Katherine, United Kingdom

“I feel charged-up that when I come to the other side of the Fresh Start, I am ready to heal myself.”

Improvements with: Fibromyalgia, Rejuvenation and Recharge, Emotional Wellbeing.

Fibromyalgia painNeck and shoulders are more relaxed, legs are moving more freely.
Low energyFeeling more energized
I have a strong sense that I’m suppressing something in my subconscious that is feeding my illness.Renewed my sense of optimism. Greater sense of peace and connection between my body and mind, laughing more regularly.
Difficulty falling asleep and waking up often.Not long, but deeper sleep. My nervous system is much less stressed.
Difficulty breathingMy breathing is deeper and more rhythmical
High blood pressureHas come down
RosaceaLess flaring up when eating spice
I had a great sense that I plateaued and couldn’t improve anymore without making a radical change.I’m feeling much lighter, quite charged up. I feel I am ready to heal myself.

The above information is based on the following resources:

  • Mid-Program Self-Assessment
  • Unedited video testimonial materials

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DisclaimerResults of participants differ and the Fresh Start cannot guarantee that you will experience your improvements in the same way as in this testimonial. The Fresh Start is not an allopathic medical facility and does not claim to either diagnose or treat any disease. The Fresh Start does not guarantee a recovery from any specific disease or a health symptom.