Judy, Arizona, USA

“I imagined myself like that…There is that movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead… They show him in the hotel room writhing in pain and just miserable. And I said: Ok, that’s gonna be me. I can do that. But luckily it wasn’t like that here. “

Improvements with: Lifestyle Change & Weight Loss for Diabetes, Digestive Health – Burning in the Gut, Energy Level, Moods, Emotional Sensitivity, Anger.

Weight 239 lbs. In the course of 4 years I wasn’t able to lose weight successfully on my own.Lost 9 lbs., 4 inches in waist and 3 in hips.
Exhausted all the timeEven energy
Burning gutBurn all gone
Pissed off at my familyAnger is gone
Lots of aches and pains. My hips and knees ached, my back hurt.That subsided a lot. Aches and pains are mostly gone.
Stressed outCalm and peaceful
Emotionally stuckReleased lots of emotional crap

Experience Highlights:

  • Connection with other guests: The people who have come…We have developed a really lovely bond. Everyone’s been very supporting and loving. These people probably will continue being friends after I leave.
  • Location: I have been beach-combing. During the low tide you can go right outside here of the retreat building…There are a treasure trove of sand dollars. And there are so many…I’ve gathered rocks, drift wood, which I am going to take home and make a mobile from.
  • Guided Walks and Outings: The other day we took a ferry over to another Island and had a picnic in this beautiful place…Yesterday we went to the Nymph Waterfall and went through the forest there. There has been a lot of fun here. You do not know what is going to happen from day to day.
  • Lifestyle Education: There are a lot of great resources they gave us, which I am very happy to have, because I can read them again later. I am a very visual person, so I like to have the stuff I can read.
  • Emotional Healing: I came here with a lot of anger towards my immediate family and my ex-husband. And I feel that it completely dissipated. That was surprising for me…That sense of peace and calm and being able to be thankful and grateful for my life, instead of focusing on all the things that haven’t been working. That probably has been the most surprising.
  • Custom Healing Protocols and individualized approach: Everything is so thought out and planned for you…Each one of us has a special thing they are working on…I like that it is individualized and that not everyone is working on the same thing. And also certain spa services are recommended to you based on what you are working on, your health issues. That part to me is invaluable, because it’s geared right towards what I need, what I am here for.
  • Art Classes: I am an art teacher, and this was one of the reasons why I chose this place…
  • One-on-one GO-DEEPER Services™: There is a lot of practitioners here who are not only body workers, but also energy healers. Some of them seemed psychic. They’ve told me some stuff about my body that I did not know about, like traumas. It was a complete surprise for me.
  • Attention to detail: You feel so cared for. Everything is thought out. They give you a special water bottle that has a little strainer on the top so you can drink tea out of without the tea going into your mouth…Those little details are what makes it to me very special.

The above information is based on the following resources:

  • Before and After
  • Health Results, Mid-Program
  • Health Information Chart
  • Unedited video testimonial materials

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