Shirene, BC, Canada

“If I didn’t stop the pace where I was at, I do not know where I would be now. I found a photo and video of myself before I came. I do not even recognize her and never want to see myself like that again… I got glitter in my eyes again, my skin feels great, and I want to seize the day, where before just wanted to be done with it.”

Improvements with: Diabetes, Insomnia/ Sleep Issues, Bloating/ Indigestion, High Blood pressure, High Pulse, Weight Loss/ Obesity.

My stomach was pretty bad, had a lot of stomach pain, BMs were never normal.Realized that anxiety was related to my stomach and absorption of nutrients. Absorbing nutrients better, based on Biofeedback. Forming regular BMs, they are more predictable. Overall gut health feels better, no stomach pains.
Had sugar cravings at nightFeeling pretty full. Haven’t had sugar cravings.
Living off coffee, drank 1-2 pots a dayDon’t feel I need coffee anymore. Learned a bunch of different ways to help with my energy levels, different kinds of juices.
Felt completely exhausted when I first got hereMy energy levels increased by 8-9 points.
Was not able to fall until 12-1 a.m. I slept 4-12 hrs. The longer hours due to depression, anxiety and not feeling rested. My sleep patterns were really bad.Fell asleep at 8-9 p.m. and wake up without being completely tired. Not being on the phone early in the morning and late at night really helped. Getting into a morning routine helped to energize me and a little bed time routine helped to calm me down a bit.
I could not even control myself. I felt sad, was crying a lot, had a really bad anxiety, could not get out of bed.I feel much more grounded. I get up in the morning to go to yoga. My body feels so much better. I am able to process things so much better and can make decisions so much better. I trust myself so much more.
I felt so overwhelmed. Was so lost, felt trapped, wasn’t sure what I need to do.By setting goals and breaking down into baby steps, it seemed not so hard. Being able to do so helped a lot to trust myself and gain self-worth.
I was stuck in the past, pretty traumatized by a lot of things that happened to me. I was in the victimhood.I am in empowerment phase, accepted things that have happened to me. I realized that that helped me to learn how to be resilient, ask for help, and to get through struggles in my life. I realized I do have these skills and just need to remember them.
I looked into the mirror and saw a little mouse hiding away, though putting on a façade.I look in the mirror and feel good now. I see a strong woman.

Experience Highlights:

  • Facial Class
  • Workshops on various issues, such as Goal Setting
  • Walks
  • Steam
  • Watching other people results – motivated to continue with mine

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials
  • Before and After Self-Assessment
  • Program Participation and Progress Sheet
  • Emotional Wellness Test

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