Raj, Washington, USA

“I plan to evangelize what I’ve learned here to everyone I meet. Once a month prednisone and not on any kind of biological injectable arthritis drug!”

Improvements with: Rheumatoid Arthritis, PTSD, Grief, Weight Loss, HBP and High Pulse.

It’s been 1 year since I’ve exercised, because I’ve hurt that bad.Pain has been subsiding, it’s going away and feeling better every day. I’ve been exercising lightly.
Rheumatoid psoriatic arthritis for the last 17-18 years. Adrenals were crushing, vitamin D levels wiped out, testosterone was 145 out 1,400.Feel great. It’s getting better every day.
Was on Enbrel for 16 years – developed intolerance, then on Prednisone, then Cosentyx – did not work. Was 20 mg. Of prednisone when came.Once a month prednisone and not on any kind of biological injectable arthritis drug! I am probably going to hold seminars and talk about how great this program is.
Past summer was laying in bed and could hardly get out of bed, used crutches and a cane. Lost two months of the best summer.I want to get off prednisone totally. I’m gonna beat this thing. I plan to evangelize what I’ve learned here to everyone I meet.
Emotional Trauma: Had a lot of pain and grief losing family members. Was a Police Officer for nearly 20 years, and I’ve seen a lot of trauma. Holding it all in, I believe, has affected my body.I had an emotional release, this is when I started feeling better. It is amazing how the nervous system affects your body and can cause disease.
Weight 232 lbs.Lost almost 13 lbs.
BP 148/105104/98
Pulse 11594

Experience Highlights:

  • Emotional Wellness Education and One-on-One Work: What was the most important thing about this program is my ability to understand how emotional level affects your physical level.
  • Lifestyle Education: I’m gonna continue this program on my own…I’m gonna eat 60-70% vegetables in my diet, vs 60-70% pastas and meat.
  • Health Videos: My favorite moments were watching some of these videos on holistic approaches to disease, I found it very fascinating. I hope that mainstream American doctors voice more holistic ideas… The videos have been very educational.
  • Word to those who consider coming for a program: “You have to be ready to come here. You gotta be wanting to say: Hey, I’m gonna do it…You can do it either half-way, or do it all the way. And if you do it all the way and you put your heart and soul into it, you’ll see a change…The program is easy for someone who made up their mind to make that change… You gotta be ready to invest into yourself and into your future…
    If you’ve got some bad diseases that you are dealing with, I would do the longer 21-Day program, the total makeover. If I could, I’d stay here for 3 months and would lose all of my weight here.”

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