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Mark, Ontario, Canada

“Within a week and a half, I was off the diabetes medication. My blood sugar stabilizes. I’ve been losing weight. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Improvements with: Diabetes, Weight Loss, High Blood Pressure, Emotional Trauma, Long-Term Lifestyle Change

Before the 1st visit was: 217.4 lbs.After 14-Day Program (1st visit): 205.6 (lost 11.8 lbs.)
Before the 2nd visit was: 206.8 lbs.After 14-Day Program (2nd visit): 198.6 (lost 8.2 lbs.)
Before 2-week pre-program preparation (before 1st visit) was: 228 lbs.After the 2-week Pre-program: Came down to 217.4 lbs. (lost 10.6 lbs.)
Diabetes: blood sugar was 8 (before medication). Was on a 500 mg Metformin a day.Blood sugar dropped to 4.6 (low side of normal), came off the medication 100%.
Inches before the 1st visit: waist 43.5; hips 43Inches after the 1st visit: waist 41.5; hips 41.5
Inches before the 2st visit: waist 39.5; hips 42Inches after the 2nd visit: waist 37; hips 40.5
Was Overweight (see the numbers below):Lost total of 30.7 lbs. after two visits (including 1.8 lbs. I got back in-between programs)
High Blood Pressure 145/71Lowered down to 124/71 (slightly elevated)
Foggy brainMy head is clear and I feel positive.

Experience Highlights:

  • One-on-One GO-DEEPER™ Services:  I really enjoyed working with some of the health practitioners here. There are some very very talented people here. Their experience level, their training in some of the things we were able to work through, to talk through…
  • Emotional Healing: I think the emotional healing part I think is as important as physical. It really helped me…I’d probably say that that was the hardest part for me – the emotional part. But I worked through it, and it was well worth it…It wasn’t natural for me, and this is I think is personal. It was me pushing myself through it, because I know that I needed it. And a lot of times they would say: You know, if you want to stop, you can stop. I’d say: No, no, I need to work through this. And I pushed through it.
    There is more than just the body to heal. I had some emotional trauma I needed to deal with. And it was not going to go away. This is the place to do it. I knew I was not gonna do it on my own back home.
    I came here wearing a 100 lbs. jacket, and the jacket is gone now. I feel lighter. I feel very good now.
  • Depth of Healing: I had 1 goal, and I’ve accomplished probably 5. For me it was to get my diabetes under control. There are so many more benefits here. Whether you are wanting to just detox to feel better, lose weight or help with emotional trauma you may have. There are so many benefits here that you gain, and some that you may not even know that you have issues that you uncover, as you do more work here.
  • Lifestyle Education: I did retain a lot of things from the last program. One of the things that I really liked about the program is the educational aspect of it: learning about nutrition, learning about my body and how it works, about how different organs and how they interact with each other. I found it very interesting. And part of the things that I learned last time, I took with me. For example, all of the chemicals and garbage that in our body care products. I threw everything out 6 years ago, and I haven’t used anything since. I use all natural products, shaving creams, skin creams…I read the labels…I’ve been doing green smoothies for the last 6 years every morning. There are definitely things I took away the last time that I kept with me. There are more things I learned this time that I think I am going to take with me into the future.
  • I love the Cooking Classes: It really helps to be able to sit there and look at how we prepare the foods and how the recipes go, to be able to taste things. I become really excited. I cannot wait to get home and to start cooking. It’ll be a lot easier to maintain that diet now that I’ve had the experience of how to cook it and I’ve seen how easy it is to do. And to play with some recipes.
  • Handouts and Menu Classes: They gave us the worksheets how to plan our menus, how to plan our grocery list, gave us a recipe book with all the recipes of the foods we had over the last two weeks… The chef gave us the ability to look at how we can change ingredients, be creative, to change the recipes to suit our tastes. I feel very well prepared to going home and being able to maintain this – not a diet- lifestyle.

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Health Information Chart – (After first week)
  • Health Information Chart – (After second week)
  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials

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