Project Description

Lynne, United Kingdom

“If you’d see my photograph before I came, you would not recognize me. In fact, one of the therapists didn’t.”

Improvements with: Weight Loss, Sugar/Food Cravings, Digestive Health, HBP, Mental Clarity, Hair, Skin Complexion, Nails

Brain fogLifted
Sugar cravingsDisappeared
WeightJeans are too big!
Dull sense of smellHeightened, aromas around me are a revelation!
Sugar cravingsLost
Skin complexionBetter
Dull hairShiny
Splitting nailsGot stronger
HBP 122/72Came down to 106/66
Bowel healthImproved
Closed herself for 2 yearsFound myself

Experience Highlights:

  • Organization:  The organization as a company is super. Called me back within 15-min.
  • Location: Logistics alone are amazing.
  • Individualized approach: Each one has individual needs, individual treatments. Nothing is too much trouble.
  • One-on-One GO DEEPER SERVICES™: The therapists. Oh my word! They are above and beyond. They are gold. All of them.
  • Lifestyle Education: They’ll tell you things you never realized. Wait until you see how corn flakes are made. You’ll probably will never eat another cornflake in your life.
  • Staff: Everybody cares. I know that if I’d be in difficulty, if I had something wrong, I could come and say: This is the problem. Luckily, I haven’t.
  • Detox: Benefits of raw food, being looked after, health drinks, smoothies, parasite tablets and cleansing things – I just never knew it all existed. It will change my life, when I go home.

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Mid-Program Self-Assessment
  • End-Program Self-Assessment
  • Unedited video testimonial materials

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DisclaimerResults of participants differ and the Fresh Start cannot guarantee that you will experience your improvements in the same way as in this testimonial. The Fresh Start is not an allopathic medical facility and does not claim to either diagnose or treat any disease. The Fresh Start does not guarantee a recovery from any specific disease or a health symptom.