Josie, ON, Canada

“I am now planning to come here with my mother, my stepmother, and my sister, to gift them this because I want my family to be around longer; I want them to have a healthier life.”

Improvements with: Stress Management, Mental Clarity, Weight Loss/Obesity.

Stressed and unfocusedGrounded and balanced
Injured kneeKnee pain is gone
Emotional pain from the past traumasMy words, my thought process, my questioning, and even my listening skills are much more grounded. Certain distractions that I had in my system are gone now.
Relationship with food and weight loss issuesDigestion and elimination improved, I lost inches and lbs., moved from feeling unhealthy to feeling well.
Sluggish lymphatic systemMy lymphatic system is operating properly

Experience Highlights:

  • Watching food being prepared and learning new skills
  • Different therapies
  • Being in nature, fresh air
  • Watch my body release toxins
  • Great nourishment

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Before and After Program Self-Assessments
  • Health Information Chart
  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials

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