min in the steam feels terrific! I don’t struggle with the issues with breathing like I used to. One of my revelations was that I woke up in the middle of the night and said: I can breathe with both nostrils! I was very very unusual.

Experience Highlights:

  • Therapies:  There is a lot of imagery used that a thought were very powerful, particularly in getting the results in such a short period of time.
  • Other guests: We had a very close-knit group of people from all backgrounds, with different reasons for being here. We all really bonded here over the fact because most of us were here because the things that we tried before in the past haven’t worked, and we were trying to find something that would work for our lives. I was amazed on how open people were in terms of discussing what their issues were… We formed a community, a support network.
  • Natural environment: There are pictures that shows what we look out at every morning: the nature, the mountains in the backgrounds, a lot of walks can help you realize that your problems in the grand scale of things are pretty small.
  • Integrative and Individualized approach: : I recognize that my depression wasn’t just emotional issues, it wasn’t just diet, it wasn’t just exercise, wasn’t exclusively because I didn’t go to meditation… It was a combination of all of these factors. The program did a nice job of putting together a nice holistic program and looking at our individual needs based on our tests and what we are here for, in terms of coming up with the plan to address that. Just having that holistic plan was very, very beneficial in terms of getting results…
  • Variety of methods used: When you’ve got multiple tools here, there are different ways to address behavior issues or whatever you may be going through different methods. It’s not just talk, it is not just diet… It’s using all of these together to build on each other.

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Before, Mid and After Program Self-Assessments
  • Health Information Chart
  • Emotional Wellness Test
  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials

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