Terreeia, BC, Canada

“I started chasing the weight and pills, up and down, all different doses. When I came to Fresh Start, I realized that I was chasing the wrong thing. As soon as I started focusing on my health, the weight got taken care of.”

Improvements with: Hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, Arthritis, High Blood pressure, Weight Loss/ Obesity, Edema, Inflammation.

Hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s. Was workaholic, had no hormones (adrenal and thyroid). Gained 50 lbs. in 4-5 months. Since than for 20 yrs. could not lose a lb., even when in spite of exercising 4-6 days per week.Dropped 18 lbs. during 21-day program. In 3.5 months dropped 53 lbs. in total, as a result of continuing following the program at home. First time in years went to buy in non-plus sizes department!
Was chasing pills, was chasing weight for years, was Leptin-Resistant. Had very low pulse. Was told that she will never lose weight by a fitness instructor and physicians. Nothing worked.Started focusing on health, putting together physical, emotional and spiritual, and things started change for me.
Extremely high blood pressure 161/87, on 21 pills per dayBP 119/65, no pills – haven’t seen it in many years. I feel like a little kid – giddy and joyful.
HivesNo hives
Insulin Resistant, Pre-diabeticBlood sugar normal
Serious arthritis, a lot of pain on a daily basis, always a sense of throbbingPain diminished by 70-75%
Was cranky, unhappy, not being fully who she isHave better relationship, am not so cranky and have a softer heart, more compassion for people
Feet were swollen, needed to wear slippers in downtown, because couldn’t wear my shoes. Used to get swelling in my feet, knees and hands. Could not write well, due to this.Could put on the beautiful shoes from US that I wasn’t able for the last 6 months and was about to return to the store. The shoe company sent Koodo’s to my blog post! My penmanship is beautiful again. I can write again.
Poor sleepSleep better
Used to get tired at 3-4 in the afternoonMore energy, don’t get tired in the afternoon, have full energy
Foggy brainMore clarity, can focus more, I am sharper
Lost motivationHave enthusiasm, zest for life

Experience Highlights:

  • Health Lectures
  • Physical Activities – yoga instructor accommodated my needs
  • Going on walks: forest, beach, waterfalls, fresh air you breathe
  • Emersion: you have a lecture, then an activity, a massage, a beautiful meal, followed by meditation, a class or a walk, or grounding – fully integrated program, everything led to the next. It became part of me and became a part of me.

The information above is based on the following resources:

  • Unedited Video Testimonial Materials
  • Before and After Self-Assessment
  • Program Participation and Progress Sheet
  • Emotional Wellness Test

Your Health Retreat Will Be a Life-Changing Experience


Disclaimer : Results of participants differ and the Fresh Start cannot guarantee that you will experience your improvements in the same way as in this testimonial. The Fresh Start is not an allopathic medical facility and does not claim to either diagnose or treat any disease. The Fresh Start does not guarantee a recovery from any specific disease or a health symptom.