Joanne, BC, Canada

“I did a lot of emotional healing with amazing therapists/counsellors, not talk therapy of which I have many years’ experience.”

Improvements with: Energy Level, Emotional Wellness, Wine, Weight Loss.

Weight 206.2Weight 199.4 (lost 7 lbs.)
BP 123/81BP 111/75
Low energy following illnessI feel a true sense of renewal for which I came here.
Low grade depressionI did a lot of emotional healing with amazing therapists/counsellors, not talk therapy of which I have many years’ experience.
Evening “cocktails”My mind and body feel so much more connected.
Felt Lost Since RetiringI’ve made plans to ensure that I continue this feeling, path when I leave.

Experience Highlights:

  • Staff Care and Professionalism:  You won’t find a more caring group of people who know what you need to heal.
  • Connection with other guests: Having other people around me, going through the same process made such a difference, everyone was supportive…We bonded right away and within a couple of days I felt like we were very close. Very diverse group of people, but very kind, very nice. I think I will have some new friends going forward from this journey. I think this was a highlight for me.
  • Location: The beautiful location on the ocean with amazing skies and wildlife…Incredibly beautiful.
  • Fitness: I got back to working out again. I really enjoyed the instructor. She had such a great energy. She inspired me, between the workouts and the long walks. We took the guided walks, – I so enjoyed those.
  • Kayaking: At my age, I never kayaked before but wanted to do it for a long time…this was something I wanted to do, but no one wanted to kayak with me…I wanted to take the opportunity here…It was a little bit frightening in the beginning, but so incredibly beautiful. It was such an experience for you.
  • Lifestyle Education: Chef inspired me…I am not a great cook…But I thought to myself: I can do it myself…If it’s too complicated, then you think: I can’t do it. But it was so easy, she made it so easy. The cooking, non-cooking lessons were really inspiring to me.
  • Organization: It is very well organized, which is important for me. I am a very organized person, and I do not like chaos. So, it was great.
  • Semi-flexible Structure: We were kept busy all the time. Yet you have some time to yourself, which is nice. But I like to be occupied. But it’s a choice, you do not have to do what you do not want to do.
  • Challenge: Colonics, which I never had before and Isotonic – it was a challenge for me. But it’s a good challenge. Because what you do – you feel better. And you think: Well, you always have to be willing to do something new.
  • One-on-one GO-DEEPER Services™: The therapists here were incredibly helpful. They really listened. They really worked with me to help me feel better and to go forward and not to feel stuck where I was.
  • Emotional Healing: It was really tough, I admit. But it was what I needed and I knew that I needed. At first, I was resistant, I have to say. Because opening of the old wounds is not always an easy thing to do. But I knew I had to come to some kind of equilibrium for myself…If you are feeling lost, need a reset, or you feel emotionally distraught or upset, this is a really good place to come and just relax, reset and to relearn how to be happy in your life.

The above information is based on the following resources:

  • Health Info Chart: Weight and Blood Pressure
  • Before and After – (After first week)
  • Before and After – (After second week)
  • Unedited video testimonial material

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