Eileen, BC, Canada

“The determination I’ve seen in my two daughters and the different direction they’ve made in their life, their way of thinking, their way of eating, made me feel: What am I missing?”

Improvements with: Quit Smoking, Wine Patterns, Long-Term Lifestyle Change, Mother-and-Daughter Health Vacation, Bowel Health, Strength and Stamina.

Was at the crossroads, was grieving and was looking for meaning in life again.It was a self-discovery of my emotional being, physical being. Got a personal sense of pride in myself.
Was smoking to copeLost desire to smoke within 3 months after the program, and am still smoke-free 2 years later.
Had a glass of wine by myself in the afternoonHaven’t even had a coffee, just a couple of glasses of wine during the wine season .
Unhealthy eating habitsLeft very strong, healthy, changed my goals to stronger ones. First and foremost, what I am proud of is that I am a vegetarian now. Started eating salads in the morning and became aware of what I am eating.
Bowel healthBecame very regular, and it makes a difference in how you feel.
WeightLost some weight.
Strength and staminaIncreased. Keep up with walking, am doing aqua fit, got stronger and feeling healthier about myself and make better choices on activities.

Experience Highlights:

  • Detox:  The drinks – I did really feel like it really cleansed me, made me feel good, light.
  • Structure: Walks, activity programs – all of it in 2 weeks made me aware how important it is to be physically, socially and mentally active. Along with healthy eating, rest and being grateful for everything. Those 2 weeks brought back to me how important that is in my life.
  • Group Participants: Met some absolutely fantastic people, the companions in the program became great friends.
  • Staff: Instructors, the therapists. Everybody…It seemed like they all were waiting for me to come.
  • Lifestyle Education: Enjoyed knowing how to cook raw/healthy food…The different things that change in your kitchen, the books you read, the recipe books, the ideas, your conversations…Another thing you notice when you travel – you are looking for those little vegetarian restaurants –and they are such a neat little find, they are so dedicated, it inspires you. It is so great to have back-ups or an excitement of it…I am going to the farmer’s market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, take time to look at what I am buying…
  • New Healthy Family Connection and Transformation: It changed my life and life of my daughters. They are still both very much on the program. A lot of times when we got together we talked about a raw dish they’ve cooked…Desserts are really a lot of fun conversation. They are so delicious! When you get together with like-minded people, you get ideas, discover those fruit and vegetables you never tried. Discover a new dressing. A different look on life that is exciting…The shows (food demos) are so valuable, because they give you insights into someone’s journeys.
  • Natural Quit Smoking: As I was implementing these changes in my life, I quit smoking. I was still smoking for about 3 months after the program, but not as heavy. It was like a process that went along with the way that I was eating. It just was easy then. It was 2 years since I haven’t had it. Nor had a desire. Which was very important.
  • Summary: Everything is waiting here for people to come and be alive again.

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