Sandra, Washington, USA

“The cavern that was in my heart is not there. I can feel warmth, I can feel love.”

Improvements with: Emotional wellbeing

Had a broken heart, just sold my house of 30 years, a couple months after a knee surgery.The cavern that was in my heart is not there. Walk better.
Other personal things were occurring and accumulating. Wasn’t taking care of myself well, not a whole lot of quiet time, wasn’t eating holistically.I can feel the warmth, love not just for myself, but also for others.
Fell right after I moved and needed to go for a surgery to repair 4 torn ligamentsSome old tapes in my body and my cells left. I worked hard on removing them.
Felt like I hit the wall. Too much emotions, too much going on, and I wasn’t taking myself out of it.I’ve never experienced that level of healing in my life.
Had failed an EKG test, when went for my 2nd surgery. My heart was really broken. A “wall” surrounded me and was increasing.I’m thrilled. I have worked with practitioners as a team. I have truly succeeded, I am being sent home with a lot of tools that I practiced and I know how to do to keep growing, and joy. Regained energy
Difficulty breathing, had pneumonia and bronchitis in the pastStarted breathing better. 6 weeks after Program: still on the protocol and mucous keeps loosening and clearing out. Using breath more and as a tool connecting my body and mind. Breath becomes more and more active participant in my life.
Irritation in the back of my shoulders, was very painfulI did not have it when I left. The overall feeling in the body is much better.

Experience Highlights:

  • One-on One GO-DEEPER Services™: Amazing group of therapists.
  • Food: I love the food – it is the restaurant.
  • Custom Healing Protocols™: Loved the little teas, loved that I could work on extra items besides regular detox. It worked.
  • Education: Sent home with a lot of tools I can practice, and with joy.
  • Depth of Healing: I have been exposed to knowledgeable institutions, but never experienced that level of healing. Never. I am thrilled.

Post Program Improvements (6 weeks after):

“I feel like I have a whole bunch of tripods under me (these are the Fresh Start staff). I reflect on what I learned, subtle things…I try to take a break, stay outside a lot, do not go for bad food that did not serve me before. My life has shifted. The fact I’ve been there for 3 weeks is still supporting me. You have a different foundation holding you. I am going into the direction that I want to go and that feels good for me.”

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Unedited Video Testimonial Material
  • Post-program call, 6 weeks after

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